Car wash dream

I don’t always remember my strange dreams, but this one was memorable.

My uncle told my mom about a car wash chain that gave 2 for 1 offers. He asked us to take the car in so that he could get the discount. Problem was, he’s in Oregon and we’re in California. He assured us that it wouldn’t be an issue, so we tried to go.

We had to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge to get to this place. My mom, her friend, my daughter and I all piled into two cars. One was my current car, and one was the old Ford station wagon we had in the 70s. We had a dachshund with us and the dog had to stop and pee while we were on the bridge, so we let him out. (We don’t have a dachshund and you can’t stop on the bridge. I’m sure it’s also illegal to let your dog use it for a restroom.) The dachshund almost fell between the gap in the bridge, near the walkway. They quickly made a law that you can’t walk a dachshund on the Golden Gate Bridge, so we got a ticket and had to get back in our cars.

We got to the car wash place and found that we had a ton of luggage in the cars, so we kept that in mind as we were trying to figure out the system to get the car washed. The machine was out on an old dirt road, on the Redwood Highway. We had to plug in the info for the car we were having washed. Turned out that we couldn’t get the discount unless both cars were at the same car wash building, so my uncle in Oregon had to figure out his own discount.

We plugged all the info to the old machine and it printed out just fine. We had to wait out turn at the front desk of the car wash until someone could check our paperwork. When it came time, they told us that they couldn’t take the paperwork until they fixed it, because it was in my dad’s name. My dad had apparently brought the car there in the year 999, so they had to adjust it, since they got a new computer system between then and now. He needed to get a manager to show him how and it would be easier if my dad was there to help straighten it out. (My dad died in 2019) I was trying to flag my mom over to help and I sent my daughter to get the luggage out of the car, but I was waiting at that counter forever.

Finally I woke up because my bladder was full. I had to write the dream down since it was so detailed and weird.

I wonder if my uncle ever got his car washed.

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