How did you spend your New Year’s Eve?

I decided to try to get a new start on the new year. I took several large bags of garbage to my friend’s dumpster at work. I also took a car full of empty cardboard boxes to her recycling bins. She says she has to pay for the pickup whether or not they are full, so she asks me to take advantage. Win win.

After that, my kids went to the grocery store with my debit card. They had lunch and dinner planned.

I stripped the bed down to wash everything, including the waterproof cover. I did laundry to get everything washed. It took hours because the pillow top and duvet take a long time to dry.

I did dishes, took out recycling, compost, and garbage. I helped my daughter with dinner.

I finished making the bed and went to the drier to get warm pjs. I came back and my daughter had decided to sit in my bed and watch tv with the cat. So much for clean, warm bedding.

We had dinner and I fell asleep before dessert. Before the new year had been rung in. I woke up to all kinds of messages wishing me a Happy New Year.

How was your New Years Eve celebration?

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