Are you lost or are you hunting Pokemon?

The signage at work is awful, so we find people lost all over the building.  All day long, people wander in and ask for directions.  Sometimes they just wander randomly, looking lost and someone will point them in the right direction.

Today, as I was leaving, there was someone wandering around, looking lost.  Then I saw that he was looking at his phone.  It almost looked like he was playing Pokemon Go.  I was about to ask him if he was lost or looking for Pokemon in the hospital.  He walked away, looking like he figured it out, so I didn’t bother.

By the time I hit the door, his phone rang.  I heard him say, “oh, I’m on the first floor.  Where are you?”  He ran off toward the elevator before I could tell him that he wasn’t on the first floor, he was on the ground floor.  Like I said, the signage is horrible.  I hope he wasn’t lost for too long.

Senior discount

I am not sure how I feel about being offered the senior discount.  At work, the senior age is 55.  A few of the cashiers will ask me if I qualify, but a few just add the senior discount to my total.  I have almost ten years to go before I qualify.  While I enjoy getting 10% off, do I really look ten years older than I am?

Post 350

Post 350 is about the leak at work.  When we got to work yesterday, we saw that a small puddle had formed on the carpet at work.  We called environmental services to clean it up, since we thought that someone had spilled something over the weekend.  No one showed up.

Seemingly unrelated, the women’s bathroom toilet started to overflow, so we called engineering to deal with that.

After a few hours, we realized that the puddle was getting larger.  We called engineering to deal with whatever was causing the leak.  They couldn’t find it.  I left for the day.

Today, when I came in, the puddle was still there.  Engineering came in and found that it was from the toilets.  They called Roto rooter in to fix it.  I bumped into one of the guys from engineering.  He offered to let me see the video of what was clogging the toilets.  Ew.  No thank you.

After it was clear, I called environmental services again.  “I cleaned it up yesterday.  Why is it wet again?”  Well, we just wanted to see your smiling face.  Could it be that the water was still flowing until Roto rooter came out?  Maybe?

I hope tomorrow brings a drier, cleaner carpet for our department.

First day back

We took Dad to the hospital yesterday.  They admitted him.  He is still very weak.  He won’t be coming home home.  They found a place for him to stay, but they need a bed there first.  It may be a couple of days.

I had warned my coworkers that he went in, and they have been wonderful about it, as usual.  They had to listen to my cruise stories, and my dad stories, and about me worrying about the friend who was supposed to go on the trip with me.  My neighbor also told my mom that one of the cars has a flat.  Great.  Something else to deal with.

I was originally going to get my nails done today, but I felt that I needed to rest more than declaw myself.  I went home and did the usual stuff.  Garbage and recycling out.  Entertain the cats.  Do some laundry.  I also feel like I am catching a cold.  I hope it’s just exhaustion from hanging out at the hospital all day yesterday.  I won’t be making PE class tonight.

What color is your coffee?

My coffee is colored F. I love my coffee. I used to take it very sweet, but I worked my way down to no calorie coffee. I really am not a sweet coffee fan anymore. If I go to a fancier coffee place, I get a nonfat latte. No sugar in the coffee. I tend to buy flavored coffee, though, so I enjoy the smell even more. Hazelnut, butter toffee, buttery caramel, etc. My co-workers always wonder what the sweet smell is if they haven’t noticed that I have my cup of coffee. I do drink just plain black coffee if that’s all that’s available, though.