Working on a Weekend

Usually, if I go in to work on a weekend, it’s a brief trip. I had to go in this weekend, after a crazy work week. I wasn’t able to get a lot done after work last week, so I planned to get it done after work on Saturday.

I worked, then took myself to breakfast since everything went smoothly. I was alone, so I sat at the bar instead of waiting 25 minutes for a table. The lady who ended up sitting next to me had done the same thing. She gave me a lecture on the benefits of being single. I gave her a lecture on why she needs a Kindle.

After breakfast, I went to the nail place, expecting a long wait since it was a weekend. I was seated right away and was out the door with a mani pedi in just over an hour.

After nails, I went to the post office to pick up mail. My daughter’s ATM card had been delivered, so I brought it to her girlfriend at work. She’d have the card for the trip they were taking.

Next on the list was the library, to pick up holds. On the way there, I talked to a friend. We got caught up in just over an hour, while I sat in the car. I ran in to the library quickly while he was talking. Then sat in my car at home to talk longer. After we hung up, we texted for a few more minutes, since we weren’t done yet.

I went inside and read for a while. I eventually decided to finish watching The Shining. I had never seen it before, since I’m a big chicken when it comes to horror and thrillers. I got about halfway through and paused it to have dinner. Mostly because I was afraid to watch it all in one chunk.

After dinner, I gathered up my online support group to watch the second half with me. I was surprised that the movie wasn’t as scary as I thought. Creepy, yes. Scary, not so much. I think part of it was that I’d seen so many pieces of it over the years that I kind of knew what was coming.

My aunt texted me right after I finished it and told me that my cousin had just watched it for the first time, along with The Sixth Sense. She was more scared of the other movie. I recommended The Ring and The Blair Witch Project for their next movie nights. Those scared the heck out of me.

Answering the phone at work

I rarely talk about work for various reasons, but today, I will.

I answered the phone at work. Why? Because it rang. The person on the other end asked to speak to the doctor, completely mispronouncing his name. I informed her very clearly that he was with a patient and I could take a message, even though I was looking right at him. He gave me a funny look which I ignored.

She wanted me to give her the doctor’s information for a magazine that he’s been trying to stop receiving. I thanked her and told her that I was sorry, but he’s not interested and I hung up. His response? “Where’d you learn that?” I have many skills that I don’t get to use often. They pop up occasionally.

Are you lost or are you hunting Pokemon?

The signage at work is awful, so we find people lost all over the building.  All day long, people wander in and ask for directions.  Sometimes they just wander randomly, looking lost and someone will point them in the right direction.

Today, as I was leaving, there was someone wandering around, looking lost.  Then I saw that he was looking at his phone.  It almost looked like he was playing Pokemon Go.  I was about to ask him if he was lost or looking for Pokemon in the hospital.  He walked away, looking like he figured it out, so I didn’t bother.

By the time I hit the door, his phone rang.  I heard him say, “oh, I’m on the first floor.  Where are you?”  He ran off toward the elevator before I could tell him that he wasn’t on the first floor, he was on the ground floor.  Like I said, the signage is horrible.  I hope he wasn’t lost for too long.

Senior discount

I am not sure how I feel about being offered the senior discount.  At work, the senior age is 55.  A few of the cashiers will ask me if I qualify, but a few just add the senior discount to my total.  I have almost ten years to go before I qualify.  While I enjoy getting 10% off, do I really look ten years older than I am?

Post 350

Post 350 is about the leak at work.  When we got to work yesterday, we saw that a small puddle had formed on the carpet at work.  We called environmental services to clean it up, since we thought that someone had spilled something over the weekend.  No one showed up.

Seemingly unrelated, the women’s bathroom toilet started to overflow, so we called engineering to deal with that.

After a few hours, we realized that the puddle was getting larger.  We called engineering to deal with whatever was causing the leak.  They couldn’t find it.  I left for the day.

Today, when I came in, the puddle was still there.  Engineering came in and found that it was from the toilets.  They called Roto rooter in to fix it.  I bumped into one of the guys from engineering.  He offered to let me see the video of what was clogging the toilets.  Ew.  No thank you.

After it was clear, I called environmental services again.  “I cleaned it up yesterday.  Why is it wet again?”  Well, we just wanted to see your smiling face.  Could it be that the water was still flowing until Roto rooter came out?  Maybe?

I hope tomorrow brings a drier, cleaner carpet for our department.