Whatcha reading Friday

I am working on two different audiobooks – American Prison, and The Wedding Guest.  I am switching back and forth because one gets too heavy, and the other has an obnoxious narrator, but I need to know how the murder mystery ends.

I am still lugging around Daisy Jones and the Six.  It’s becoming more of a joke than I thought it would.  I really thought I would have finished it by now.

I am finishing Holly Freakin’ Hughes on Kindle today.  I’ll have something else chosen by the end of the weekend, I am sure.


Whatcha reading Friday

The current audiobook is short and humorous. The Last Black Unicorn. I should finish it by early next week.

I am having trouble settling into a kindle book. I have several going, but nothing noteworthy.

Daisy Jones and the Six is still logging miles on my purse, but not being read. I want to be sure you know that it’s me and not the book. I am enjoying it when I do pick it up. I am just not settling in and reading early enough in the evenings.

Whatcha reading Friday

I missed Wednesday this week, because it was a busy day and I didn’t realize that it had been Wednesday into it was Thursday. The days of the week have been a jumble for me.

I attempted to start The Gown on audiobook, but I think it might need to move along and I will read it on paper. The narrator isn’t catching my attention, although the subject is.

I am reading Daisy Jones and the Six, still. I am not making much progress because it’s my bedtime book and I’ve been falling asleep before I can even pick a book up.

I am still working on my ARC, Redeemed Unto Freedom. I should finish and review today.

Whatcha reading Friday

I am still listening to Small Great Things. I am about a third of the way through it.

I am making small progress on Where’d you go, Bernadette.

I started a paper book, Daisy Jones and the Six. The author’s note made it sound like they were a real band, so I had to spend time looking up the non existent history of the band.