Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s wall

I heard someone refer to her book stack as “Hadrian’s Wall by my head at night.” I had to look it up.

The Wikipedia entry is linked above. I pulled photos from it, and, yes, I agree, it does look like a stack of books. In its day, before 122, it was much taller than it is now. Maybe people have gotten around to reading the books in the stack? Kidding. It looks like it would have been overwhelmingly huge in its time. Kind of like some books stacks I know.

File:Hadrians Wall with Weedkiller.JPG

Palacio de Cristal in Madrid

Crystal palace

Virtual tour

The two above links show the Crystal Palace in Madrid. The top one is the Wikipedia link telling about the Palace, and the bottom one is an actual virtual tour.

I first looked up this place because of photos from a friend that showed how the glass acted as prisms and the colors are beautiful in certain lights. Just the video from the virtual tour shows what a huge place this is. I hope to see it one day in person.

Book Towns

Book towns

The towns mentioned in the above article look beautiful and I would like to go to each of them some day. The photo of the town in the first blurb makes me wonder how they keep the books from getting wet. Do they cover them somehow or do they put them away every night?

The other towns look intriguing, too. Book festivals? Sign me up!

National Park Tour

National Park tour

The above linked article would be great for when we are back to a realistic normal. It shows the best way to drive to hit all of the national parks. It is a long drive, but it looks like fun.

I did see an ad for a keyring that held all of the little souvenirs from each of the parks you’ve visited. It was cute, but I can’t find the link again. I’ll search again when I can actually visit, and not travel virtually.