Save Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

Save zoey’s extraordinary Playlist

I love the show Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. I was so happy that it seemed that it was coming back in the Fall. It seems that it got a last minute cancelation. Oh no! What a Rebel!

There was such a great show with its unusual storyline, great cast and great music. I can’t believe that it’s going. There is a #savezoeysplaylist movement going on Twitter, according to the above linked article. I actually used my Twitter account to help the movement out. I sure hope it works!

Punky Brewster Reboot

I was watching the Punky Brewster Reboot on Peacock when it first came out. I found out about Kid 90 on the Drew Barrymore Show one day, so I thought I would check that out, too. I did find Kid 90 interesting, and it was so sad that so many of those talented teenagers died so young.

Punky Brewster was so good, though. It was corny, but I fell in love with the characters and the plot line. I was ready to start season 2, but then I found out that there isn’t one! Why not? Come on, producers! Get it together. I loved that first season. I want more.

What a Rebel!

One of my favorite shows lately is Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. It has some very funny lines in its somewhat dark plotlines.

“Nothing screams ‘rebel’ more than a thorough to do list” is one of my favorites. Zoey isn’t a fly by the seat of her pants kind of girl, but she attempts to be a bad girl. With a to do list! As a list maker myself, it cracked me up. I don’t think I ever have put rebellious items on my to do list.

I can’t wait for the new episodes to start again. They were paused to allow other shows to show their premieres.

Cobra Kai

I had many of my friends recommend the series, Cobra Kai, on Netflix. I knew what the series was about, and I was interested, but I had a lot going on.

Season 3 was released in January, and many friends were raving about it. I decided I should give it a shot. I loved the original movies when they first came out, so I figured that I might like it. Also, with How I Met Your Mother discussing who the real Karate Kid was, Daniel or Johnny, it piqued my interest.

I got about halfway through season two and then stalled. Life got in the way as it has a tendency to do.

I plan on finishing the series soon. Maybe during spring break when I won’t have homework to deal with.

Blackish spinoff

Blackish spinoff

I love the show Blackish. The first spinoff was Grownish. It’s geared toward college aged people, but I still find it enjoyable.

The second spinoff was Mixedish. I absolutely love this show, since it takes place in the 80s and I can totally relate to it. It talks of difficult situations. It really makes me think, just like Blackish does.

Now, I find that Oldish will be coming out soon. Another spinoff. I hope its writing is done as well as the others.

There’s a lot to love with the first three, so I hope adding a fourth will be a great idea. I am sure that there will be heavy topics and I’ll have a lot to think about.

Masked Singer Twists

Masked singer twists

Season 4 is underway! I am so excited. Unfortunately, because of safety and social distancing, the audience will be virtual. The article above doesn’t make it clear about how they will be doing the voting. It sounds like the producers aren’t quite clear about it, either.

I am glad they are continuing such a fun, light-hearted show for another season. According to this article, the show will air September 23.

The costumes have been released, and there’s going to be a sneak peek show on September 13, according to this article.

I am ready for it!

A League of Their Own Series

A league of their own series

I look forward to the series mentioned in the above linked article. The movie is one of my favorite movies, and I look forward to hearing new stories based on the female baseball players. It seems to be coming out on Amazon Prime Video, but I can’t seem to be able to tell when it will be coming out.

The series Pitch was short-lived, but I loved that, too. I hope that women in baseball becomes more prominent. Not just as announcers.