Irish Musicals

Irish musicals

I came across the above linked article on St Patrick’s Day. I started looking at them and realized that I hadn’t seen The Commitments in years. I tried to find it on Netflix, but it’s not available unless I rent it. I did end up finding the series Derry Girls which is pretty entertaining. I’ll probably get that finished before the social distancing is finished.

Fifty Shows to Watch this Winter

Fifty shows to watch this winter

I have heard of some of these, and some of the descriptions make them sound less than interesting, but some are fairly decent.

I have watched the show that Awkwafina has started, and I enjoy it. It doesn’t take a lot of thought, but it’s humorous. I am interested in AJ and the Queen, but I need to find out when it’s on.

I am curious to know what they did with Little Fires Everywhere, since I did enjoy the book.

I am not going to take the time to watch all of these, but some of them are worth it, I think. I also think that some of them are going to flop, and quickly.

Editors’ Picks

Books to Read if You Like The Crown on Netflix

If you like The Crown on Netflix

The above linked article talks about The Crown on Netflix. These books are recommended if you’re a fan of the show.

  • The Crown: The Official Companion, Volume 2 Robert Lacey
  • The Crown: The Official Companion, Volume 1 Robert Lacey
  • Elizabeth the Queen Sally Bedell Smith 
  • Mary Toft; or, The Rabbit Queen Dexter Palmer
  • Victoria & Abdul (Movie Tie-in)Shrabani Basu
  • The Wicked Wit of Queen Elizabeth II Karen Dolby
  • Our Rainbow QueenSali Hughes
  • ClementineSonia Purnell

Lazy day

Today, I had very little on my schedule. I have a couple of things to do, but nothing urgent, other than finishing the bookclub selection for tomorrow’s bookclub.

The cats seemed to know, so they snuggled in, especially Inky. They decided that can share the blankets. I use the underside, they use the top. It seems to be working. I am alternating reading and clearing out the DVR. Maybe I’ll nap later.

Ads for Halloween Haunt

On tv, there are ads for the Halloween event at the local theme park. Unfortunately, they seem to come on late at night. Things popping out and scaring you.

Why do they put them on tv at night when you’re trying to relax to get ready for bed? Why do they put the scary parts on at all? I try to look away when they are coming on, but I am not always paying enough attention to know it’s coming.

While I’m on the topic of ads, cigarette ads were banned from tv years ago. Why are we suddenly seeing ads for vaping products on tv? Shouldn’t they fall under nicotine products and be banned? They put a disclaimer on before the commercial, so they know that children shouldn’t be seeing the ads. Why haven’t the ads been banned yet?

Big Brother

The 21st season of Big Brother started this week. I missed the first day, though. I couldn’t be bothered to look it up on demand. I am sure I can catch up quickly.

I don’t really watch reality shows, but I’ve watched this one since my oldest child was only a few months old.

There are already different games this season. I haven’t heard any new rules, but I’m sure there will be some. I’m sure there will be several twists and surprises this season. I look forward to them.

I am excited for a new season, even though it takes up several hours a week. I can read during commercials.