Doing a favor for a friend

A friend asked me to do a favor for her at 4 am today. I said no problem. Alarms all set, I went to sleep. I woke up at 1 am, and realized that it was possible she meant 4 am Eastern time. Yup! Thankfully, I realized it in plenty of time to get it done. Now I get to sleep in, feeling accomplished.

In theory, that is. I got the order done, but the card I tried to use didn’t want to work, so I had to fully wake up to figure out why and what to do. Then I tried to email her the confirmation that I’d accomplished my middle of the night task, but my address book on my email account decided that it wasn’t going to work. I had to hand type her email address in. Thankfully, I knew it, but suddenly blanked on if it was yahoo or gmail. I guessed right.

Of course, by then I had to get up and use the bathroom, because what else does one do in the middle of the night?

I got back in bed and had to find extra blankets since our heatwave finally broke and my toes were cold.

I didn’t eat much dinner because I wasn’t hungry at dinner time. I don’t want to get up and eat at this time of night because I don’t want to let my stomach think that it’s an option. I’ll drink water, so I’ll have to get up and use the bathroom again in an hour or so.

I don’t know where my purse is with my kindle on it, and I don’t want to fall asleep with my reading light on, so I decided to write here instead of read. It didn’t make me tired, though. I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and find the purse.

Now that I’ve found the purse by getting up and turning on the light, I should be fully awake.

And I just remembered that my daughter reminded me right before bedtime that I told her I’d drive her and a friend somewhere with no parking in the morning. At least her version of morning starts closer to noon than most people’s version of morning.

It’s 2 am now. I am going to stop writing and read for a little while. Hopefully I’m tired enough that a little while won’t take me to morning. Goodnight!

The best book stores

Here’s a list of the best book stores by state.  I am sure that I won’t get to most of these, but it’s interesting to read about them.  I love it when a bookstore has a reading area, and a place for book clubs to meet.  I love when they are well lit and will take special orders for hard to find books.  I especially love when they are local.  Not one of these is local to me, but the pictures and descriptions are wonderful.

A visit to Tennessee

I will probably never find myself in Tennessee, but this place looks like I could be lost in it for days.  This warehouse is filled with used books  and more arrive daily.  I would love to visit here, but I think my suitcases would be too heavy to carry.  The airline wouldn’t like that much, so I think I would have to drive.  I know it would take forever to get there, each way.  Maybe they’ll ship?

Pedestrian right of way

One thing we were warned about when we first got off the ship in Mexico was the fact that cars have the right of way. The tour guides told us which streets are safe and which aren’t.  We were told many, many times, to ensure that we didn’t get hit.

We were also informed that we didn’t want to go to Walmart, since it’s exactly the same as it is in the United States.

On almost every street there was an Oxxo, which is like our 7-11.  I didn’t get a chance to go inside since we were always driving by instead of stopping.  Something small to put on the bucket list.

Carl’s Jr was about as prevalent as McDonald’s is here.  Again, I didn’t go.  I don’t feel the need to go, though.  If I am in another country, I think I’d rather go to a place that embraces the culture of that country.

Cabo San Lucas

Again, the photos are all out of order

We caught the early morning tether shuttle from ship to shore in Cabo San Lucas. We went to the market first, after being followed by every taxi driver in Baja California.

We purchased a $300(MXN) bottle of vanilla, a ring, and a tank top for my daughter when we were in Cabo San Lucas.

We went to check in for our excursion. The shuttle driver told us it would be “Five, seven, eight minutes until we arrive.”

We spent the day at the beach. We met a couple from Nova Scotia who told us all about their grown children and showed us all the photos of their trip to New Zealand.

The man behind us decided it was his job to be giving my kid the drinking rules. Don’t mix alcohols. If you’re out for the evening, drink something you don’t really like so you’ll sip and not guzzle. Harmless stuff, but spoken from experience.

On the way back, the shuttle waited and waited to fill up. There were two groups who left the beach area early and didn’t tell the driver. We weren’t late leaving, but it was still annoying.




















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Disembarkment meeting

We were told that we needed to attend the disembarkment meeting the day before we left the ship, so we would know what to do the next morning.  Most of it was already written down for us, so it really was a waste of time.  The cruise director pointed out a few less obvious things.  “Don’t pack all your clothes.  You can’t leave the ship leaving a towel because the towels belong to the cruise line and we’ll take them away.  You’ll be naked.”  “Don’t pack your passport in your checked suitcase.”  And the most important one, “Ladies, please watch your husbands so they don’t pack the clothes for tomorrow.  You know they aren’t listening”

Mazatlan top ten

We went on a tour of the top ten things to see in Mazatlan. I only managed to count 9. Sorry about the out of order photos and the sideways videos.

  1. Feeding the frigate birds (pirates of the ocean/sea). I didn’t feed them because you had to tip the fishermen, and the birds reminded me of seagulls. We know better than to feed seagulls. Frigate birds don’t swim or get wet. If they get wet, they drown. They have no oils in their feathers.

2) The cliff divers worked for tips. They dove off a 45 foot platform into 4 or 5 feet of water.


Cueva del Diablo is where they used to put people on their way to jail. It’s named that because of the sulfur inside, and the original discoverer decided that he saw the devil in there. They gated it up so that others didn’t get stuck in it.

3) The church of immaculate conception had a ceiling of gold, but they didn’t tell us that until after we’d left it. Otherwise, I would have looked up.


4) market – like flea market, 4 cats in the stall

McDonald’s “100% leche de vaca” makes me wonder what other kind of milk they’d be using

Use the restrooms in the bakery

Flower market, shrimp market $200 per kilo ($180/$10US)

5) aquarium – we briefly drove past it.

Not on the top ten, but we passed the library. I know I could have spent an eternity in there, though.

6) baseball stadium

7) show





7) shopping area. We really just got lunch in the shopping area. No time to do anything else.


9) Pacifico beer factory was on the trip. Stores were all over advertising the beer

John Wayne had a home in Mazatlan so he could fish.  John Wayne was 6’5″  The tour guide tells us the the photos from this time were funny because “The local Mexicans were only 4’10”

Hotels will cost you $350 a night ($20USD)

This is what happens when you trust the guy behind you who says “I can get the whole thing!  Let me do it!”

10) Lighthouse with the observation deck