Barbie from Each State in Mexico

Barbie from each Mexican state

Forget Barbie, Mex-Am Company Makes Dolls Dressed In Traditional Traje Of Each Mexican State

The company in the above linked article makes dolls showing off the costumes from each state in Mexico. These dolls are beautiful and are made in Mexico, so these dolls are actually coming from the country they represent. The dolls above are just a sample of the dolls available. The article above tells more about them, and shows other dolls from the other states.

Barbie’s Inspiring Women collection

historic Barbie

Barbie is getting an inspirational makeover for its “Inspiring Women” collection.

Mattel’s newly announced collection of both inspirational and historically significant women will feature some very well known figures.

The collection will include Barbie dolls that look like Rosa Parks, Frida Kahlo, Katherine Johnson, and Sally Ride.

Each Barbie doll will come package with details about their women and why they are so significant to history.

The dolls are currently available online and cost about $30.00.

The Barbie brand celebrated its 60th anniversary in March.

“The Barbie brand believes girls should never know a world, job, or dream women haven’t conquered. Through our global platform, we are igniting a movement to help close the Dream Gap and further establish Barbie as the ultimate girl empowerment brand,” Lisa McKnight, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Barbie said at the time of the brand’s milestone.

In recent years, Barbie has worked to create even more inclusive Barbie dolls by creating a Robotics Engineer Barbie collection, launching a “You Can Be Anything” campaign, diversifying the look of available Fashionista dolls, and creating The Dream Gap Project to raise awareness globally to decrease the limitations in the potential of women, and more initiatives.