Another long weekend away

I left after work on Tuesday to head to the condo to be poolside for the week and weekend.

The kids helped me bring stuff in to the condo when I arrived.

I settled in with a drink almost immediately.

Homemade whiskey sour. Yum.

I managed to get lunch in before my friends arrived.

We had poolside snacks.

A house guest gift.

There was a candy store in town.

There were a lot of types of candy I hadn’t seen before or hadn’t seen in a long time.

I bought nothing.

There was a cute little gift store.

We found a bookstore in town!

Of course, I found books I didn’t have yet. Again, I bought nothing.

We took the time to get a pedicure.

This guy was parked semi legally near the nail place.

This little one comes by frequently for pets and asking for snacks.

I got several movies watched while I was away. Things I’ve been meaning to see, but I don’t get the chance at home. The Upside. Isn’t It Romantic. Five Feet Apart. The Book Club. Crazy Rich Asians. I am sure I’ll remember what else.

I have another quiet today today, I hope. I’ll post about it later.

Reader’s Chair

readers chair

reading chair

This chair is designed so that you can easily read on the beach or out in the sun.  I keep looking at it, wondering if it’s worth it.  It would be really easy to get engrossed in a good book, or fall asleep reading a boring book, and end up with a sunburn.  I think that I need to think about this for a while longer before I invest in one.  It looks like a great idea, though.

Doing a favor for a friend

A friend asked me to do a favor for her at 4 am today. I said no problem. Alarms all set, I went to sleep. I woke up at 1 am, and realized that it was possible she meant 4 am Eastern time. Yup! Thankfully, I realized it in plenty of time to get it done. Now I get to sleep in, feeling accomplished.

In theory, that is. I got the order done, but the card I tried to use didn’t want to work, so I had to fully wake up to figure out why and what to do. Then I tried to email her the confirmation that I’d accomplished my middle of the night task, but my address book on my email account decided that it wasn’t going to work. I had to hand type her email address in. Thankfully, I knew it, but suddenly blanked on if it was yahoo or gmail. I guessed right.

Of course, by then I had to get up and use the bathroom, because what else does one do in the middle of the night?

I got back in bed and had to find extra blankets since our heatwave finally broke and my toes were cold.

I didn’t eat much dinner because I wasn’t hungry at dinner time. I don’t want to get up and eat at this time of night because I don’t want to let my stomach think that it’s an option. I’ll drink water, so I’ll have to get up and use the bathroom again in an hour or so.

I don’t know where my purse is with my kindle on it, and I don’t want to fall asleep with my reading light on, so I decided to write here instead of read. It didn’t make me tired, though. I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and find the purse.

Now that I’ve found the purse by getting up and turning on the light, I should be fully awake.

And I just remembered that my daughter reminded me right before bedtime that I told her I’d drive her and a friend somewhere with no parking in the morning. At least her version of morning starts closer to noon than most people’s version of morning.

It’s 2 am now. I am going to stop writing and read for a little while. Hopefully I’m tired enough that a little while won’t take me to morning. Goodnight!

Book-themed objects

This website, (for reading addicts) ,has a lot of book-themed objects.  Clothing, wallets, blankets, etc.  I spent a lot of time browsing it.  One day, I’ll end up getting something from it.  There are too many things that I need, so I can’t decide.

I liked some of the Kindle covers, but they don’t seem to have one for the Oasis, which is what I need covered at the moment.

Kindle Paperwhite Case , Color - Mermaid-For Reading AddictsKindle Paperwhite Case , Color - Moonlight couple - Gifts For Reading AddictsKindle Paperwhite Case , Color - Sky clouds - Gifts For Reading Addicts

I am surprised that there weren’t really book-themed covers for the Kindles.

I liked some of the shoes, too, but there wasn’t a great selection in running shoes, which I need for support.

"I Love Books" Women's Sneakers - Gifts For Reading Addicts

Bookshelves Women's casual Shoes - Gifts For Reading Addicts These were kind of cute, and I am considering, but I am also officially just looking.

There are a lot of items available, so I’ll keep browsing.  When I find something I NEED, I’ll order.