Peddlers Village

We went to check out the shops at Peddlers Village, Pennsylvania.  There was a scarecrow competition going on.  I took photos of a lot of them.One of the stores.  My mom refers to my daughter’s room as her mole hole, so I needed the photo of the sign.

The water wheelThere were a lot of jerky stores on my trip. Of course we found a bookstore. The carousel in the children’s area.This has to be the fastest carousel I have ever seen. another bookstore
We headed to Rocky Horror after we finished looking at everything.   I was happy to stop fighting with the umbrella that Michelle made me bring with us.

Rocky Horror, New Hope

A week or two before my trip, we decided to get tickets to a play.  Michelle chose one of the movies that I have memorized.  We decided to go to the Sunday matinee.

We were among the youngest in the theater.  I guess that’s what we get for choosing the matinee. 

The drink menu was entertaining.  I chose dammit Janet.  Shirley Temple and vodka.We got a goodie bag in our seats. 
We couldn’t take photos inside, other than at the very end.  I hope Michelle posts some of those.  Video, too.

After the show, we found a bookstore. 

We passed a few things, looking for a place to have dinner.The sign on the bathroom door.Happy hour!  Mine is the blackberry basil drink.Fries with gorgonzola and bacon jam.My shrimp scampi with rice noodles.
And, Michelle’s cauliflower tacos in the background.

We went back and slept.  The rain did us in, too.  

Reading Terminal Market

There was so much here to see, eat, and buy.  It was overwhelming.

This stand had beef jerky and lots of other types of jerky.

The view down just one of the aisles.I had been sent for butter cake, so I figured I should try some.  Nope.  Not my thing.I ended up getting chicken coconut soup for breakfast.This was a spice, nut and candy store.  They sold in bulk.  You brought the container to the cashier and they weighed out what you wanted.Another view down an aisleI was going to get one for the pups at home, but they wouldn’t have stayed fresh long enough to make it home.Vats of picklesI wandered for a long time here before heading down to the Constitution Center.

Saturday afternoon

I had a quiet afternoon planned for Saturday, since my original plans were cancelled.  Somehow, my sister sensed the cancellation and invited me to go visit her and her kids.  I had to stop at Starbucks first to get the energy.

She suggested we go to the playground, but it was so cold and windy, we thought better of it.

We ended up going to Target.  Why not?  I am not used to keeping track of small cars, but I managed.


This toy set off several rounds of “The Wheels on the Bus” from the two year old.  He seemed surprised that I knew the words.  He had the song stuck in his head, but kept singing different verses, at least.

I am not sure why he thought that the eagle needed to live in the dollhouse, but it kept him quiet and busy for a while.

I ended up getting my contact solution and several other items while we were out.

I took the older boys on the hunt for the contact solution.  Her middle son asked me what we were looking for.  “oh, I hope we don’t find it.  Once we find it, our mission will end.”  This somewhat explains why children can’t find things in front of their faces.

It was a fun day, and I definitely needed the caffeine for the outing.

Another long weekend away

I left after work on Tuesday to head to the condo to be poolside for the week and weekend.

The kids helped me bring stuff in to the condo when I arrived.

I settled in with a drink almost immediately.

Homemade whiskey sour. Yum.

I managed to get lunch in before my friends arrived.

We had poolside snacks.

A house guest gift.

There was a candy store in town.

There were a lot of types of candy I hadn’t seen before or hadn’t seen in a long time.

I bought nothing.

There was a cute little gift store.

We found a bookstore in town!

Of course, I found books I didn’t have yet. Again, I bought nothing.

We took the time to get a pedicure.

This guy was parked semi legally near the nail place.

This little one comes by frequently for pets and asking for snacks.

I got several movies watched while I was away. Things I’ve been meaning to see, but I don’t get the chance at home. The Upside. Isn’t It Romantic. Five Feet Apart. The Book Club. Crazy Rich Asians. I am sure I’ll remember what else.

I have another quiet today today, I hope. I’ll post about it later.