Dirty Dancing 2

Dirty dancing 2

The above linked article confirms that a sequel to Dirty Dancing will be filmed soon. Unfortunately, the article is from April of 2020, and I haven’t seen an update. Has filming been delayed by travel restrictions? Have they had difficulty finding a cast? Is the screenwriter having trouble finding a story to link on to the original movie?

I would love to know where we stand on this sequel.

What to Know Before Reading Concrete Rose

What to Know before you read Concrete Rose

The above linked article tells about what you need to know before starting Angie Thomas’s new book, Concrete Rose, which was released today. It is the prequel to The Hate You Give.

Here are the top 5 things the article wants you to know before you pick the book up.

1. It’s set 17 years before The Hate U Give and centers on Maverick Carter.

2. Readers will be familiar with many of the characters as well as the setting.

3. The novel is already receiving rave reviews.

4. Angie Thomas is going on a virtual tour.

5. Concrete Rose’s audiobook is narrated by actor Dion Graham.