Tis the season for science

I decided to meet a group of women to see the winter exhibit at the Academy of Sciences. I renewed my membership there while I was going, anyhow. I forgot how enjoyable the museum is.

We met up front and wandered over to the 12:00 presentation of the reindeer exhibit. It was very nice, but geared for kids, of course. The presenter asked if we knew any songs that featured a reindeer. My comment of “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” was not appreciated. I was entertaining myself, as usual, so I didn’t care.

The photos are out of order, but I’ll tell about what I saw. I have wanted to see the exhibit on skin for a while. I finally got to see it on this visit. It was interesting. It talked about all types of skin and what it means.


I managed to get to two planetarium shows, one on the reefs, and one on the universe.  I didn’t get motion sickness, surprisingly enough.

I only got to see part of the aquarium, because of time.  I will go back and spend a long time in there.  It’s relaxing to me, and if I go on a weekday after school, there aren’t many children.

I think some of my photos came through twice.


I went to the rainforest area and watched the butterflies for a while.  It was steamy and my sinuses and lungs cleared up a bit.

I need to find time to go back.  It was a fun event.