Double booking myself

As many of you know, I live by my calendar. If it isn’t on the calendar, it probably doesn’t happen.

My phone had broken, and the replacement phone hadn’t come in yet, so I didn’t have my calendar readily available for a couple of days. I knew generally about what was coming up, but not really specifically.

I needed to get new tires on one car and oil changes on two. I scheduled one car’s oil change and the tire change for the same day and time so my daughter could drive her car in while I drove the other. I worked around her schedule, forgetting to look at my own.

I ended up doing a Zoom meeting for school at the auto repair place while trying to juggle the cars.

I managed this one by the skin of my teeth, but I did. It caused unnecessary anxiety, and I’m hoping to not try this one again. Less stress and anxiety this year, I hope.

Waiting impatiently

I’ve recently wrapped up my semester at school. I turned in the last of my work late last week. I’m now waiting impatiently for grades to come in.

One instructor just got finished grading the midterm, so I don’t expect much from him. I am just hoping that I pass. Because he didn’t grade anything before the next assignments were due, I wasn’t able to make adjustments to future assignments based on comments and grades. This drove me crazy.

The other two instructors are just missing the final test grades. All of the rest of the assignments have been graded. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. I think today is the last day they can accept late work and the grades are due in next week sometime. Fingers crossed for me, please.

Desert Migration

I watched this film for my film appreciation class. It was a powerful documentary that followed several men through their days. Each of the men had HIV and had moved to Palm Springs to live. The community of HIV patients there is stronger than anywhere else, plus the warmer weather is easier on their ailing bodies.

It was a good movie and made me think. The ending was touching. It was worth watching.

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

I watched this movie for my film appreciation class. It was about a vampire who goes after men who are not respectful to women, and the relationship she has with one man who does respect them.

It was a strange movie, but I enjoyed it. It was in black and white which added to the spookiness and toned down what blood might have been shown. It was worth watching, but it needed full concentration because of the subtitles.

Quarantine Causing Introverted Behavior

Quarantine causing introverted behavior

The above linked article tells about being isolated, but not alone. It mentions how overwhelming it is to be online for hours every week, even if it is just doing nonsense, like watching TV together.

I truly understand how the author feels. I have Zoom meetings almost every night. I try to limit them, but with school, it’s nearly impossible. Some days, I have had 5 meetings, back to back. It’s too much.

Unfortunately, I have had to cancel the social ones, since the school meetings affect my grades. I have told my friends “I just don’t have enough social in me this week.” I can’t think of another way to explain it.

Today’s Showtimes

I’ve had several movies to watch for my film appreciation class. Most have had deadlines, which I’ve met, but several are for extra credit or for my final paper, so I have a while to get the work done.

My daughter had to watch a movie for school, also, so she asked me to join her. I had a lecture on Zoom at 3, so we had to schedule around it. I was trying hard to figure out how everything was going to be watched, so I had to write it out.

I ended up writing a schedule and I’ve been calling it the marquee. At least I entertain myself. Also, if I don’t get to the last movie, at least I have another few weeks to finish it. I got a chunk of homework done today already and I feel accomplished.

I had popcorn delivered to me before the show.

Two hours and an application fee later

I am still planning on going back to get my bachelor’s degree. I researched early and waited and waited for the application date to arrive. It arrived last week! I was so excited to get online and actually apply. I didn’t get to it over the first weekend, but I wasn’t too concerned because the deadline is all the way in October.

I went online to fill out the application, with transcripts in hand. The first red flag was when it asked me if I was sure that my high school graduation date was correct. Was that an age crack?

After filling out which schools I had been attending, I had to fill in all of my classes from my transcripts. Because my original community college work/A.S. was so long ago, I had to manually type in everything. It took forever. The classes that I have taken recently were no problem. I started typing in the class numbers and it filled in the rest for me.

It still took me over two hours to get everything done. Then I paid the fee. I am just waiting to hear if I get accepted to the program I want.

I haven’t received confirmation that my application was received, but I got an email to verify my financial aid application. I filled it out today, and I hope to hear back soon.

Picking Up Stuff from School

When we suspected that school might be closing back in mid March, my daughter and I took most of our stuff out of the cubbies at school.  We left a few paintings behind, thinking that we’d be back in a few days.   We also had paintings on display in the student building.

Once we went to Zoom, we asked the instructor a few times about when we’d be able to get in and retrieve our belongings.  “The dean will contact you.”

During the final Zoom meeting, we were told that we’d be contacted during the first week of June to get the paintings that were on display in the student building.  What about the stuff that is in the cubbies?   No response.

Last night, June 26, we were FINALLY contacted about getting the paintings that had been on display.  No word about the stuff in the cubbies.   I scheduled my time and asked about getting ALL of our stuff.   “Yes.  But you have to sort it out yourself because I don’t have any idea what’s yours.”

Well, at least I have a day and time that I should be getting everything.  Finally.   Fingers crossed. 

Movies as a Break

I have been staying ahead of schedule on my schoolwork. I got to the point this weekend where the instructor hadn’t posted the next week’s assignments and I had read a lot of the material ahead of time, so I decided to take a breather.

I picked up a few movies. Some were on the lists of movies that I posted recently. Some were just silly. Some were for my class. Some are entertaining. Some are educational. Some are just plain silly.

Because I haven’t been reading much, other than for school, I haven’t had reviews to write. I’ll write about the movies, just to stay in practice. We’ll see what I come up with in the next few weeks.

Back to School?

I have been taking PE and acrylic painting classes at the community College for the last two years. I started doing it to get my butt in gear after a tough time in my life. I figured that getting out of the house would help. It did, for the most part.

Toward the end of this semester, I decided that, since I have completed all of the acrylic painting classes available, I may as well try something harder. I signed up for film appreciation and California history. I put it in my brain that if I do well, I would go back to school to get my bachelor’s.

I started to look at prices for part time students and found that my first choice was $150 a unit more than my second choice. $450 a class is a lot of money that I don’t have to spend.

I emailed my second choice school to find out how to get myself back into the system after being out of classes for 25 years or so. The admissions office set up an appointment for me for a pre admissions counseling session. They asked for my unofficial transcripts. I requested the ones from when I first got my AS degree, but nothing was online at that point, so I have to wait for the transcript to be mailed. 3-4 week wait for delivery. I emailed the unofficial transcript from my current classes right away.

I went several rounds of “My AS was earned in 1995. Nothing was online at that point. I can’t have the unofficial transcripts to you by the date of the appointment. Should we reschedule?” “No, just email the unofficial transcripts and we will wait for the official transcripts.” “But I can’t get the unofficial transcripts for 3-4 weeks because they are mailing it.” “OK, just email the unofficial ones.” “I can’t, because they have to mail them.” It took almost 20 emails for the scheduler to hear me. I am waiting to hear from them when I miss the original appointment, since my transcript won’t be there yet. Sigh.

The other thing I was worried about was choosing a major. I could go for Allied Health, since I have been working in the field for so many years. But, in reality, it doesn’t really mean a lot other than I put extra time in at work. I can’t change careers, not that I plan on it, and it won’t make me eligible for a raise or promotion. So, no real reason to do that, other to say I have my Bachelor’s degree.

The other choice would be English literature. I think that is what I am going to try for. I haven’t written at that level since 1992 or so, but I have been told that it all comes back to you. I spoke with several friends and family members who either have an English degree, are writers, or are teachers. I have been informed by all of them that I write well enough for the classes. I read enough, so that won’t be an issue. It won’t be like I have to get into the habit of reading again.

When I go for my appointment with the counselor, I hope to find out about financial aid and if the classes are going to be online. I can only attend part time, so this might be an issue.

I emailed my first choice school about financial aid and the possibility of switching from an AS to a BA. I found that I get financial aid and my major of choice isn’t impacted, so, as long as I meet all the requirements, I’m accepted. I have a few more questions, but I have pretty much made my decision. Now I just need to get all of the pieces in place