Two hours and an application fee later

I am still planning on going back to get my bachelor’s degree. I researched early and waited and waited for the application date to arrive. It arrived last week! I was so excited to get online and actually apply. I didn’t get to it over the first weekend, but I wasn’t too concerned because the deadline is all the way in October.

I went online to fill out the application, with transcripts in hand. The first red flag was when it asked me if I was sure that my high school graduation date was correct. Was that an age crack?

After filling out which schools I had been attending, I had to fill in all of my classes from my transcripts. Because my original community college work/A.S. was so long ago, I had to manually type in everything. It took forever. The classes that I have taken recently were no problem. I started typing in the class numbers and it filled in the rest for me.

It still took me over two hours to get everything done. Then I paid the fee. I am just waiting to hear if I get accepted to the program I want.

I haven’t received confirmation that my application was received, but I got an email to verify my financial aid application. I filled it out today, and I hope to hear back soon.

Picking Up Stuff from School

When we suspected that school might be closing back in mid March, my daughter and I took most of our stuff out of the cubbies at school.  We left a few paintings behind, thinking that we’d be back in a few days.   We also had paintings on display in the student building.

Once we went to Zoom, we asked the instructor a few times about when we’d be able to get in and retrieve our belongings.  “The dean will contact you.”

During the final Zoom meeting, we were told that we’d be contacted during the first week of June to get the paintings that were on display in the student building.  What about the stuff that is in the cubbies?   No response.

Last night, June 26, we were FINALLY contacted about getting the paintings that had been on display.  No word about the stuff in the cubbies.   I scheduled my time and asked about getting ALL of our stuff.   “Yes.  But you have to sort it out yourself because I don’t have any idea what’s yours.”

Well, at least I have a day and time that I should be getting everything.  Finally.   Fingers crossed. 

Movies as a Break

I have been staying ahead of schedule on my schoolwork. I got to the point this weekend where the instructor hadn’t posted the next week’s assignments and I had read a lot of the material ahead of time, so I decided to take a breather.

I picked up a few movies. Some were on the lists of movies that I posted recently. Some were just silly. Some were for my class. Some are entertaining. Some are educational. Some are just plain silly.

Because I haven’t been reading much, other than for school, I haven’t had reviews to write. I’ll write about the movies, just to stay in practice. We’ll see what I come up with in the next few weeks.

Back to School?

I have been taking PE and acrylic painting classes at the community College for the last two years. I started doing it to get my butt in gear after a tough time in my life. I figured that getting out of the house would help. It did, for the most part.

Toward the end of this semester, I decided that, since I have completed all of the acrylic painting classes available, I may as well try something harder. I signed up for film appreciation and California history. I put it in my brain that if I do well, I would go back to school to get my bachelor’s.

I started to look at prices for part time students and found that my first choice was $150 a unit more than my second choice. $450 a class is a lot of money that I don’t have to spend.

I emailed my second choice school to find out how to get myself back into the system after being out of classes for 25 years or so. The admissions office set up an appointment for me for a pre admissions counseling session. They asked for my unofficial transcripts. I requested the ones from when I first got my AS degree, but nothing was online at that point, so I have to wait for the transcript to be mailed. 3-4 week wait for delivery. I emailed the unofficial transcript from my current classes right away.

I went several rounds of “My AS was earned in 1995. Nothing was online at that point. I can’t have the unofficial transcripts to you by the date of the appointment. Should we reschedule?” “No, just email the unofficial transcripts and we will wait for the official transcripts.” “But I can’t get the unofficial transcripts for 3-4 weeks because they are mailing it.” “OK, just email the unofficial ones.” “I can’t, because they have to mail them.” It took almost 20 emails for the scheduler to hear me. I am waiting to hear from them when I miss the original appointment, since my transcript won’t be there yet. Sigh.

The other thing I was worried about was choosing a major. I could go for Allied Health, since I have been working in the field for so many years. But, in reality, it doesn’t really mean a lot other than I put extra time in at work. I can’t change careers, not that I plan on it, and it won’t make me eligible for a raise or promotion. So, no real reason to do that, other to say I have my Bachelor’s degree.

The other choice would be English literature. I think that is what I am going to try for. I haven’t written at that level since 1992 or so, but I have been told that it all comes back to you. I spoke with several friends and family members who either have an English degree, are writers, or are teachers. I have been informed by all of them that I write well enough for the classes. I read enough, so that won’t be an issue. It won’t be like I have to get into the habit of reading again.

When I go for my appointment with the counselor, I hope to find out about financial aid and if the classes are going to be online. I can only attend part time, so this might be an issue.

I emailed my first choice school about financial aid and the possibility of switching from an AS to a BA. I found that I get financial aid and my major of choice isn’t impacted, so, as long as I meet all the requirements, I’m accepted. I have a few more questions, but I have pretty much made my decision. Now I just need to get all of the pieces in place

Finishing books

I am finally getting to the point where I am able to finish some books! I haven’t gotten around to writing the reviews, so I haven’t posted them here yet. I hope to in the next day or two.

I have completed 56 of my goal of 100 books this year. Most of them were actually in January and February. I am glad I got ahead back when I was feeling like reading. It’s been difficult to concentrate on reading when there is so much of everything else going on in my head.

I am lucky enough to have been working at work, and not solely in the house. I have been doing the household errands for family members while I am out, so that not everyone is going out. One person making one trip to the grocery store for three households is much better than three people going out. Especially if those households have elderly people. Plus, I know it’s done correctly if I do it. (Yes, I am a Virgo, for those who believe in that.)

I am still trying to finish up my painting class for this semester. Zoom meetings twice a week break up my schedule.

I feel like I’m handling the shelter in place fairly well on most days. I just wish I could get more reading done. I know it’ll come back, since I’m getting there slowly.

Happy hour before the art final

My daughter and I had to present our work from the semester at class on Thursday. We also had to get stuff for the potluck end of semester party. We decided to leave early and go to the grocery store before class. It was also a buy one get one free day at Starbucks.

We went to the store and picked up supplies for this potluck and for the potluck for my daughter’s other class, so she’d be prepared. We started to do a mobile order from Starbucks, then realized that the happy hour prices might not work if we ordered that way, so we went inside.

The line was long, but moving quickly. We ordered and waited. The barista chatted with us a bit.  I said that it was busy and loud.  He said it was because of happy hour.  I mentioned that I was going to do a mobile order, but I couldn’t get the price.  He said it was because happy hour isn’t happy hour unless we get to see his face.  Uh huh.

We got to class and prepared our presentations.  We grabbed a snack from the potluck table and sat down to watch our classmates present.  We had six minutes each to present.  I didn’t have enough to say about my paintings.  


These are the pieces I submitted for my final.

These are my daughter’s paintings.  The instructor is playing with the paintings, to see if they look better with the figures facing inside or out.

The rest of my daughter’s paintings.

These are a classmate’s paintings.  She gave me permission to post them here.

The semester is over.  We start up again in January.

Headed home

Michelle dropped me off at 445 am at Philadelphia’s airport. We were worried that my bag would be over the fifty pound limit. I checked in with a 47 pound bag. My carryon and boarding bag went with me to security.

There was a long, long line to get to security. They had a dog sniffing shoes, so we didn’t have to remove them going through the actual security portion. I wish that I’d had my phone with me, instead of having it go through security, because I would have loved some photos of the stuff going through.

A woman shoved past me to get her bag through all of ten seconds faster than me. She reeked of fresh vodka at 5 am. Maybe she needed to get rid of the liquid in her bag?

One of men in front of me had one of those security bins full of bags of potato chips and the other with a loose oatmeal cookie and his cell phone.  The cell phone was confiscated, but not the cookie.  I didn’t stick around to find out why.

I had moved my seat when I checked in, so I knew I didn’t have anyone next to me on the first leg of the flight. When I boarded the plane, I put on my headphones and immediately fell asleep. I woke up for breakfast, pictured below, and then I went right back to sleep.

I woke up at touchdown. I grabbed my bag and wandered down to the next gate, at the opposite end of the terminal. I found a seat and almost right away they called for volunteers to gate check bags. I am headed home, so there’s no reason to not do it, and I’d packed it, expecting it, since I was going to board in group E anyhow.

I ended up seated next to a man who had taken a sleeping pill.   At least I wasn’t required to try to chat most of the flight.  I slept on and off. 

Eventually, we got to the end of the flight, and the guy decides he wants to chat.   He’s on his first vacation with his boyfriend of three months.   I gave him suggestions about what to see.   The part I didn’t know about, I told him where to find the info.

My suitcases came out fairly quickly and I headed to lunch before going home to nap.   I had to rest before going off to class.  

What I Actually Got Done Yesterday

I had a good todo list going yesterday. Mostly involving library books.

Worked. Nothing terribly unusual there

Blogged. Pulled up and finished some draft posts. I put new library holds on the library site.

Returned library books. I returned two of the six overdue books, since they were in my car already. I figured that I may as well get one of the list’s items done.

Confirmed non tech friend on Facebook. Had to phone her first to make sure it was her. Wasn’t on my list.

Had leftovers from last night for lunch. Wasn’t on my list.

Sorted library books, somewhat. I found 7 books to go back. I returned them on the way to class. I still have 2 overdue books left to locate and return. I know where 2 of them are, but I didn’t return them.

Got dirty scrubs into the washing machine and hung them. I remembered to bring them to work with me this morning, too.

Went to class and got a good chunk of two projects done.

I haven’t decided what to pack on my trip. I have a general plan for clothes, but not for books. I didn’t fix the book stack, but it isn’t as precarious as I thought it was. I did manage to check that.

I did end up with more than ten items on my list, but most were related and I got the important stuff done.

The most important thing I did was let my family sort out the issues that came up that I didn’t really need to be involved with. They got the majority of the pressing issues done, without my help.

Unique reading log

Reading log

A teacher came up with a different kind of reading log that isn’t as difficult for people to follow, and it makes it easier to log what the student is reading. The point is to keep reading, not to torture the child with logging it.

A lot of the tasks are fun, like read in the bathtub with no water. Shared reading activities like read to a stuffed animal are included as well as wide requirements such as read a magazine. Just make reading fun!