Going to the laundromat

I have had some strange dreams lately. I think my mind is on overload with all the changes that are going on. One of my dreams this week was about going to the laundromat. I got there, had all of my clothes and soap and such. I got everything loaded into the washer and found out that the machines no longer take quarters. They take slices of white bread only. Thankfully, 711 is next door, so I was able to go over and buy some bread, but wow, Brain. Where’d that come from?

Spinning my wheels

I have anxiety issues over time. Schedules that get changed or not given to me make me anxious. I have full blown panic attacks sometimes.

Last week, only one of my online classes was opened on time. They were supposed to be released at 12:01am on the 19th. One wasn’t released until the afternoon of the 19th, but it was still within the time line that I couldn’t complain much.

One instructor emailed at 10am to tell us that we had a zoom meeting at 4 pm the same day. He didn’t release his class until almost 11:50pm on the 20th. Not only did I have to rearrange my schedule to accommodate the last minute announcement of the zoom meeting, but I couldn’t plan ahead by putting assignments on the calendar.

I am still not sure what made me think I can take three classes this semester. I will do it and I will excel, but I hope they stop messing with my schedule.

What day is today?

Because no one is leaving the house, no one seems to know what day it is anymore. I have been working my regular hours, but I don’t have my usual after work activities going on, so I have a hard time knowing from day to day. I thought it was weird, but it seems that almost everyone is going through the same thing.

With the holiday coming up this week, I think it’s going to be worse. I will have my Monday on Tuesday, and Friday will come after only 4 days of work. It’s going to be insane. As long as I go to work on the right day and stay home on the right day, I should be ok. What about everyone else?

Scheduling ahead

Part of my New Year’s resolution was to post daily here. Because I finally figured out how to schedule posts, I have managed to do it for the entire month of January. I get the post written and scheduled and it’ll pop up, fully written, a few days later. I have posts scheduled for the next few weeks. Some days, I have two or three posting a day. At least I can keep part of my resolution, and the app makes it easy to do. I can ramble in advance.

What Are You Reading Wednesday

This week’s audiobook is by Jeanne Gaffigan. When Life Gives You Pears. I am really enjoying it, and I’ll be finishing it quickly.

This week’s Kindle book is A Royal Christmas Wish. I started it for a bookclub, but I won’t be able to make the bookclub, so I will relax about finishing it by a certain time.

I have a few library books almost finished and I’ll be ready to return them soon.

I still have books to finish to make my goal of 120 books for the year. I need to get my reading time scheduled. And my gym time, but that’s another matter.