Butt Dents

Butt Dents

Woohoo! Muni is bringing back the butt dents! When the new cars were brought in, the butt dents weren’t there, and those of us with short legs and can’t reach the ground were sliding all over the place. I gave up and stood for the most part.

This is much safer than the flat bench-like seats that were on the new streetcars. Not as cushy as Bart seats, but it’s an improvement.

Water Safety

These three articles have some wonderful information for swimmers and parents about water safety.  The first article is written by a parent who lost her child to drowning.  The second is about cryto which is easily transferable from swimmer to swimmer (EW).  The third is by a pediatrician who has some good tips for safety when near the water.

Be safe out there this summer!

water safety


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