Animals with Misleading Names

I had to look these up. It was interesting to me that so many of these animals have names close to other animals.

The electric eel is actually a knife fish. The mountain goat is actually more closely related to cows than goats.

The king cobra, as it says, isn’t a king. Neither is the Eastern kingbird.

The horny toad description below had me laughing.

It was fun to look these up and see the actual photos of the animals, along with the descriptions.

Alcatraz is Not an Island

Alcatraz Is Not an Island

With the fiftieth anniversary of the Native American occupation of Alcatraz coming up on November 20, the library is doing presentations honoring it. Tonight’s presentation was by Eloy Martinez who was actually there at the time.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough back story to know what questions to ask. It looks like I’ll be doing research. I have already put books on hold at the library so I can start reading asap.