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Books we are glad that mom shared with us

Thirty day book challenge, day 23

When I was in junior high, this book was what everyone was reading, especially since the movie was coming out. C. Thomas Howell and Matt Dillon were the heartthrobs at the time. Rob Lowe was also in it. We had to read it for school, and many classmates attempted to skip reading the book and just write the book report based on the movie. There were enough differences between the book and the movie that it screamed “cheater” to all of us who loved both the book and movie.

Mom didn’t really share this with me, but I was able to help my own daughter read through it when she had to read it in high school. I don’t usually reread, but this one was worth it.

Guest blogger topics

We decided that we’d write on some of the same topics. Some of the options are 1)book you read as a child but reread as an adult. 2)Favorite movie based on a book. 3)Worst movie based on a book. 4)Movie that follows the book closely.

There will be more topics coming up, and not all of will write on all of the topics, but we’re going to attempt it.

Baby steps in goal setting

My reading goal for 2019 is 75 books. I was asked why. Because I didn’t have a lot of trouble with 62 books in 2018. The 62 was chosen as a book a week, plus ten audiobooks. I fell behind for a while because of lack of concentration after my surgery. I caught up and surpassed my goal.

I feel that a goal should be a challenge, but not unattainable. Sure, I could set my goal for 1 book for the year, and meet it almost immediately, but there’s no challenge in that. I’d finish right away and be bored the rest of the year.

One of my Goodreads friends set a 2018 goal of 2018 books. She read 10. That’s not even close. Why set such an unattainable goal? Six ish books a day? Not going to happen, really.

I do have friends who set their goal over 100. I am not yet that brave. That would stress me out, so I add to my goal little bits at a time. I met that goal, next year try a little more. Maybe in a couple of years, I’ll be over 100. Not this one.

My retiree friends have 365 books set as a goal. And make it by early December. Please note… retiree. I don’t make time for a book a day yet. Maybe one day.

75 books in 2019. I think it’s doable for me. As those of you who read me frequently know, I have many halfway finished, so I have a little head start. I can do this!


I met my reading goal for 2018. In fact, I exceeded it. I slowed down on the reading because of it. I shouldn’t, but I did.

Last night, I ended up going to sleep before 8 pm. My eyes were just too tired to read. Couldn’t focus on anything. So I just bundled up and slept. I will get back to it today.

Thirty day book challenge, day 4

Thirty day book challenge

Book you remember from childhood

I had a fairly large book collection as a child. I remember seeing Wrinkle in Time on my shelf, but never reading it. I remember reading Island of the Blue Dolphin over and over, but I can’t recall the plot. I think I need to re-read it.

I know that I read Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret over and over until my mom took it away so I’d read something else. I haven’t re-read it as an adult, though.

Reader’s block

Sometimes, I just don’t know where to start. I have time to read. I have plenty of reading material. I just can’t decide.

I have my Kindles full of books. Never a shortage, even if I don’t have the Kindle that I want, whichever one I have has something on it that’s worth reading.

I have a big stack of books to choose from. Sometimes nothing looks appealing. Sometimes they all look appealing and I can’t decide where to start.

I always have several books started. Sometimes, I’m slow at picking one up again. I simply can’t decide.

Sometimes, it’s that I’m too tired. Sometimes, it’s that I’m too overwhelmed. Sometimes, I’m just too busy. And, mostly, it’s just that the decision isn’t being made.

If someone picked one for me when I’m in the middle of reader’s block, I still wouldn’t feel like reading it. It just happens sometimes. Like writer’s block, you just have work your way through it and read something. Facebook articles don’t count. Sorry.