Silent book club 2/23

I went to Silent Book Club yesterday. Usually when I go, there are a few people, and if there is chatting, it is quiet chatting. It usually is at a level where it doesn’t bother anyone.

Yesterday, I got there early, but there were a whole bunch of chairs set up, so I assumed that many people had sent in their RSVP. No problem. The more the merrier.

The bar line was long, and reached where I was sitting. Again, unusual for this crowd. I ended up not getting to the bar because I wanted to get into my book as soon as I possibly could.

I started reading, and an interview started near me. Ok, well, that won’t last long, and we weren’t at the scheduled quiet period yet. Not a problem. I could tune that out for a while.

Suddenly, a man started talking very loudly. Announcing that he was a lawyer and telling all about how his work days go, how he decided to become a lawyer, what he would be doing if he wasn’t a lawyer, etc. He went on and on and on, loudly. I have noticed that the louder the conversation is, the more boring the topic is. After about 20 minutes of listening to this guy talking to hear himself talk, the man next to me packed up and walked out. It was impossible to concentrate.

Finally, the announcement was made that conversations should stop, and they could be picked up at 5:30. If we wanted to thin out the crowd, we could go into the bookstore itself or into the bar next door. Finally, I got to read, in theory.

People left slowly. One gentleman kept moving seats as soon as one became vacant. I shall call him Goldilocks. This chair is too hard. This chair is too soft. The lighting is better here. It’s too warm in this spot. With all that moving, I would be amazed if he got anything done.

By this time, I had gotten a lot of my reading done. Almost as much as I had planned on finishing when I started out. But, 5:30 was approaching, along with the restart of the conversations. I walked out the door at 5:28, just so I would not have to listen to it any more. The guy needs a volume knob.

Day of Rest

I have been sick for a while. I am almost better, but I had been sick enough that I didn’t feel like reading or blogging. All the blog posts that went up had been written before and scheduled to post automatically.

While I was sick, I barely watched TV, even. Friends reruns are great, because I didn’t feel guilty about falling asleep during them, since I’ve seen them all, multiple times.

I was supposed to go to a Super Bowl party today, but I figured that I should probably get the rest I needed instead. My plan was to stay at home and read.

Inky thought this was a great plan. She stole my Snuggie and snuggled up next to me. Mini even stooped low enough to lie down at the foot of the bed. This was great until I had to go to the bathroom. I got up and all feline visitors went flying off the bed.

When I returned from the bathroom, I found both cats in my spot. They were actually surprised that I wanted it back. Did they think I was going to attempt to sleep in the cat bed?

I haven’t finished any books today, but I’m making progress on several. I am hoping to get my next bookclub book finished by the weekend. We’ll find out. There might be napping going on today, too.

Book Reviews

Professional Reader

I joined this week. I have three books to read and review for them. As I review more, I can request more books to read and review. I am hoping it works out the way I want it to. The books I have received so far seem very interesting, and I got the badge that I posted above. Time will tell!

How to Read More

How to Read More

Austin Kleon, in the above linked article, talks about how to read more. I am always looking for times to read. Luckily for me, I have insomnia, so I get a lot of reading time between 2am and 4am. Here are a few tips from the author:

I do most of these, but I tend to finish a book once I am into it. If it’s for bookclub, then I will finish it, love it or hate it. I don’t actually schedule my reading time, it just kind of happens.

I would add one thing to this list: Turn off your TV! I record the shows I want to watch and then watch them at a future time, so that I am not just glued to the screen, watching nonsense I don’t want to watch. I only watch the nonsense I want to see.

Reading to the dog

I was two books shy of my reading goal for the year. I decided to bring some books up to read to Molly while I kept her company until her mom got home from work.

Molly was not impressed with the book about Misty Copeland. She decided to try to lick the pages. I finished it anyway.

She was more interested in the book about Paul Robeson. I think, though, that she was more interested in showing me her new toy. At least she didn’t lick pages.

There are several programs available to kids who would like to improve their reading. One is reading to dogs. I love the idea of these programs, which is why I tried to read to Molly, figuring I’d take care of two things at once. I would hope that the dogs in the kids programs wouldn’t be as wiggly and excited to see people. The poor kids would be licked to clean and possibly tackled when they sat down.

I did finish my reading goal, despite the “help.” Now I’m thinking of the goal for 2020. I have a week to figure it out.

What Are You Reading Wednesday

This week’s audiobook is by Jeanne Gaffigan. When Life Gives You Pears. I am really enjoying it, and I’ll be finishing it quickly.

This week’s Kindle book is A Royal Christmas Wish. I started it for a bookclub, but I won’t be able to make the bookclub, so I will relax about finishing it by a certain time.

I have a few library books almost finished and I’ll be ready to return them soon.

I still have books to finish to make my goal of 120 books for the year. I need to get my reading time scheduled. And my gym time, but that’s another matter.

Lazy day

Today, I had very little on my schedule. I have a couple of things to do, but nothing urgent, other than finishing the bookclub selection for tomorrow’s bookclub.

The cats seemed to know, so they snuggled in, especially Inky. They decided that can share the blankets. I use the underside, they use the top. It seems to be working. I am alternating reading and clearing out the DVR. Maybe I’ll nap later.