Competitive Book Reading

Competitive book reading

The above linked article tells about how reading challenges have changed the way people read. It claims that the challenges add a layer of guilt if you aren’t reading “fast enough” or reading “all of the books available.” I disagree with it. Yes, I get pushed along with my reading when I am working on a challenge, but if I don’t meet the challenge, I don’t feel guilty. I am only competing with myself. I read for enjoyment. I do keep track of my books, but mostly just to see where I am. I will mark my pages on goodreads, and I will mark and review my finished books. For my own knowledge, not to make anyone else feel bad or good.

It is an interesting article, though. It gave me something to think about.

Reading chair from the 18th century

This photo was posted on a Facebook reading group. It’s of a reading chair from the 18th century. It seems to have all of its attachments which is apparently unusual.

It seems almost unnecessary these days, especially since that seat looks so uncomfortable. Then, I was reminded that books were heavier and rarer in that century, so you really wanted something to rest your hands. Keeping the candle close enough to give light was important, but keeping the candle from burning the books was even more important.

It seems to be missing a spot for your drink and your cat. I guess both of those would do potential damage to the book and the chair, though. Storage for your glasses might be nice, too.

It does look like a handy tool for heavier books. I am sure that any reader at that time in history would enjoy the chair.

Finishing books

I am finally getting to the point where I am able to finish some books! I haven’t gotten around to writing the reviews, so I haven’t posted them here yet. I hope to in the next day or two.

I have completed 56 of my goal of 100 books this year. Most of them were actually in January and February. I am glad I got ahead back when I was feeling like reading. It’s been difficult to concentrate on reading when there is so much of everything else going on in my head.

I am lucky enough to have been working at work, and not solely in the house. I have been doing the household errands for family members while I am out, so that not everyone is going out. One person making one trip to the grocery store for three households is much better than three people going out. Especially if those households have elderly people. Plus, I know it’s done correctly if I do it. (Yes, I am a Virgo, for those who believe in that.)

I am still trying to finish up my painting class for this semester. Zoom meetings twice a week break up my schedule.

I feel like I’m handling the shelter in place fairly well on most days. I just wish I could get more reading done. I know it’ll come back, since I’m getting there slowly.

Reading Got Harder

Reading got harder

Before I read the above linked article, I thought it was just me who has having a hard time concentrating on reading. I have a huge stack of library books that I can’t take back to the library, and I just am not feeling like reading right now. I have been forcing myself to read at least a chapter a day, but I have pretty much been reading stuff for bookclubs, if I get to anything. I am allowing myself to read for fun, too, but I am just getting the oomph I need to get anything accomplished.

Hopefully, my brain will reset soon, and I’ll get back at it. I haven’t written a review in a while.

Picky Readers

picky readers

The above linked article talks about how having a library card opens up a reader’s mind to a lot more books. You aren’t storing the books or purchasing them, just borrowing and returning. It takes less effort and thought to pick a library book when you know you’ll be sending it back into circulation. When I do this, I end up returning several that I haven’t read yet, but I know that I will never get around to sitting down and reading the book.