Last week of summer semester

I finished up summer semester at the beginning of August. One class ended at the beginning of July. The other two ended at the beginning of August. I knew that I had an A for the first class. I still had to do the last week of school while attempting to prepare for a week off for vacation.

One instructor sent a message 2 weeks before class was over, telling us that if we are prepared, go ahead and submit our final paper. Phew. 2 classes done!

The last instructor told us that if we were happy with our midterm grade, we could go ahead and skip the final. She would be dropping the lowest grade. She also gave us the option of taking the final a week early. I debated taking the final at all, since I had received a passing grade on the midterm. I ended up taking it, 4 days early, figuring I couldn’t make my grade any worse. I had a week before the grades were posted, but I was done with the class!

As soon as I submitted the last assignment, I got my reading lists from 2 of my Fall classes. I haven’t started reading yet, but I am ready! One week to go!

Shut Up and Write!

I recently joined a new group. It is similar to the Silent bookclub, but we write instead of read. We are meeting on Zoom right now, due to Covid restrictions. This works out well for me, since I prefer to not lug my laptop out any more often than I have to.

Today was the first time I went. This particular group starts with a half hour of chat and a random question for everyone to answer with their introductions, and everyone tells what they plan on working on. Then we write for an hour or so and come back and tell how it went. Because I have to check back in, I know I have to sit and actually get stuff done.

I will meet with another group tomorrow afternoon. The rules there might be a little different, but I am adaptable.

There are several groups that meet in person in my area, but they tend to be mid-week, during the mornings. I can’t meet then.

As I am writing, I am thinking that this could be done for reading, also. I wonder if there’s an online Silent bookclub these days.

Swordheart by T. Kingfisher


Swordheart by T. Kingfisher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I picked this one up for bookclub. I enjoyed it very much, although a lot of the romance and sex scenes were unnecessary. The story was great, but the last chapter before the epilogue went on and on about the logistics of dowries. Again, I felt that it wasn’t needed.

I laughed a lot about the logistics of body fluids and living in a sword. This was a conversation that I think I would have had with friends.

I would recommend this book, but the reader needs to be able to skip through these sections.

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My reading buddy

While we are away, we all try to get as much fun stuff accomplished. I have some homework to do, still, but the rest of what I am working on is fun. I have books, my laptop, the Nintendo Switch, etc, etc.

The kids brought up schoolwork, puzzles, Legos, etc.

I was presented with a reading buddy. I have not named him yet, but he is the perfect reading companion. He’s quiet and he guards my books. I couldn’t ask for more.

All the Bookmarks?

I brought many many books with me for my time away. Most of them have been started and are almost finished. Hopefully, I’ll get some actually finished by the time I leave.

For the books that I brought that I haven’t started. I need bookmarks! I forgot to pack some. I have several dozen bookmarks at home, and have packed zero, I think. I recall picking up a small box of them and putting them somewhere. Maybe they are in the box of books that I haven’t opened yet?

It seems silly to use a grocery receipt as a book mark when I have so many actual bookmarks to use. Let’s hope I packed them!

9 books behind

I’m still reading, but just not finishing much. It’s frustrating because I know I can keep up with the challenge, but my brain is fixed on deadlines. I start a book, get most of the way finished before the deadline of a school assignment or bookclub. The deadline passes, so I put the book down and move on to the next. At least I’m only single digits behind!

I have so many books almost completed and put away that I could almost finish the challenge if I actually did it.

I’m going to be poolside for a few days, so maybe I’ll bring them along and get them done. Fingers crossed!

Is It Worth Reading?

Is it worth reading?

I tend to recall what I read. I may not remember the author’s name or the exact title of the book, but I can remember general plots and with a few reminders, I’ll get it all.

The author of the above linked article is not the same type of reader that I am. She forgets it soon after she reads it and is musing about whether or not she should even bother to read if she is going to forget anyhow.

I think that I would read even if I forgot the plot. Losing myself in the words of someone else for a while is a great stress reliever. Even if I can’t recall the details, I have been lost in the book and I think that’s worth it.

I know that the article’s author feels the same way – that it is worth reading – but her reasons are different than mine. Her reasons are no less valid than mine. It’s definitely worth reading.

Elevate Your Kindle Experience

Elevate your kindle experience

In the above linked article, there are 4 things that the average person might not know about their Kindle.

You can loan books to others for 14 days. There is the option to loan through Amazon, under my devices and content. You used to be able to loan it three times, then they took the option away totally, but now you can loan it once. The other person must be ready to receive it and read fast. Only 14 days!

You can send personal content to your device. It doesn’t need to be in Kindle format. The only downfall with this one is that you can’t send your notes to Goodreads, since it’s not quite in the right format.

Your Kindle will keep your notes and highlights in one spot. I didn’t know this one. I’ll have to try it. There’s a link to the spot in the article. I haven’t found it on my actual device, but I will look around later.

You can return purchases you made. Don’t take advantage of this or your ebook rights might be suspended. I’ve had my Kindle for many years. I think I’ve returned only 3 or 4 times in the many years that I have had a Kindle account. Usually because of a duplicate purchase or I fell asleep and hit the one click button. It happens. Not often, though.

I know that there is a new Nook coming out, and I still can’t see the benefit of the Nook over the Kindle. I haven’t been convinced yet. I am still a Kindle fan, and sharing these things with you just reminds me of why I am a fan.