Quoting Shakespeare

Quoting shakespeare

The above linked article tells about common phrases that people use without realizing they are quoting Shakespeare.

“Off with his head” is one of these quotes. I assumed it was taken from the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland.

“Live Long Day” was one that I thought came from the song about working on the railroad.

The others didn’t strike me as usual, but it was interesting to find that they were quoted from Shakespeare and it was nice to know which play they came from. I found it an interesting article.

Douglas Adams Quotes

Douglas adams quotes

In the above linked article, several Douglas Adams quotes are listed. I use some of them frequently, since the Hitchhikers books are some of my favorites.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the list, and several that I use often.

‘The Answer to the Great Question…Of Life, the Universe and Everything…Is…Forty-two.’
―  The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

‘I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.’
  The Salmon of Doubt

‘I’d far rather be happy than right any day.’
―  The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

MLK quotes we should all know

MLK quotes

I realize that MLK day has passed, but it’s still black history month, and Dr. King’s words are always relevant.

On education:

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”

On standing up for what’s right:

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

On community:

“Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality.”

On good people staying silent:

“History will have to record the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.”

On helping others:

Yutong Yuan/Business Insider

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question, ‘What are you doing for others?'”

On bitterness:

“Never succumb to the temptation of bitterness.”

On speaking up:

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

On justice:

“The moral arc of the universe bends at the elbow of justice.”Ad

On war:

“The past is prophetic in that it asserts loudly that wars are poor chisels for carving out peaceful tomorrows.”

On violence:

“Nonviolence is a powerful and just weapon. Indeed it is a weapon unique in history, which cuts without wounding and enables the man who wields it.”Ad

On staying neutral:

“The hottest place in hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.”

On understanding each other:

“Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will.”

Non Dr Seuss quote

(non Dr Seuss quote)

When I first read this, I thought, that must not be Dr. Seuss, because it doesn’t rhyme.  Then, I decided to see what book it came from, and I found the above linked article.  Although the quote is attributed to Dr. Seuss, it was actually said by Bernard Mannes Baruch (19 August 1870 – 20 June 1965) when asked how he handled seating arrangements at dinner parties.  It’s still a good thought, though.   And good advice for making out seating charts.