Is the library open for returns yet?

I have library books at home that I checked out in February. The due dates have all been moved to September 30. We’ve been asked to start returning some, but please don’t overwhelm the librarians.

This is great! I’ll be able to return them before I misplace them.

Here’s the problem: of the 27 branches of the library, only two are open for returns. Neither are easy to get to right now. Hmm.

I went online to find out if they are moving the due dates again. No. They are not. You can text the library when the chat feature is open, between 10&5 m-f. So I did. I mentioned that I can easily get to three branches, and I’m not able to get to the two that are open. Would one of these three branches be open for returns any time soon?

No. No more branches will open until mid October. Because the libraries are fine free, I don’t have to return them by their extended due date.

Not fair. I am working on spring cleaning and was hoping to get these back to their homes soon. At least I know that the library system is thinking of opening the rest of the branches, eventually. I still miss the library.

My birthday gift

I had a nice lunch of fish tacos courtesy of my coworkers for my birthday. The plant and a card came with it.

Molly decided that she’d had enough, so she got into the wine early. Thankfully, it was cleaned up before I got home from work.

I had several homework assignments due that day, so, while I was working on them, my daughter was busy in my room hanging new bookshelves. I haven’t had time yet to arrange the books on them, but she gave me a good start.

I also got a mug and some bookmarks. They were great. I just didn’t get photos of them.

I was asked what I wanted for my birthday. I requested shrimp scampi.

My history teacher gave me multiple assignments to be due on my birthday.

My daughters made sure that I got my scampi by sending me to the grocery store.

It was a reasonably good birthday. Just a lot going on.

Can you please style my hair?

My daughter is doing her cosmetology courses through the college. Right now, because of distancing, they are over zoom with mannequin heads. She does beautiful work.

Because of the amount of space she needs, she works in the garage. Molly usually keeps her company, sharing the chair. Molly blends in with the chair, so she’s not usually noticed when she’s napping during zoom meetings. Today, though, Doris was her companion. Her instructor commented on how beautiful the dog is. My daughter told the instructor that the dog’s name is Doris.

The instructor tells my daughter that his elderly neighbor is named Doris, also. He tells about an interaction with the neighbor. Doris the neighbor is deaf, so the neighbors communicate by American sign language. Because they are socially distancing, they sit on their back patios and chat. Doris asked if the instructor was back working yet. No. Not in the salon, no.

Doris said she was disappointed, and wanted him to style her hair. He said he’d be able to do it soon. She thought that was great, so she pulled off her wig and threw it onto his porch. He styled it and brought it back later that day.

Masked Singer Twists

Masked singer twists

Season 4 is underway! I am so excited. Unfortunately, because of safety and social distancing, the audience will be virtual. The article above doesn’t make it clear about how they will be doing the voting. It sounds like the producers aren’t quite clear about it, either.

I am glad they are continuing such a fun, light-hearted show for another season. According to this article, the show will air September 23.

The costumes have been released, and there’s going to be a sneak peek show on September 13, according to this article.

I am ready for it!

Since you’re not busy…

This phrase drives me insane. Since you’re not busy…. How can anyone know at a glance if anyone is busy or not?

I always have a list going. Sometimes it is in my head. Sometimes it’s on paper. If I am not actively doing something, I am generally thinking of my next project.

I know that I’m not the only one who does this. I also know that everyone is kind of testy these days. Let’s give each other a break and think before speaking.

I need some advice…?

Right now, a lot of people are kind of in a state of not knowing what to do. Several people I know have asked my advice on things. I don’t mind giving my opinion if I have one.

The thing that bugs me is when I am asked, “should I do this or that.” I am given two options. Ok. I’ll pick one and justify my answer. Up to that point, I’m great. It makes me crazy when I have chosen one and given my reason and I get the response “no, I don’t want to do that.” If you knew you didn’t want to do one of the choices, why are giving it to me as an option? I guess it’s just thinking out loud, but with an audience.

Were they wearing masks?

A few weeks ago, I was chatting with a friend, online. He was telling me about having to chase raccoons out of his neighbor’s garbage. He said they seemed to be having a party. My first response, with the times, was to ask if the party goers were wearing masks. I started giggling because, of course, they are raccoons. Raccoons always have masks. The visual just entertained me.

After I stopped giggling, he mentioned that as soon as the raccoons were gone, the crows showed up. No masks on them.

79 of 100 completed

Because of the stress of the shelter in place and the lack of the library, I fell a little behind on my reading. I haven’t actually fallen behind, but my schedule has been thrown out of whack.

In January and February, I was way ahead. I thought I’d meet my annual goal by April. The universe had other plans.

I am still 23 books ahead of my planned goal. I am still not stressing over it. The world won’t end if I don’t meet my goal. I am just not reading as voraciously as I was.

I still have many books planned out for the rest of the year. I hope to actually finish them and get reviews posted. I also hope that the library opens soon, but as time goes by, it looks less and less likely. I will be patient. It will happen.


I watched this movie as part of a weekly Harry Potter movie series. We watched 1-8, and they host announced that we had 3 more left. What? I thought we were done.

Puffs is the Harry Potter story told by a group of Hufflepuffs. It was a play that was recorded and made into a movie. It’s humorous and very silly.

I don’t know that I would watch it again, but it was fun to watch it at least one time. Snape as the Sex Ed teacher was funny enough to make it worth watching that one time.