Did you mean to do that?

I was meeting a friend who asked me to stop at the grocery store on the way. While I was there, I realized that part of her instructions weren’t clear. I had been messaging her but I decided a phone call was faster.

I didn’t think much about it and I just called her through the app that we were messaging on. She answered right away. She didn’t even say hello. Just “did you mean to do that?”

She’d assumed that I butt dialed since I never phone. I didn’t. I was just trying to get a series of questions answered faster than I could type.

How often do we just message a friend and never hear their voice? It’s nice to hear them once in a while. Next time you think of texting someone just to say hi, think of calling. I think we all need as much human contact as we can get these days.

Uncle Nate’s Creativity Time, part 2

Uncle Nate’s Creativity Time

The above linked article tells more about Nathan Tan, a local artist who I met at the opening of Keith’s Chicken and Waffles, which is owned by a friend. Nate did the art for Keith’s, and my daughter, an art major, recognized the artist.

Nate also designed masks and put them up for sale on his website. I got some when they were avaliable. They are beautiful and worth checking out. His website for the masks is located at https://www.shopnewskool.com/accessories. He has many other items available there, too.

I’m glad that the article was written about him. He’s started a children’s show on online TV, which is linked in the article. It’s designed for the kids whose parents lack the creativity or skill to teach them art at home while we are still in the pandemic. I hope it goes far.

Not Being Social

I was invited to a Zoom party tonight. I just don’t think I can do it. I already sent an rsvp saying maybe weeks ago. I’m sensing that I’ve had a few too many meetings. I’m not feeling all that social, especially when it’s just being digitally social.

I’m really more interested in finishing up a book or two. Can I use it as an excuse?

I’m a little nervous that I’ll stop getting invited to things if I don’t go. I think I’m going to have to put that off to the back of my brain for the night, though.

I think that I’m going to finish up my audiobook and make progress on a Kindle book. I may show up on the Zoom party for a short time. I haven’t decided yet. Happy New Year, everyone!

How are you?

It used to be, when you ran into someone, you’d ask “how are you?” and you’d get a response of “fine.” You’d either move on with the conversation or move on with your day.

Since the pandemic started, you never know what the response to “how are you?” will be.

Lonely. Sad. Bored. Overwhelmed. All of these are valid responses. Also, there are many other responses that could be stated. Relieved. Busy. Full plate. Anything goes.

I know a lot of these are answers by text, zoom, or phone. Please take them all with a grain of salt. Listen to your family and friends when they respond, even if it’s not what you expect to hear. Follow up with questions. One day, you’ll get a “fine” response, and you’ll wonder what they are really feeling. Take advantage while you can.

Where are we?

I would say I’m surviving, but leaning towards thriving some days.

I haven’t been reading much, other than school and bookclub books. I feel like they are required. I’m trying to read for fun.

I haven’t been writing here a lot. I used to write far in advance, but most days I’m not even posting anything. Part of that, though, is that I’m not going anywhere other than to work and to the grocery store. I can’t really even interact with people at the store right now, so there’s not a lot to write about.

I know I’ll get back to thriving one of these days. It’s just going to take time.

My Weekend Project

Last weekend, I finally got the key holder hung that I purchased 3 years ago, for keys. It has been floating around, waiting for someone to actually hang it. I found a better use for it. I still have to collect up my masks and hang them, but getting the hooks on the wall was a start. It’s right next to my door, so I can just grab one on the way out the door. I feel accomplished.

The Odyssey of Big Brother and the Holding Company

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This was another of the SF City Guides Tours that was held in the last few weeks. It was well worth watching. It was about Big Brother and the Holding Company. They are apparently still touring, but they are currently online. www.musae.me/bbhc/experiences/809/vr is where you can get tickets. They start at $5 and go up for virtual shows.

The talk itself was interesting. It told about the history of the band and its members. It will be shown again, from what they have said. Find them at the link in the above photo. It’s well worth a visit.