What day is today?

Because no one is leaving the house, no one seems to know what day it is anymore. I have been working my regular hours, but I don’t have my usual after work activities going on, so I have a hard time knowing from day to day. I thought it was weird, but it seems that almost everyone is going through the same thing.

With the holiday coming up this week, I think it’s going to be worse. I will have my Monday on Tuesday, and Friday will come after only 4 days of work. It’s going to be insane. As long as I go to work on the right day and stay home on the right day, I should be ok. What about everyone else?



I had several friends and family members post the above linked video. It’s one of my favorite Grateful Dead songs.

I thought it was just random people singing it, then I saw that Keelin Garcia, Jimmy Buffet and David Crosby were some of the singers.   Well worth the watch!

Healing Mother Earth

Healing mother earth

At first glance, the information in the above linked article tells about how Venice is clearing up its polluted waters because of the lockdown. Toward the end of the article, it is announced that water quality is still bad, but because the boats are not moving around as much, the sediment in the water is not being brought up from the bottom constantly. It was a nice thought, anyhow. Hopefully, other articles about air quality and such are not going to be proven wrong, too.