9 weeks to go

There are only 9 more weeks of this year. That means that I have to schedule my last 16 books into these 9 weeks. I have several books left to read for school, so that will take care of a lot of them. Plus I have several upcoming bookclub meetings to help me at least get through the majority of the book for that meeting. As always, I have several books mostly started, and I just have to sit down and do them.

As you can tell, I am currently procrastinating by writing this. It is currently Saturday morning. I have a quiz and a presentation to do by Monday for class #1. Class #2 has a paper, a spreadsheet, and two reading assignments to complete by Tuesday. Class #3 has a 5 page paper and a writing assignment to do by Tuesday. Class #4 has a reading assignment and research to do for a paper due soon. The reading assignment is due Monday. Class #5 has a research project proposal due by Wednesday and 2 reading assignments due for Tuesday.

I have bookclub tomorrow and I have finished the book. So, just schoolwork is imminent. And laundry. And dishes. And preblogging posts for the next couple of weeks. And other stuff that is on the todo list, like car cleanout and changing the windshield wipers. I’ll find a way to procrastinate while still making progress. I always do.

I’m supposed to be writing

It’s amazing what I can find to do when I am supposed to be doing something else. I can look around and find things that need to be done. Garbage cans that need to be emptied. Laundry that needs to be done. Correspondence that needs to be sent.

Work needs to be driven to. Dogs need to be played with. Meals need to be cooked, planned or ordered.

The gym needs to be visited. Electronics need to be charged. Messes need to be wiped up.

I can also find lists to make. Websites to peek into. Rabbit holes to go down.

I have many books to read. Movies to watch. DVR to clean up.

Homework needs to be done. Paintings need to be painted. Dishes need to be washed.

Bills need to be paid. Papers need to be shredded. Stuff needs to be brought to the car.

Audiobooks need to be heard. Schedules need to be organized. Finally, reviews and blog posts need to be written.

I eventually get there, but there is always something to do. Writing needs to be a little higher on the list than it is these day.

Struggling to Stay on Track

I am taking 9 units this semester. It isn’t an unreasonable amount, really, but I’m having issues with the due dates. Everything is due at the same time, for the most part.

I am trying to get the work done with plenty of time to spare. I prefer to get the work turned in by Thursday when it’s due at midnight on Sunday. It gives me time to think about what I’ve turned in, and I’m not waiting until the last minute.

I keep finding myself having most of the work still undone on Thursday and, while I know that I have plenty of time to finish, I feel like I’m pushing up on the deadline.

This week, my history teacher still hasn’t published the lecture. Today is Thursday. I waited until yesterday to ask, and his response was “it’ll be up in the next day or two. ” Does that give me enough time to process and write what he wants? Yes, but, if he wants us to turn things in on time, shouldn’t he do his part on time? Yes. I’m frustrated.

I’ll get everything done, but not without stress.

Laziness doesn’t exist

Laziness doesn’t exist

I loved the title of the above linked article. The actual article is about unseen obstacles. Also, you don’t know what anyone else is going through. No one is lazy, there’s just an obstacle.

Procrastination can be caused by many things – Anxiety about how to start. The inability to break the project up into manageable pieces.

Mental health can be an issue. Juggling meds, getting stuck in an OCD situation, insomnia, etc can all be problems.

Bottom line here… don’t assume laziness. It most likely isn’t the issue. Also, don’t judge a book by its cover. Don’t judge other people.

Can you please review my book?

I am used to authors asking me to review their books. I am usually honored to be asked. Lately, I have been warning the authors and publishers that I am behind and while I’m willing to read the books, I’m probably not getting to it for a while. Most of the time, they send me a copy of the book anyway. I am honest. It’s really going to be a while before I get them read and reviewed. A few I’ve read and rated but haven’t reviewed yet. Full disclosure up front.

Today I got a message from an author, asking for a review. I gave her my usual response. Sure. I’ll read it, but I have several months of books to finish before I can get to it. She said ok and sent me a link to her book. “It’s on Kindle Unlimited.” Well, that’s new. No problem, though, since I have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, but they are usually emailed or mailed to me.

The funny part, though, is the book’s topic – Procrastination. Yea yea. I’ll get to it.

Is it procrastination if you’re doing something productive?

I make lists. I try to get the things on my list done weekly. Sometimes, a project is so big that it will take several weeks to accomplish. When they get that big, I get overwhelmed. I try to start small and work my way to major.

If I have more than two things to do “first,” my brain tends to stall. I will sit and weigh my next step mentally, to decide where to start on what project.

I am trying to learn how to fix this. One of the ways I do this is to have smaller projects. For example, I manage to get the dishwasher loaded or laundry going while I figure out where to start the large project.

Is this a form of procrastination? I think so. I am being productive, but it’s not what I am supposed to be working on. I eventually get to what I need to do, but I have to work my way up to it.

I am great at procrastination. Who says you can’t be productive while doing it?

Was It Garbage Night?

Monday nights, we take the garbage cans to the curb.  Last night, I brought the cans out, and I looked down the block.  No one had their cans out.  I went inside.  No one had taken the kitchen garbage out.  No one had taken the compost and recycling out.  I looked at the calendar.  Yes.  It was Monday.  Very weird.

I got all of our inside garbages emptied into the outside cans.  Still, no one on the block had taken their cans out.  So odd.  I shook it off.

A little while later, I headed out to go pick up library books.  When I got back, every can on the block was out.  I guess everyone was delayed.  Maybe they were all waiting for someone to start the process?  It was still a strange feeling to be the only one on the block for a while.