Pride Should Be Year-round

As we wrap up another Pride month, I was thinking about how all-inclusive the LGBT community is. Why can’t we continue celebrating this all year round.

Stand up for others. Show your support. Be kind. Include everyone!

Pride month is over until next year, unfortunately, but please consider carrying around a lot of the LGBT inclusivity all year.

Olympic Support of Trans rights

Olympic support of Trans rights


The above linked article tells about Chelsea Andrea Wolfe, one of the first trans women to compete as an alternate in the Olympics. She wanted to win just to be able to show the Trump administration how she feels about their excluding trans women from sports.

The Olympic committee has specific rules about trans athletes. As long as the athlete is following the rules, which are listed in the article above, the Olympic committee has no issues.

I hope she wins, but I really hope that she doesn’t burn the flag.

Who was Marsha P. Johnson?

Who was Marsha P. Johnson?

According to the above linked article, Marsha was instrumental in the Stonewall Riots which eventually brought us the Pride movement, bringing rights to LGBT people in the United States. The article is interesting and tells a lot about Marsha’s life, even though much of it was difficult. She was a black, trans sex worker whose death was by questionable circumstances.

The Marsha P. Johnson Institute was formed, helping defend the rights of black trans people.

Stonewall Inn, New York

Barbie’s Sexuality

Barbie’s sexuality

The above linked article talks about a photo shoot from 2017 that Barbie did with Aimee Song’s doll. According the the article, Mattel says that Barbie is queer when it authorized the photo shoot. I don’t disagree that Barbie might not be only into Ken, but, really, it seems that Twitter and memes are the ones who declared her sexuality, and not Mattel.

The photos are fun, and so are the comments, but I am not sure that it was authorized by Mattel.

Barbie was not available for comment.

Pride month!

Welcome to another Pride month! As you can possibly tell from my posts this month, many will be about Pride.

My favorite part of Pride month is that it is all-inclusive. Pride should be year-round. We should always be as all-inclusive as we are during the month of June.

Let the Pride flag fly high!

Transgender historical figures

Transgender historical figures

I found the above linked article late last year. I figured that it would be fitting for Pride Month, so I waited until now to post it.

According to the article, all transgender means is that a person’s sense of gender identity doesn’t conform to their birth sex.

Many of the people mentioned in the article had surgery to transform from one sex to the other, but many didn’t. I had only heard of a few of these people, but all of them have interesting stories.

Albert Cashier was born Jennie Irene Hodgers, but lived as a man, supposedly to make a living in America.
Lile Elbe – “The Danish Girl”