Changing out of pajamas

I have multiple zoom meetings with the same group in a week. Some weeks there are none. Most there are one or two. One week, I think we had 4.

I had a few days off and had decided to stay in pjs while getting my tasks done. This worked great. I got stuff done and got onto a zoom meeting. The group doesn’t care if I’m wearing pajamas or clothes, or even if my hair is brushed. It’s a come as you are meeting. I went to bed right after my meeting. The next day, I had another meeting with the same group. 5 minutes before the meeting, I realized that I had a very memorable top on. I figured someone would remember what I wore. I changed just the top just before logging on.

A few days later, I had another meeting with them. This time, I’d showered before and was in pjs. At least they were clean pjs. My wet, messy hair was not a concern to anyone. They were more interested in seeing Inky. I have definitely found my group.

Friday night in pjs

Last week, I was supposed to have dinner with a friend, but I ended up working too late to make it. We halfway decided to do it the following week, but nothing definite, since both of our schedules were crazy busy.

Friday morning, I got the message that we’d go out to dinner. Great! The suggested restaurant had been closed for a while, so on to plan B. Head to her place, order take-out, and watch a Hallmark Christmas movie. Even better! Best part: Come in sweats.

I arrived in pj bottoms and a tshirt, with my Snuggie. We ordered Thai food and watched the Hallmark movie with the cast of The Facts of Life. It was predictable, but just what we needed. It was a perfect way to spend an evening with a friend.