Best words

A persnickety whippersnapper nincompoop like you shouldn’t make my day all cattywampus with your talking about the gobbledygook thingamajig you gobsmacked me by not finishing. I am just flummoxed that you bamboozled me into thinking you’d finished your shenanigans and weren’t causing a brouhaha or lollygagging to get the whatsit done. You’re full of malarkey and have me all discombobulated with your poppycock and whatnot.

After that, I think I’ll go eat some pumpernickel.

Misc trip photos

I am finally posting the last of my photos from my trip. They are just the odds and ends, so they are all out of order.

Frankie guarding my stuffEvery time I put my sweatshirt down, Frankie warmed it for me.Famous place for cheese steakRival place for cheese steak. We didn’t go herePrinceThe Rocky statueI thought the dragon was unusualChinatownThe top of city hallA different color to the 7-11Not quite the Liberty BellI was surprised to find these here, in such a large store.Inside the Art museum. I was exhausted by the time we got here, so I stole Michelle’s photos.Prince informed me that it was nap time

Oh so sad. The next photo shows why…

He can’t get at Michelle’s dinner.

Libraries on Wheels


I loved looking at all of these photos in the article linked above.  The only time I see a bookmobile these days is at the county fair.  The kids are allowed to go in and look around.  I usually arrive too late, so I haven’t gotten a really good look inside to see if they have books for older people.  I also wonder how these children will return the books once the bookmobile leaves the county fair.