It’s breakfast time!

At 3:30 am, I got up to use the bathroom. As I returned to the bedroom, I saw that Inky was sitting politely by the food dishes. She decided to convince me that breakfast time was going to be early today. I decided that it would not. We comprised on going back into the bedroom and attempting more sleep. I still don’t quite understand how a cat that is smaller than a breadbox can take over the entire bed. We did manage a little more sleep, even though I was shoved to the edge of the bed. No breakfast yet.

Changing out of pajamas

I have multiple zoom meetings with the same group in a week. Some weeks there are none. Most there are one or two. One week, I think we had 4.

I had a few days off and had decided to stay in pjs while getting my tasks done. This worked great. I got stuff done and got onto a zoom meeting. The group doesn’t care if I’m wearing pajamas or clothes, or even if my hair is brushed. It’s a come as you are meeting. I went to bed right after my meeting. The next day, I had another meeting with the same group. 5 minutes before the meeting, I realized that I had a very memorable top on. I figured someone would remember what I wore. I changed just the top just before logging on.

A few days later, I had another meeting with them. This time, I’d showered before and was in pjs. At least they were clean pjs. My wet, messy hair was not a concern to anyone. They were more interested in seeing Inky. I have definitely found my group.

Pouring Rain

I got in my car after work today and it started pouring. Great. I had a todo list. But, then again, I always have a todo list.

My first stop was at UPS. It had stopped raining for a bit, so I think everyone decided to get errands done. I had to skip it because there was no parking. Tomorrow.

Next stop was the grocery store. I got in and out quickly. It started to rain again as my daughter and I unloaded the groceries. She brought them into the kitchen while I ran out to return library books.

I got home, put the groceries away after doing a quick fridge clean out. I got the dishwasher running, took the garbage, compost and recycling out to the bin and the bins to the curb. I swept the entry way to the house and got laundry moved along.

By the time I got to lunch, I was drenched and cold. I ate a little and then decided to do the best thing for a rainy day. I hopped into the shower and got into pjs. I got my Snuggie and Inky decided it looked comfy. She joined me for cuddles. I finished a book and relaxed while I warmed up. The perfect way to end a rainy day, I believe.

Changing of the guard

My pets love to help with homework. Molly helps keep me warm by squeezing in behind me and putting her head on the arm rest.

Inky helps by sitting on my lap, or my laptop, or watching from the side.

This particular day, I finished working on homework with Molly and I went inside to shower and change and then to continue. After I got settled, Inky settled in, waiting for second homework time to start.

They are very serious about their homework supervising jobs. They keep me warm and usually keep me company while being quiet-ish.

Inky is going to scratch you

We used to have a microphone for one of our video game systems. We’d play Guitar Hero and such, but no one was a great singer. We sang anyway.

One day, one of my daughters was singing along loudly. Inky dropped by and looked at her. Inky got up close, and expressed her opinion of the singing. She scratched her right in the face, just hard enough to get attention. Everyone’s a critic!

Fast-forward to this year. I found out that we get free movies through our cable company. I finally found The Blues Brothers, which I hadn’t seen in years. I was so happy! No one was in my area, so I was happily singing along with the movie. My daughter came into the area and announced “Be careful! Inky is going to scratch you!” Thanks, kiddo!

More homework help

A very sleepy Molly decided to help me with homework. She climbs onto the back of the chair and lies down behind me with her head on the armrest. Thankfully, it’s a little chilly right now, so her heat doesn’t bother me much.

Here’s what Molly looks like wide awake

Molly plays hard, makes a mess, and then lies down at my feet in the mess she made. She loves to tear apart cardboard boxes and leave the pieces everywhere.

She usually is a good homework helper. She has a few issues if the film that I am watching has a dog in it. Yesterday, she decided to find a very noisy toy to play with during my Zoom meeting. No one could hear anything, but we got through it.

Daily Morning Check list

Every morning, I have my routine. Most of the time, it’s pretty much in order, but mostly I get sidetracked. I usually get the big stuff done with no issues. Shower, dry, start dressing. After that, it’s a constant list. Over and over. I walk around counting what still needs to be done, like a silent chant. Toothbrush, shoes, lunch, feed cats. Over and over. Then I add and subtract as I finish things or remember what I missed.

Lately, I’ve had a helper. Mini adds feed the cats to the list multiple times. Brush teeth, meow, do a load of laundry, feed cats, meow, put your shoes on, meow. Repeat until the list is done. Not quite the same rhythm, really, when you add in the meows and stepping over cats.

My daughter also is helping with the reminders. She put up this sign. Unfortunately it gets to the point that I see it so often that I don’t see it anymore. She had to change it up a bit this week to make sure I saw it.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of the one that was there before, but it had a drawing of the two cats, and one was the back end of the kitty, walking away.

Are You Doing Homework? Can I Help?

I was multitasking as usual. I had stripped my sheets off the bed and was starting to gather my school stuff together. I came back and found that my seat had been taken by my backup helper. She peeked over the top of the blankets to check to see if I was going to make her move. Yes, I did, because she usually won’t sit with me, unless she’s on the opposite side of the room. She moved when she realized that I wasn’t giving in.