Paper shredder

Our Molly does this. Cardboard boxes are not her friend. Attack!

She only got one book so far. It was delivered and she got to the package first. I found all but the corners of two pages. I put it together, but haven’t read it yet.

Reading to the dog

I was two books shy of my reading goal for the year. I decided to bring some books up to read to Molly while I kept her company until her mom got home from work.

Molly was not impressed with the book about Misty Copeland. She decided to try to lick the pages. I finished it anyway.

She was more interested in the book about Paul Robeson. I think, though, that she was more interested in showing me her new toy. At least she didn’t lick pages.

There are several programs available to kids who would like to improve their reading. One is reading to dogs. I love the idea of these programs, which is why I tried to read to Molly, figuring I’d take care of two things at once. I would hope that the dogs in the kids programs wouldn’t be as wiggly and excited to see people. The poor kids would be licked to clean and possibly tackled when they sat down.

I did finish my reading goal, despite the “help.” Now I’m thinking of the goal for 2020. I have a week to figure it out.

Misc trip photos

I am finally posting the last of my photos from my trip. They are just the odds and ends, so they are all out of order.

Frankie guarding my stuffEvery time I put my sweatshirt down, Frankie warmed it for me.Famous place for cheese steakRival place for cheese steak. We didn’t go herePrinceThe Rocky statueI thought the dragon was unusualChinatownThe top of city hallA different color to the 7-11Not quite the Liberty BellI was surprised to find these here, in such a large store.Inside the Art museum. I was exhausted by the time we got here, so I stole Michelle’s photos.Prince informed me that it was nap time

Oh so sad. The next photo shows why…

He can’t get at Michelle’s dinner.


We went to see Anastasia on the stage. I took the train, as usual. On the way, I met a woman with an Irish setter. I was chit chatting with her and a tiny dog came down the street, but wouldn’t pass us because she was afraid of the Irish setter, who was perfectly behaved, but big. The small dog’s owner picked up her dog and walked past us, apologizing that her dog was a little nervous about the big dog.  Right after they passed, an Irish Wolfhound walked out of the vet’s office.  Holy Moly!  I’d never seen one up close, and I didn’t realize how large they were.  My train arrived and I went on my way to meet my friends.

We decided to have lunch first. We chose a restaurant on Mint Street, which is where the old mint was located.

The restaurant was wonderful!  Quiet.  Next door to a branch of the credit union where I had my first job.

We went to see the Robin Williams mural. I was a little disappointed to see that there was so much graffiti on it.

The show was good.  The first half was a little slow, and I didn’t feel that it needed to be a musical.  I had read too much about the true story of Anastasia so the fiction part of this was a tad hard on my brain.  The story was good, though.