Failed as a Parent

A few weeks back, I got a phone call from my daughter, who is in her early twenties. She had a letter to mail, and she wanted to know how to do it. I asked for clarification. She knew that there was blue box or the post office available, but she didn’t know how to do it. I explained where the mailbox was, and that it opened and you can just drop it in and there’s a little sign on the blue mailbox to tell you what time it might be picked up. She had no clue and was amazed! I asked my other daughter if she knew how. “Well, I’ve seen you do it, so I think I can figure it out myself.” Ok. I’ll give you that one. I usually take stuff to work and drop it off in the outgoing mailbox in the mailroom.

Both of my children knew that they needed to put a stamp on it, so I guess I didn’t truly fail as a parent.