2019 Kindle – On Sale

2019 kindle

I never had a Kindle. I have only had the Paperwhite and the Oasis. I love them both. I was convinced that I didn’t need an ereader until I had one. I received it as a gift. I think that if I didn’t have one yet, the fact that the price dropped would have convinced me to get one. I would like to know the difference between the original kindle and the paperwhite, though. I am not putting out the money to satisfy my curiosity, though.

Draft posts

While I was on my trip, I started many draft posts. Ideas for future posts, the beginnings of posts that I had in mind and outlined, and posts that I wrote, tagged and just needed to publish. When I got home, I could see that I had over 100 posts that were partially written.

Part of them were from the 20 books and the 40 books topics, so I’m not too worried about catching up there. There are 50ish of them right there. They won’t be ready to go until I actually read the book, so they’ll be sitting there a while.

I am working my way through the posts today, so you’ll be seeing quite a few in the next day or two.

Book seat

I received a book seat for Christmas. I wanted one for a long time, but couldn’t justify the price. The reviews of the seat mentioned to add some marbles inside for weight so it wouldn’t tip over.

I took a look at the zipper, but it was child proofed. I would have had to open the seams to get the zipper open. I decided to try it without the marbles. It works beautifully.

The book, or kindle, can be positioned any way I want it. And it stays. The plastic thing to hold the book open easily moves to turn pages. I have to tip it a bit to see the last line of the kindle page, though. Minor issue.

I can lie down to read. I can put it on my lap. Wherever it settles is perfect. The only issue is that I still can’t see through the cat who wants to sit between my face and whatever I’m reading.

The currently shown position is comfy and shows my Snuggie. The cats love to fight over it. It’s apparently comfy for them, too. I suppose the book seat would be comfy, too, but I try to not let them try it out. Unfortunately, the tag shows in the photo, too.


I met my reading goal for 2018. In fact, I exceeded it. I slowed down on the reading because of it. I shouldn’t, but I did.

Last night, I ended up going to sleep before 8 pm. My eyes were just too tired to read. Couldn’t focus on anything. So I just bundled up and slept. I will get back to it today.

My story telling style

A friend of mine posted this. It definitely describes my story telling style. Only, instead of getting to the point, I forget what the point was for several minutes.

It’s not so evident when I write, because I have time to go back and add the tangential stories, and when I forget the point, I just don’t post it until I remember what I was getting at. If I have people ask me questions about my story, I can go back and edit.

The ADHD is why I’m all over the place. Story telling. Gym time to exercise off the crazy. Keeping way too busy to keep from side tracking myself. Making lists so I don’t forget anything.

It’s also a big part of my insomnia. ADHD patients have similar sleep patterns. It’s almost like their brains get side tracked with sleep. “I’ve done this enough. What else is there to do now?” Sleep a couple of hours. Wake up. Attempt to sleep more. Repeat.

I have been asked why I don’t medicate my ADHD if I’m so sure I have it. I have not been officially diagnosed, but I fit every pattern of ADHD patients. I self medicate with coffee to keep the crazy mostly away. I don’t want to go on actual medication because I’ve seen my family members on medication, and know that they have totally different personalities on and off their meds.

I feel strongly that I am who I am. If you don’t like it, you don’t need to be my best friend. I like who I am and don’t want to change it. One of my friends told me “I’d rather be someone’s shot of whiskey than everyone’s cup of tea.” That sums me up perfectly.

Reader’s block

Sometimes, I just don’t know where to start. I have time to read. I have plenty of reading material. I just can’t decide.

I have my Kindles full of books. Never a shortage, even if I don’t have the Kindle that I want, whichever one I have has something on it that’s worth reading.

I have a big stack of books to choose from. Sometimes nothing looks appealing. Sometimes they all look appealing and I can’t decide where to start.

I always have several books started. Sometimes, I’m slow at picking one up again. I simply can’t decide.

Sometimes, it’s that I’m too tired. Sometimes, it’s that I’m too overwhelmed. Sometimes, I’m just too busy. And, mostly, it’s just that the decision isn’t being made.

If someone picked one for me when I’m in the middle of reader’s block, I still wouldn’t feel like reading it. It just happens sometimes. Like writer’s block, you just have work your way through it and read something. Facebook articles don’t count. Sorry.