Busy planning day

I started yesterday with a manicure. There was a woman there who had been kicked out of her previous salon because her kids were noisy. She was told not to come back with the children, so she didn’t ever go back. This was her first trip to the salon after that happened. Her younger daughter was in a stroller and was entertaining. Calling, “mom, mom, mom!” When her mom finally looked, she said “hi!” and then went back to “mom, mom, mom.” The people around me were entertained, not annoyed. They made comments about how it’s better than their teenagers, and that the girl was happy. No one was bothered

I finished before my daughter and went over and sat to wait. Suddenly, the girls started bickering and a hearing aid was thrown across the floor. I picked it up and brought it to their mom so it wouldn’t get lost. I talked to the girls. They quieted down. The oldest girl was 5 and they didn’t have school because of spring break. The youngest was three. The little one kept asking for her hearing aid, but wasn’t upset. Right before their mom was finished, the girls started bickering again and the little one started crying. My daughter and I waited for their mom to finish, and the mom started looking for the other half of the hearing aid. It was in the cup holder on it stroller.

We went to the place where we will have the reception after the funeral. We had lunch and planned the reception with my mom and aunt and cousin. We all pretty much agreed.

After that, we went to my friend’s house to get my dad’s helmet cleaned up for the funeral ceremony. We stayed and chatted for a while.

Then I went to the book signing, which I already posted about here.

It was an exhausting day, but very fulfilling.

10 famous Book hoarders

I really enjoyed this article about book hoarders.  Some hit home more than others, but they all look wonderful

I remember going on a tour of Hearst castle and wondering how I could get to spend more time in the room with all of the books.  I also wanted to spend time in both of the pools, but I found out how I can do that.  ($$)  I never did find out about the library there.

Since George Lucas is semi near me, I wish that I could spend time browsing his library, too.

All of these people had wonderful collections.  I mostly collect paperbacks, but about a third of mine are hardbacks.  Nothing expensive.  The majority of mine are on Kindle, though.  I suppose that counts as a collection of some type, but most people won’t be browsing through there.




Draft posts

While I was on my trip, I started many draft posts. Ideas for future posts, the beginnings of posts that I had in mind and outlined, and posts that I wrote, tagged and just needed to publish. When I got home, I could see that I had over 100 posts that were partially written.

Part of them were from the 20 books and the 40 books topics, so I’m not too worried about catching up there. There are 50ish of them right there. They won’t be ready to go until I actually read the book, so they’ll be sitting there a while.

I am working my way through the posts today, so you’ll be seeing quite a few in the next day or two.

Book avalanche

I got up after playing with the Nintendo Switch. I had put my phone and the controller down next to the book stack. As I left the room, I heard a noise. I knew exactly what it was before I even looked. The book stack had fallen over.  I came back into the room and my pillow and the part of the bed where I sit were covered in books.  I had to restack them so that they aren’t so wobbly.  I seriously need to start reading them instead of adding to them.

Cleaning up the started books pile

As many of you know, I always have multiple books going at a time. Starting February 1, I am doing two goodreads challenges where the book doesn’t count toward the challenge unless it’s started on February 1 or later. The challenges cover several months, so I want all my books to count for the challenge, so I’m waiting to start new books. I don’t want to fall behind on my annual challenge, though. I am going to try to clean up my “currently reading” list on Goodreads.

I think I can get at least two or three of these done by the first.