Threatened by eReaders

I agree with this statement. I read on both paper and Kindle. Each has its own use, but neither is fully better than the other. I run out of battery life on the Kindle because I forget to plug it in. I can’t read a paper book in the dark.

One of the comments on this photo was “bookstores, not books, are threatened by Kindle.” I do believe that is true. The books don’t care. The books are just getting the words out there.

If we go further, the authors are the ones getting the words out there, and if the words are on paper or on Kindle, it really doesn’t matter, does it? (we aren’t getting into the great audiobook debate here)

If we go even further, on that comment, bookstores don’t care about Kindle, either. The bookstore owners care about paper vs Kindle, not the bookstore itself.

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What I forgot to pack

I went away for a weekend with the family. I live with them, so it’s not a big deal with the shelter in place orders. The place where we are has a pool, with strict rules of use. I go in and do my laps and get out. No dawdling. Wash down everything that was used.

Normally, I would sit down and read a book poolside. This trip, nope. Other than the rules not really allowing it without wearing a mask, I forgot my book!

I forgot my book! How could I do that? I do have my Kindle, but I don’t really want it out by the pool. I also have my textbook for my class, which is technically what I am supposed to be reading. It is rented though, so that doesn’t go out near water, either.

I am headed home to get back to work for a training for a couple of days. I’ll come back up after repacking. Hopefully this time I’ll remember the paper book. I am sure I’ll forget something else, though.

Hearing Aids May Reduce Dementia

Hearing aids reducing dementia

The above linked article tells about a link between dementia and hearing loss. It also covers hearing loss and learning.

One of the studies followed people with hearing loss and more than 50% of them eventually had dementia. Was there another study following that age group to see how it compared to those who didn’t have hearing loss? If so, I missed that info.

It gets to the point where it seems that hearing is important for learning, too. It made me wonder about deaf children who lip-read or learn ASL. Do they learn more slowly? Is their IQ any lower than hearing children? I suspect not, but is it just a different way of learning? I’d like to see a study on that.

Also, it brings up the debate of audiobooks vs paper books. Are those who are listening to their books learning less than if they read it on paper or more? What about dyslexic people who learn by listening more than by reading?

These last two questions are all from my head. No scientific theory behind them. Just my ramblings, but I am curious.

Look what came in the mail!

Weeks ago, someone from Celadon Books asked me if I would like a copy of a book to read and review. I usually say yes, but I was excited when I heard who the author was! I had read one of her books before and loved it. Of course I said yes!

I waited and waited for the book, and it arrived Friday. It came with a trading card in a little white envelope. Two bookmarks. It also gave instructions about how to enter a contest for the whole set of cards.

I hope to get it read this week. The review will be posted here when I finish it.

What Are You Reading Wednesday

I just finished two audiobooks when I was on my trip. I started a new one that is a short one, so I should finish it this week. Dad Is Fat by Jim Gaffigan.

I have to juggle around paper books and library books to figure out what I am going to read next. I have bookclub books due, so I need to figure out which one to start. I’m leaning toward Picnic at Hanging Rock, which I think is the next one. I’ll have to check the schedule.

I have several going on Kindle, as usual. Nothing noteworthy quite yet, though.

Nose in a book

I usually stay out of other people’s business. I don’t think having my nose in a book helps either way. I can still hear what’s going on around me. It’s just my choice if I decide to respond or not.  If it’s interesting and not hurting anyone, sure, I’ll join in your conversation, uninvited.