Nose in a book

I usually stay out of other people’s business. I don’t think having my nose in a book helps either way. I can still hear what’s going on around me. It’s just my choice if I decide to respond or not.  If it’s interesting and not hurting anyone, sure, I’ll join in your conversation, uninvited.

Out at Breakfast

I was at Breakfast with Daisy Jones and the Six. The server came up to me and asked how the book was, excited when she saw the title. I gave her a vague “it reads like a Rolling Stones article.” She asked if I meant that it just goes on without real chapters and then said she’s been wanting to read it. I was surprised she knew what I meant, but I am guessing she had heard about the book.

Later, after three cups of coffee, she came back and asked me if I’d like more coffee. I didn’t say what I wanted to, which was “sure, if you’d like me to stay here and you have to deal with me bouncing off the walls all day.” I just declined a fourth cup. She offered me water. Maybe she read my mind?

I left there considering bringing the book to her when I finish it. I know where she works, so I suppose I could. I wonder if she’d appreciate it.

What do you prefer?

readers prefer physical books

According to the above article, readers still prefer paper books to ebooks and audiobooks.

I tend to read ebooks because I can carry multiple books with me without it being too heavy.  Audiobooks are exclusively for the car.  Paper books are for at home with the full light on.  I do all three, but I think I prefer the ebooks.  Besides the fact that I can carry so many books with one small device, I don’t need my reading glasses because I can adjust the font size.  And it’s backlit so I don’t need the light on to read in bed.

I see so many people argue over this.  Each type of book has its own set of pros and cons.  It isn’t worth the argument.  It’s personal preference, in my opinion.  What is your preference?


Doing a favor for a friend

A friend asked me to do a favor for her at 4 am today. I said no problem. Alarms all set, I went to sleep. I woke up at 1 am, and realized that it was possible she meant 4 am Eastern time. Yup! Thankfully, I realized it in plenty of time to get it done. Now I get to sleep in, feeling accomplished.

In theory, that is. I got the order done, but the card I tried to use didn’t want to work, so I had to fully wake up to figure out why and what to do. Then I tried to email her the confirmation that I’d accomplished my middle of the night task, but my address book on my email account decided that it wasn’t going to work. I had to hand type her email address in. Thankfully, I knew it, but suddenly blanked on if it was yahoo or gmail. I guessed right.

Of course, by then I had to get up and use the bathroom, because what else does one do in the middle of the night?

I got back in bed and had to find extra blankets since our heatwave finally broke and my toes were cold.

I didn’t eat much dinner because I wasn’t hungry at dinner time. I don’t want to get up and eat at this time of night because I don’t want to let my stomach think that it’s an option. I’ll drink water, so I’ll have to get up and use the bathroom again in an hour or so.

I don’t know where my purse is with my kindle on it, and I don’t want to fall asleep with my reading light on, so I decided to write here instead of read. It didn’t make me tired, though. I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and find the purse.

Now that I’ve found the purse by getting up and turning on the light, I should be fully awake.

And I just remembered that my daughter reminded me right before bedtime that I told her I’d drive her and a friend somewhere with no parking in the morning. At least her version of morning starts closer to noon than most people’s version of morning.

It’s 2 am now. I am going to stop writing and read for a little while. Hopefully I’m tired enough that a little while won’t take me to morning. Goodnight!

Making progress

I was proud of myself yesterday because I had finished a book in the morning. I have another half hour on my audiobook left, so I’ll finish that today on the way to work.

I picked up Daisy Jones and the Six, and was making real progress in it. It’s a good book, but I have had other things needing attention first.

My daughter walked by and said hi. She did a double take. “Haven’t you been reading that for months?” Yes. I have. Maybe I’ll finish it this weekend.

I decided that I’ll just ignore the comment and continue making progress. There will be a day soon that Daisy doesn’t travel with me.