Last week in review

Last week was a long week at work. I spent longer hours there than usual. This normally isn’t a problem, but it was also the first week of school. This week took a lot of planning. On three different days, I had to do three of my classes at work before heading home.

I decided that I needed a reset so I managed to get a pedicure and made an appointment to get the oil in my car changed. I caught up on homework and made an appointment to meet with the TA of one of my more difficult classes.

I think that this semester will be good. I am trying to get myself organized and learn what is expected for my classes. There is a lot of reading for them, but it’s doable if I organize my time well.

I’m glad that I got blog posts written ahead of time and I have alerted my bookclubs that I’m not going to make some of the meetings. Now I just need to stay on top of things and keep a tight calendar. So far, it’s going OK.

Today’s Showtimes

I’ve had several movies to watch for my film appreciation class. Most have had deadlines, which I’ve met, but several are for extra credit or for my final paper, so I have a while to get the work done.

My daughter had to watch a movie for school, also, so she asked me to join her. I had a lecture on Zoom at 3, so we had to schedule around it. I was trying hard to figure out how everything was going to be watched, so I had to write it out.

I ended up writing a schedule and I’ve been calling it the marquee. At least I entertain myself. Also, if I don’t get to the last movie, at least I have another few weeks to finish it. I got a chunk of homework done today already and I feel accomplished.

I had popcorn delivered to me before the show.

Third day of classes

Late last night, I finally got into the history class online. I started reading through it. I found that the link to the article we need to read is broken. Great. I’ll try it from work then email the instructor. Hopefully it’s just a minor thing.

I found that the article was linked in three places and only one link worked. I printed it out so I don’t have to search again. My plan was to read it when I got home.

I hit the grocery door so that I could get the next few nights planned, meal wise. I got home, we unloaded the groceries, and we each picked a couple of meals and a couple of nights to cook. It’s flexible, so we can adjust as schedules get crazy.

After the planning, my daughters and I went through boxes that we have stored for a while. We purged a lot of stuff and reorganized the rest. We have more to do, but it was a great start.

We have room to work on homework and schoolwork. Neither of us got any done today, but we are ready!

Neatening up the book stack

In my post Productive Long Weekend, I mentioned redoing my book stack. Here’s the mostly done stack and its contents.

In the upper right, you’ll see my headphones. These are perfect for Zoom meetings and for reminding my family that I am reading or writing.

Directly under them, is a boxed set of books resting on the air purifier. The surge suppressor/hub is in front of the purifier, powering the things like my Nintendo Switch (lower left), reading light (left of headphones), and my chargers (phone, kindle, fitbit, etc).

My tablet is right behind the reading light, holding the TV remotes and mp3 players. Right on top of the tablet is an empty hydroflask that’s waiting for its tops to be washed. Under the tablet are two books and small shelves that hold my kindle, my night guard, ear plugs, my nightly medicine, and my dress watch. My reading light is here, too.

Next to the hydroflask is a tinkerbell pouch for bookmarks and other things I might need. There’s a light purple bag next to it with similar items, plus cords for things I don’t charge much right now, like my swimming music. The boxes to the left of that hold more bookmarks and pens and pencils. The bag (New York Public Library) in front of the vertical books has special bookmarks and trinkets that I got from the library in New York City. The back of the bag is shown in the other photo here.

The books that have their titles turned away are books that I haven’t started yet, but want to soon. The books that are stacked vertically are works in progress or reference books.

While my little book stack could be neater, it’s certainly more accessible than before. I am happy with it.

Productive long weekend

On Friday of the Memorial Day weekend, I decided to plan out the movement of my book stack. The previous weekend, I looked at my air purifier and realized that the filter needed changing. Because of its location, I needed to move books to get at it. I also needed to unbury a few books for bookclub and just because I wanted to read them. I figured that I’d deal with two birds with one stone (no avian killing for me).

Saturday morning, I had a plan. I moved the books out of the way of the purifier and figured out how to change the filter. I started to figure out what I wanted within reach and how to get things where I wanted them. I wanted to be able to get to the books I needed in the next few weeks. I saw other projects that I had been meaning to get to. I started writing my todo list.

I ended up taking stuff out of the closet and returning things that were not mine to their owners. I threw some things away that I hadn’t used in ages, and gave away useful things that were there but I wasn’t using. I cleared a bunch of art supplies out and put them in a box to go with my easel. I made space.

I realized that I could move my book stack. I put the books I don’t plan on reading soon at the bottom of the stack. I should say stacks. There were 7 stacks by the time I was done. I realized that I could put some small drawers in the rest of the open space, so I ordered them online, planning to finish up the project the following weekend.

I put the books that I’m currently reading or that I want to read next in the area where I used to have the entire book stack. It’s much neater and I can reach what I need quickly.

The set of drawers arrived earlier than I expected, so I was actually able to complete most of the project in a weekend. I still have to fill drawers and straighten the final quarter of the room, but I think I’ll wait a week or two to do it. I want to make sure the new setup is working for me. So far so good!

Catching up with reading, feline edition

I have several books that have impending deadlines. Some are library books that need to go back. Some are for bookclub that is coming up soon. Some are just to get my book stack to a reasonable level.

I have little on today’s agenda, so I plan on making progress on multiple books today.

Inky has decided to help. Partly to keep me in place, on task, and partly as my book holder.

I am reading a chapter or writing a post then moving on to the next book’s chapter or another blog post. I hope to actually finish a book or two today, along with laundry and other chores.

Looking Towards 2020

Every year, I set goals. Health goals, general life goals, reading goals, etc. This year, I’m starting to think about them a little earlier than New Year’s Eve.

I have set a goal of 1000 miles between 1/1 and 12/31 this year. It breaks down to just over 2.5 miles a day. Doable. The challenge here is to remember to log the miles.

I am setting my book goal at 100 books for 2020. I easily hit my goal of 75 books this year. I can do this.

I am going to seriously work on shrinking my book stack. My plan of attack is to have a book stack book, a kindle book, a library book, and an audiobook going constantly. This sounds impossible, but I pretty much do this anyway. I also have to add in the bookclub books, which have deadlines. I am going to try harder to get my “What Are You Reading Wednesday” blog posts posted weekly, and on time. We’ll see.

I have a general organization goal. I still have to define exactly what I’m trying to get accomplished, so I am still thinking on this one.

I am going to attempt exercise 5 days a week, which involves getting my daughters and the dogs involved. I also have to get myself up and out of the house early to get to the gym and showered before work. This is a two part project. Organization the night before, and getting to sleep on time. I know I feel better when I’ve been to the gym. I have managed to get the majority of my foot pain under control, so that helps a lot.

I have signed up for a 5k in January. At this point, I’m walking it. I have also signed up for a half marathon in November, which means I need to get myself moving, soon, to train.

I have a lot of big plans for the year. Let’s hope I can take chunks out of the goals and make it happen.