2 books behind schedule!

I am almost caught up!  Just in time to end the year right.

I have an Agatha Christie book going as an audiobook in the car.  I may finish it this week.  Definitely by boxing day.

I have a Meg Cabot book going as a library book.  It’s short, so it’ll be finished quickly, if I sit down and actually get into it.

I have several e books going.  They may be finished by this weekend.

I can do this!  Five books to go by 12/31.

Reader’s block

Sometimes, I just don’t know where to start. I have time to read. I have plenty of reading material. I just can’t decide.

I have my Kindles full of books. Never a shortage, even if I don’t have the Kindle that I want, whichever one I have has something on it that’s worth reading.

I have a big stack of books to choose from. Sometimes nothing looks appealing. Sometimes they all look appealing and I can’t decide where to start.

I always have several books started. Sometimes, I’m slow at picking one up again. I simply can’t decide.

Sometimes, it’s that I’m too tired. Sometimes, it’s that I’m too overwhelmed. Sometimes, I’m just too busy. And, mostly, it’s just that the decision isn’t being made.

If someone picked one for me when I’m in the middle of reader’s block, I still wouldn’t feel like reading it. It just happens sometimes. Like writer’s block, you just have work your way through it and read something. Facebook articles don’t count. Sorry.

Fifteen minutes at a time

I have had people ask me how I get so much reading done. I make time for it. I am not a fast reader, really, but I pick up my book or Kindle whenever I have free moments.

“I could do that if I ignored work, my kids, my spouse, etc.” No. I don’t. I just do my reading in little chunks. Waiting in line. During breaks at work. Waiting for a dental appointment. On the train or bus. All useful quiet time.

I start reading about fifteen minutes before I plan on falling asleep. This actually helps with my insomnia, too. My body knows that if I’m lying down reading, it’s almost sleep time. I used to have hours of awake time at night. Now it’s about fifteen minutes after I start reading. Sometimes less.

I multitask. Read the book on the treadmill. Bring the waterproof Kindle to the pool and hot tub. Run the audiobook in the car.

Another trick I learned us to put on my headphones. When my family sees them on, they know I can’t hear them well. They get my attention if they are addressing me, but if they are talking to each other, they are muffled. This is usually at the point where I’m trying to sleep. I’m not just ignoring them.

The main thing, though is that I turn the TV off and read during the time that I’d normally be watching TV. The TV is a big distraction. I have learned to only watch the few shows a week that I actually enjoy. The rest of my former TV time is spent reading.

Single digits

9 more books to go! Single digits!

I have approximately 23 days to finish them. I think I can manage.

I have several books almost halfway done. If I concentrate on those, I think I can knock several it without much effort.

I have a small book due for bookclub on January 6. I’ve already read the book for bookclub at the end of January, and the one for the end of December. I finished the goodreads group challenge. The rest of the books are for fun, I think. The only deadline I have is December 31. Unless something comes up.

50 down, 12 to go!

I got sidetracked this week. Between upcoming finals and being sick with a headache, I didn’t get as much reading done as I hoped. But, I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 12 left. And several books that are started.

I need to buckle down this week and finish 51, 52, and 53. It should be doable. I keep getting “short book suggestions to help you meet your goal” from goodreads. I guess that’s a hint?