Not Much Help

We had a tree almost fall over across the street from home. I contacted the city to have them fix it. They put caution tape on it and left.

A few days later, I was talking to the owner of the tree. He had no idea where the caution tape came from. He decided to try to trim the tree, even though the roots were up, out of the ground. I told him who to contact to help him with the tree, and then I left for the day. When I came back, the tree was propped up with an old shelf. Interesting solution. I hope someone takes care of the tree soon.

Waving to the Neighbors

One of my neighbors recently had her father move in with her.    He had a stroke and he walks up and down the block all day to keep up with his exercise.   He does not speak English,  but he makes sure that I get into my car every morning,  and that I get back into the house safely every evening.    He watches until I wave and let him know I’m OK.  He waves back and continues his walk.

On days that I have to move cars around for street cleaning,  he makes sure that everything starts OK and that I’m clear of driveways.

Yesterday, he wasn’t outside,  so I had to move my car without his help.    His daughter happened to come out,  so I asked where he was.    She had made him go inside to rest.   She had no idea that he helped and wondered how he had so much energy.   I explained that it wasn’t so much help as supervision.   She said she told him to stop staring at the neighbors.  I told her that he was fine and I missed the company. 

My kids said that he makes sure they get in and out of the cars safely,  too.   They wave to him,  too.   

He’s not doing any harm,  and he certainly isn’t creepy.   There may be a language barrier,  but the wave hello and goodbye translates well.

What to do when your neighbor’s kid won’t stay out of your driveway

When your neighbor’s kid won’t stay out of your driveway

I loved the above linked article. The home owner kept getting alerts that someone was in his driveway, so he had to do something about it. Grab your chalk and do a little research! Build a racetrack.

I am glad the article went the way it did. There are just too many grumpy neighbors out there. I was impressed when other neighbors were using the racetrack. I loved how they showed the child improving over time. Stay within the lines, kiddo.

I do hope that the child’s mom does something nice for the racetrack owner. His driveway seems to be infested by neighbors. It doesn’t really put him out much, other than a little noise and security camera alerts. I hope they have fun.

Sniffing the cactus

Molly is very predictable. She loves breaking down cardboard boxes. She loves chasing the reflection from the glass on watches. She fetches potatoes. She will only pee in large patches of dirt, like the backyard. She won’t pee or poop while she’s on the leash. She cries when she sees other dogs. She will sniff anything that she can. She is infatuated with succulents and cacti. She’s afraid of cats. She’ll stick her head in any paper bag, just to see if the compost is available to sample from.

She’s not an angel, but we know what she will do. I forget a lot that not everyone realizes this.

I took her for a walk today, after running her around to burn off some energy. We walked down the street and she started sniffing all the lawns and plants all the way down the street. We almost reached the corner and she spotted a cactus. I thought, great. We’ll be here a while as she started her full investigation of the cactus. I looked up and saw my neighbor watching us.

He looked at me and snapped “I don’t want your dog peeing there.” I explained that she just likes smelling everything and she already peed before we left the house. He rudely said “well, I have a seven year old to protect, so she’d better not.”

I just walked away with Molly. I started thinking. What exactly is he protecting his kid from? Dog pee? I suppose that he could catch leptospirosis, but she’d have to have been infected, and she did get a vaccination for it because she played in a river a while ago. These infections are pretty rare in humans, anyhow. Doesn’t the neighbor have bigger problems if his kid is playing with a cactus?

I decided to let it go. I know my dog and it’s really none of his business if my dog stops to smell the roses. Or cactus in this case.

My interactions with my neighbors

Last week, on my way to jury duty, I ran into one of the neighbors down the street. She offered condolences to the family, and her dog decided to give me a break and not bark at me for a change. We commented on the fact that the house that had been in disrepair for years is finally getting work done to it. All good, we parted.

Later that day, I was coming home from class and one of my neighbors a few doors down came running up to my car window. He was waving frantically. “I’m sorry I flipped you off, but I thought you were someone following me home from work. I thought he took an uber. Then I recognized you. I’m so sorry.” Um, ok. I didn’t even know he flipped me off.

Three days later, on my way to class, a different neighbor came running up to the car. “I need to know what the round swim circle on the back of your car does.”

Well, it doesn’t really do much, except stick there. It’s a magnet. It says swim because I swim. “Oh? It’s for actual swimming? Ok” and he went back in the house.

I go weeks without interaction with most of my neighbors. Two of them decide to go crazy in one week?