I had several friends and family members post the above linked video. It’s one of my favorite Grateful Dead songs.

I thought it was just random people singing it, then I saw that Keelin Garcia, Jimmy Buffet and David Crosby were some of the singers.   Well worth the watch!

Irish Musicals

Irish musicals

I came across the above linked article on St Patrick’s Day. I started looking at them and realized that I hadn’t seen The Commitments in years. I tried to find it on Netflix, but it’s not available unless I rent it. I did end up finding the series Derry Girls which is pretty entertaining. I’ll probably get that finished before the social distancing is finished.

Rocky Horror, New Hope

A week or two before my trip, we decided to get tickets to a play.  Michelle chose one of the movies that I have memorized.  We decided to go to the Sunday matinee.

We were among the youngest in the theater.  I guess that’s what we get for choosing the matinee. 

The drink menu was entertaining.  I chose dammit Janet.  Shirley Temple and vodka.We got a goodie bag in our seats. 
We couldn’t take photos inside, other than at the very end.  I hope Michelle posts some of those.  Video, too.

After the show, we found a bookstore. 

We passed a few things, looking for a place to have dinner.The sign on the bathroom door.Happy hour!  Mine is the blackberry basil drink.Fries with gorgonzola and bacon jam.My shrimp scampi with rice noodles.
And, Michelle’s cauliflower tacos in the background.

We went back and slept.  The rain did us in, too.  

Flo Rida TLC and Nelly

My friend wanted to go to a concert, and I agreed to go with her.  I had a good time, and I took clips of some of the songs.  I spent almost 4 hours on my feet, dancing.  I met my fitbit step goal, and then surpassed it by the time I got back to my car.  I was exhausted the next day, since I am not used to being out so late.