Kahlo at the DeYoung

Kahlo exhibit opening

I have been waiting for things to start opening in my area. Nothing has been open for months. Last week, things have slowly been opening, including hair salons and gyms.

I got the email that one of the museums will be opening soon. One of the first exhibits is Frida Kahlo, as mentioned in the above linked article. I thought I’d missed it when the museum closed. I’m so excited. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get there and start my adventures again soon.

Academy of Science

After the orchid show today, I went to hang out at the Academy of Science.  I settled in with my kindle and watched the fish from the Philippines in the coral reef.

Feeding time for the coral reef tank.

The diving area was under construction, so we weren’t able to see the diver. We got to touch stony coral and listen to the docent speak.

Tetrapod they use to help coral grow.

I watched the penguin feeding and went to the swamp talk.  I couldn’t hear the swamp talk well enough to pay attention, so I decided to skip the planetarium show and went home.   That 4:30 show is still on my todo list.  Maybe next month. 

Free museum

Free museum

The above linked article talks about the deYoung museum’s new policy on free visits. It opens it up to more visitors from a wider variety of places. Here is a quick briefing of what is available as far as free days go.

Free Saturdays

Free general admission every Saturday for residents of the nine San Francisco Bay Area counties; requires valid photo ID or postmarked envelope bearing home address. (Included counties are: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano and Sonoma.)

Free First Tuesdays

Free general admission for all visitors the first Tuesday of every month.

Free Access

Free general admission, and discounted special-exhibition admission, during normal museum hours (also dedicated Access Days) for any visitor with a disability plus one guest.

Museums for All

Free general admission during normal museum hours for all visitors receiving food assistance (SNAP benefits) with a valid EBT card.

Discover & Go

Free general admission, once per year, during normal museum hours for California library cardholders, who must go online (https://sfpl.discoverandgo.net) for a Discover & Go museum pass before visiting.

Adventure in the city

Earlier this week, I was supposed to go out to the Museum of Modern Art and to see the lights in Union Square with a friend. I got off work early, so I headed downtown to meet her. I got on the train, and found two carrots. Of course, my imagination started in. Santa’s sleigh broke down and he and the reindeer had to catch the train? Frosty and a friend tried to take a trip, but it was too warm and they melted? Who knows.

I met my friend and we started at the top floor of the museum. We only made it two floors when we were amazingly hungry. We stopped to find what was nearby. We found a Vietnemese place that made bowls and spring rolls and Pho. Yum. We ate and by the time we finished, we were exhausted. It was too early for the lights, and neither of us were up for the wait. We called it a night before 4pm. Neither one was insulted, since it had been a long week.

The rest of my adventure involved missing my stop because I was reading on the train. Then, shower, pjs and reading in bed. The perfect end to an adventure, if you ask me.

Tis the season for science

I decided to meet a group of women to see the winter exhibit at the Academy of Sciences. I renewed my membership there while I was going, anyhow. I forgot how enjoyable the museum is.

We met up front and wandered over to the 12:00 presentation of the reindeer exhibit. It was very nice, but geared for kids, of course. The presenter asked if we knew any songs that featured a reindeer. My comment of “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” was not appreciated. I was entertaining myself, as usual, so I didn’t care.

The photos are out of order, but I’ll tell about what I saw. I have wanted to see the exhibit on skin for a while. I finally got to see it on this visit. It was interesting. It talked about all types of skin and what it means.


I managed to get to two planetarium shows, one on the reefs, and one on the universe.  I didn’t get motion sickness, surprisingly enough.

I only got to see part of the aquarium, because of time.  I will go back and spend a long time in there.  It’s relaxing to me, and if I go on a weekday after school, there aren’t many children.

I think some of my photos came through twice.


I went to the rainforest area and watched the butterflies for a while.  It was steamy and my sinuses and lungs cleared up a bit.

I need to find time to go back.  It was a fun event.

Monday’s adventures

On Monday, I was on my own, since Michelle was working.I woke up and checked in for my flight. I showered and dressed, but didn’t hurry because I would end up in rush hour traffic.I called for an Uber and he arrived four minutes later… In a Tesla with a full sized tablet in the front.I decided to go to Reading Terminal Market as a starting point. I played good tourist and had a half of a cheese steak for breakfast. It was too messy, so the other half went into my bag for later.I stopped at the donut shop and got doggie donuts to bring home for Molly and Doris, and one for Frankie. And I got my coffee.I started walking toward a bookstore. I passed some beautiful architecture along the way. City Hall was huge and I saw several sides of it.I found the bookstore and poked around in it for a while. Two blocks away was another bookstore. I poked around in that one for a bit, too

After this bookstore, I popped over to Barnes and Noble to use the restroom and get coffee.

I went to Rittenhouse Square, but couldn’t really too many photos because they were filming a movie. We weren’t allowed.

This pool is about two feet deep, at most, but someone needed to add the sign.

This little guy wouldn’t leave me alone.

I went to the library, but couldn’t get a card. Well, I could have but out of state people need to apply online and pay $50 a year. I passed.

I started to call an Uber, but found that the museum was about a half mile from the library, so I walked.

There was a dinosaur exhibit going on at the museum, so I paid a little extra to see it.

I then went to look at the diorama exhibits. While i was looking, they announced that there was going to be a keeper talk at the butterfly exhibit, so I planned on going there.

I got to the butterfly exhibit a little early, so I sat and made my next plans.

I caught a ride to Christopher Columbus Blvd and ate some lunch.on a bench.

I walked down the road and looked at the the ships that were turned into restaurants. Because it was a weekday, the little vendor stalls weren’t open.

I called Uber and headed to a movie. I managed to put my bag into a puddle of melted buttered made a mess.

I got a drink at the bar in the theater and got carded. The bartender laughed when she saw my age, since she.was so far off. I saw Maleficent.

Constitution Center Museum

I went into the museum and was immediately told to not take photos, so I didn’t until I was allowed.

The person at the front, selling tickets, told me about two live shows that were about to start, back to back.

The first one was just an actor talking about how the Constitution came to be.  It was interesting, but ran over. 

The second was a play about the timeline of abolishing slavery.  It put everything on a timeline and made it clear to me how long it actually took for the concept of equal rights to be closer to where it should be. 

The next group of photos are a reenactment of the room where it happened, to quote the play.  In reading the signs, I realized that not all of the people were actually in the room.  They signed it later, or not at all. 

I couldn’t get the docent to move, so I just took photos with her in them.The panoramic view of the room.  This was the special exhibit.  It was full of information about the civil war and beyond.  One of the timelines.Lincoln’s handsI hadn’t realized that they didn’t catch John Wilkes Booth immediately.  I just assumed that they had grabbed him off the stage and that was the end of it.
The other timeline.  Why did it take so long?  Over a hundred years to get it somewhat together.

This next group of photos was about Hamilton.Fact vs fictionThe dueling pistolsThis shows how close Hamilton and Burr really were.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Before we even got to the stairs of the museum, there were so many beautiful pieces to see.A lot of the pieces were similar to the pieces at Sutro Heights in San Francisco.Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the board with the description of these pieces, but it looks like they are a tribute to the order of the Cincinnati.  I saw works inside about the order, but not a description of what it was about.  Research! This is about how the museum became the museum. I didn’t get to all the art around the museum, but I got to the big pieces in front.  The Rocky statue needed a visit, of course. I have been asked many times.  No.  We didn’t run up these.   We walked.  And took breaks.   But we made it.Almost to the entrance.

We went inside and found that a ticket to the museum was good for two days.  And for multiple museums.  I stared planning on going to the other museum before the ticket expired.

We found this on the way to the bathroom, when we first entered.   I thought it was a beautiful piece.This was a lot easier to see than the full sized one on top of city hall.  What beautiful detail on it.When we were at the public area of the Constitution center, we learned about food that was eaten in the early days of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.   Pepper pots were one of the foods.  This piece struck me because of the depiction of the freed slave selling the pepper pot.Not every photo is a piece of art.  At least it wasn’t the inside of my pocket.

Unfortunately, this was the info for the photo below.   It was commissioned by the father of the baby for his wife.  The baby had died of smallpox.  

The painting originally hung on a wall with the curtain covering it, with a notification to be aware of upsetting parents who may have lost children.This piece was made near home, in a smaller town.   I found it interesting that it made its way to Philadelphia.You could hear the water running and dripping wherever you were in this room.This dog kennel was beautiful, but I kept thinking about how my dogs would manage to end up getting out somehow.On the way out of the museum.There were more photos that I wanted to get, but I was exhausted after the plane rides.   Michelle is supposed to send me some she took.   Maybe I’ll show her how to post them while I’m here.