28 Black Films Better than The Help

28 black films

I have seen a few of these films mentioned in the above linked article which recommends them as teaching films. I have read some of the books, too. I am adding some of them to my todo list for weekend watching. They all look good.

When They See Us

Director: Ava DuVernay

Sorry to Bother You

Director: Boots Riley

Higher Learning

Director: John Singleton


Director: Spike Lee

Malcolm X

Director: Spike Lee


Director: Ava DuVernay


Director: Barry Jenkins

Poetic Justice

Director: John Singleton


Director: Rick Famuyiwa

Set it Off

Director: F. Gary Gray

I Am Not Your Negro

Director: Raoul Peck

The Watermelon Woman

Director: Cheryl Dunye


Director: Ava DuVernay

Get Out

Director: Jordan Peele


Director: Hype Williams

Barber Shop

Director: Timothy Kevin Story

Fruitvale Station

Director: Ryan Coogler


Director:Denzel Washington


Director: Dee Rees


Director: Spike Lee

Menace II Society

Director: Allen Hughes, Albert Hughes


Director: Ernest R. Dickerson

Daughters of the Dust

Director: Julie Dash

The Hate U Give 

Director: George Tillman Jr.


Director: D’Urville Martin

Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song

Director: Melvin Van Peebles

Queen & Slim

Director: Melina Matsoukas

Black Panther

Director: Ryan Coogler

Here are some that weren’t mentioned in the article, but were also recommended – LA 92. Dear White People. On My Block. HiphopEvolution. Spider-Man into the Spider Verse

41 films

How many movies can you find in this picture? I can figure out most of them, I think. I have listed a few below, hopefully with enough space so that the list won’t be a spoiler.

Peter pan, incredibles, Mary Poppins, Lilo and Stitch, Coco, Monsters Inc, Jungle Book, Lady and the Tramp, Robin Hood, 101 Dalmations, Fantasia, Toy Story, Cars, Sleeping Beauty, Bugs Life, Frog Prince, Finding Nemo.

The Call of the Wild

I had multiple credits available at the movie theater, since I hadn’t gone to any movies lately, at least not at the theater that takes the credits. There just hadn’t been much that I wanted to see.

Yesterday, I decided that I should see The Call of the Wild, since I’d heard so many good things about the book, which I haven’t read yet.

I think the movie was well done. I was a little stressed by the violence in the movie, but thankfully, they didn’t show much blood or obvious deaths. Just that they went missing.

I had it in my brain that I knew how it was going to end, but I was wrong. I don’t know if I’ll ever read the book, but I’m glad I know the story now. I do assume that the book was better, but the movie was pretty good.


I finally got around to seeing Parasite at the movie theater today. I was pleasantly surprised by it. I had heard so much about it that I thought it couldn’t possibly live up to the hype.

I was expecting a horror movie/thriller/comedy, so I was nervous because I don’t do horror. I can’t call it horror, really.

It really was a good movie, and leaves you with something to think about. It deserves a watching. Don’t let the subtitles scare you.

Another adventure

I worked yesterday morning, earlier than usual, so I ran into my neighbor who gave me a long story about her stolen car (explained at the end*). I ended up later than anticipated at work. All of our patients came early today, so I left earlier than expected. This is good because I had a date with my cousin.

On the way home, I dropped off empty wine bottles on a friend’s porch. No, I don’t know what she’s using them for, but it wasn’t far out my way, and I had them at home.

Next stop was my date with the suitcase repairman. I had dropped it off last week, and I needed to retrieve it. My friends and family have been teasing me about it, because I had told a friend that I had dates all last week, including the suitcase repairman. I meant it as my calendar was full, and everything but the kitchen sink type comment, but she took me literally. When I mentioned to her today that I got a hug when I picked up my suitcase, she said it was because it was the second date. Well, there’s a reason she’s my friend.

I picked up mail, which was uneventful, other than the information that my daughter got a fixit ticket for not having her registration sticker on the car. It reminded me to do that.

I went to my friend’s business to drop off recycling in her almost empty recycling bin. I chatted a bit with her after making the mail carrier nervous when I parked across the driveway.

I went home to grab library books to return. I transferred stuff from my purse into my library bag. I then remembered the sticker on my car and the suitcase. I ran out to get the suitcase and brought it in the house, but saw Amazon packages, so I brought those in, too. I started to walk to the train stop. Then I remembered the sticker, so I went back to put it on. Check check check. Everything done?

I stopped to buy cough drops on the way to the train stop, so I missed the first train. When I got to the stop, a lady started to talk to me, not in English. She pulled out a notebook and the parts in English had the name of the train, the stop where we were standing, and another stop along the line. I nodded and pointed and she continued explaining, not in English. I got her on the train and made sure she got off at the right stop. Pantomime on a Thursday afternoon. Maybe charades?

I got off at the stop where the library is. Just dropping off books. Not browsing. The guy with the full sized iguana wasn’t getting second glances, but the couple with the stroller was stopped by security because they were trying to use the stairs. The guy with the dog had no problem getting in, either.

I changed train lines. A guy after me jumped the turnstile with a ton of bags and didn’t spill his grape soda. His girlfriend was inside the station with a ton more bags. They put everything down and suddenly their train was there. They gathered everything up and ran for the train. The guy ran back because he forgot his grape soda.

I went to the station to meet my cousin, but I was early. I messaged her and she told me she was still going to be a while, and she asked me if I had anything to read with me. Funny.

We went to the theater and the movie we wanted to see had only one seat available, so we had to go to the earlier showing. The previews had already started, but we made it.

We saw Little Women. It was wonderful! We did call it an early evening, though, and we were back home before 7 PM.

*Several months ago, my neighbor’s car was stolen. The thief managed to get her door unlock code and followed her home. Her car was stolen that night. It was retrieved the next day, because the thief worked in her building and he drove it to work the next day!

Last week, it was stolen again, from in front of her house. This week, she got a notice that her car was evading toll, so she’d have to pay the ticket. They have the photo of the license plates and the driver going through the toll gate right after it was stolen. At least they have a lead. Maybe it’s the same guy?

Monday’s adventures

On Monday, I was on my own, since Michelle was working.I woke up and checked in for my flight. I showered and dressed, but didn’t hurry because I would end up in rush hour traffic.I called for an Uber and he arrived four minutes later… In a Tesla with a full sized tablet in the front.I decided to go to Reading Terminal Market as a starting point. I played good tourist and had a half of a cheese steak for breakfast. It was too messy, so the other half went into my bag for later.I stopped at the donut shop and got doggie donuts to bring home for Molly and Doris, and one for Frankie. And I got my coffee.I started walking toward a bookstore. I passed some beautiful architecture along the way. City Hall was huge and I saw several sides of it.I found the bookstore and poked around in it for a while. Two blocks away was another bookstore. I poked around in that one for a bit, too

After this bookstore, I popped over to Barnes and Noble to use the restroom and get coffee.

I went to Rittenhouse Square, but couldn’t really too many photos because they were filming a movie. We weren’t allowed.

This pool is about two feet deep, at most, but someone needed to add the sign.

This little guy wouldn’t leave me alone.

I went to the library, but couldn’t get a card. Well, I could have but out of state people need to apply online and pay $50 a year. I passed.

I started to call an Uber, but found that the museum was about a half mile from the library, so I walked.

There was a dinosaur exhibit going on at the museum, so I paid a little extra to see it.

I then went to look at the diorama exhibits. While i was looking, they announced that there was going to be a keeper talk at the butterfly exhibit, so I planned on going there.

I got to the butterfly exhibit a little early, so I sat and made my next plans.

I caught a ride to Christopher Columbus Blvd and ate some lunch.on a bench.

I walked down the road and looked at the the ships that were turned into restaurants. Because it was a weekday, the little vendor stalls weren’t open.

I called Uber and headed to a movie. I managed to put my bag into a puddle of melted buttered made a mess.

I got a drink at the bar in the theater and got carded. The bartender laughed when she saw my age, since she.was so far off. I saw Maleficent.