Caregiver: A Love Story

I found this film through Eventbrite, by The Roxie. It was a wonderful, 25 minute documentary about a woman on hospice. She was lucky enough to have her husband as her caregiver. Her husband wasn’t getting a break, and the hospice system really isn’t set up for people to die at home. The film helped to show this. It was definitely worth watching. It is on Eventbrite for a few more weeks, and is worth the $5 ish to watch it.


I watched the original version of the movie, Rebecca, earlier this year. I loved it.

I heard that Netflix put out a remake of the movie, so, of course, I had to watch it. I was a little nervous that the remake wouldn’t be as good as the original. I was so wrong. I really enjoyed the movie and I could almost say that it was better than the original. Part of that was because a few parts in the book weren’t clear in the original and I suspect that the censorship in that time was too much for the movie.

I’m glad I took a shot at watching the movie. It was enjoyable. I recommend watching it, but I also recommend the original movie.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Vallance

I had heard a lot about this movie over the years, so, when I saw it on TV, I recorded it because it was on in the middle of the night.

I knew John Wayne was in it, but I hadn’t realized that James Stewart was in it also.

I enjoyed the movie, but the version I saw had been edited. It missed the pivotal scene that explained the ending. I suspected that it had happened, so I looked the scene up and I am glad I did! The movie made no sense without that scene. I wonder why they took it out.

If you watch this movie, make sure it’s the whole thing. Not edited for TV.

Desert Migration

I watched this film for my film appreciation class. It was a powerful documentary that followed several men through their days. Each of the men had HIV and had moved to Palm Springs to live. The community of HIV patients there is stronger than anywhere else, plus the warmer weather is easier on their ailing bodies.

It was a good movie and made me think. The ending was touching. It was worth watching.

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

I watched this movie for my film appreciation class. It was about a vampire who goes after men who are not respectful to women, and the relationship she has with one man who does respect them.

It was a strange movie, but I enjoyed it. It was in black and white which added to the spookiness and toned down what blood might have been shown. It was worth watching, but it needed full concentration because of the subtitles.


I watched this movie as part of a film noir series by The Roxie theater. I didn’t make it to the discussion because I had a lot of schoolwork during the week and I didn’t get to the second film.

DOA is about a man who is trying to figure out who killed him. He arrives at the police station to report the murder and the story is told in flashback.

Parts of the movie are a little confusing for a while, but it all comes together at the end. I would recommend the movie to anyone who likes a good mystery. There’s not a lot of action for most of the movie, but it still kept my attention.

The Shape of Water

I had to write about an editor for my film class, and Sidney Wolinskey was the one who was chosen for us. I listened to a podcast featuring an interview with him, and it referred back to the movie, The Shape of Water, multiple times. I had never seen it, and I had heard mixed reviews on it.

I decided to watch it, but I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was an interesting movie, and I did follow it. I guessed the ending about halfway through, but it wasn’t too difficult to figure out. The scenery was great. The director did a great job putting us back in the time that it was supposed to take place. I can see why it won awards, but, I still would only give the movie an “eh.” I don’t plan on watching it again, but I am glad that I did see it once, just to see what the hype was about.

The Chase

This was an interesting film noir that I watched for the series that The Roxie theater put on over the last few months. It was played with another movie that had a dream sequence, also.

This movie was unusual because it doesn’t have a typical film noir ending. It still is a murder mystery, though. Just a twist to the ending that I didn’t see coming. About halfway through, I started getting a little confused, but then the story brought me back.

I do recommend the movie. It’s worth watching.

Laura (1944)

I had to watch this film, Laura, for my film appreciation class. I hadn’t watched too many movies in the Film Noir genre, but this one was very interesting to me.

I certainly wasn’t expecting the story to unfold as it did. I truly enjoyed it. It was interesting to me to see Vincent Price in the role of boy toy/gigolo in the movie. I am so used to seeing him in the horror genre, so I had a hard time with that. If I hadn’t been told it was him in the role, I would never have believed it.

Because I liked this movie so much, I went on to join the Roxie theater in its Film Noir discussions on Tuesdays. I’ll be writing about those movies, soon.

Laura is definitely worth a watch. I highly recommend it.

Today’s Showtimes

I’ve had several movies to watch for my film appreciation class. Most have had deadlines, which I’ve met, but several are for extra credit or for my final paper, so I have a while to get the work done.

My daughter had to watch a movie for school, also, so she asked me to join her. I had a lecture on Zoom at 3, so we had to schedule around it. I was trying hard to figure out how everything was going to be watched, so I had to write it out.

I ended up writing a schedule and I’ve been calling it the marquee. At least I entertain myself. Also, if I don’t get to the last movie, at least I have another few weeks to finish it. I got a chunk of homework done today already and I feel accomplished.

I had popcorn delivered to me before the show.