Favorite Roald Dahl book

The question came up on one of my online groups… What is your favorite Roald Dahl book?  I realized that I hadn’t read many of his books.  Of course, James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, and Dirty Beasts came to mind, since I’d read all of them.  There are so many more.  So… I checked a bunch of his books out from the library.  I won’t be reviewing them, since they are short books, and well-known, too.  I finished George’s Marvelous Medicine last night, and I will be moving on to another soon.  I read a few heavy thinking books recently, and my brain needed the break.  Children’s books don’t usually have a lot of things to stress me out, and I know exactly what I am getting with Roal Dahl books.

So far, though, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is my favorite.  I prefer the Johnny Depp version when it comes to the movies.  Although, Gene Wilder does a great job, too, but the part on the boat still creeps me out.

Where’d You Go, Bernadette? by Maria Semple

Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was assured by a friend that this was a good book. If I hadn’t been given that assurance, I would have put the book down early on. It had a very slow start. It kind of dragged along for a while, and by the time it picked up, I needed to know how it ended.

I was not surprised by the ending, but I didn’t know how we were going to get there. It kept me guessing in that sense.

It was not one of my favorite books of this year, but I’m glad I got it finished before the movie. I do think it would translate to the big screen well.

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Where'd You Go, Bernadette


I had little on yesterday’s agenda, and Shazam was playing nearby, so I decided to take myself to the movies.

The movie was cute. It wasn’t the same as when I was a kid watching it on Saturday morning cartoons, but I laughed a lot and followed the action.

After the movie, I stopped at Starbucks then at the book store. I browsed for a long time. Independent book stores are great. I always want to buy them out. Today, the employees were discussing an upcoming contest involving guessing how many objects are in a jar. One was arguing that they can’t do that because someone can do the math and figure out the exact amount. No one is going to do that was the argument back. I pitched in my two cents. These are readers, not mathematicians, plus no one is going to take the trouble to figure it out mathematically.

I took the train home. I got to the station and just missed a train. I looked at the board and there was nothing listed for upcoming trains for my line. I was really confused. I went up to the board that showed each train and where it was on the line. There was a train about 8 stops away. And one ten stops away. “29 minute wait.” Something was definitely wrong with the system. I watched the train move closer and closer. It arrived about fifteen minutes after I arrived at the station. So much for 29 minutes. On the way home, the drive was smooth, other than the driver stopping at a stop that isn’t a stop anymore. Scenic route, I guess.

It was a nice, mostly uneventful day. I should have more of those.

Book club 4/6

Classics book club today was to discuss The Talented Mr. Ripley and to watch the movie. I couldn’t get the book read on time, so I messaged the group and told them I wouldn’t be coming. I got the message to come anyway, and watch the movie.

The movie was good. I’d seen it years ago, but didn’t remember much of it. Apparently it’s different from the book in several ways, but not having read it, I didn’t know.

I am currently debating reading the book or checking it off as not having to read it. I’ll decide one of these days.

What’s in the box?

I went to dinner and a movie with my cousin tonight. On the way to the theater, we dropped in to visit her wife at work. She is a pastry chef teacher and sent me home with a box of goodies.

I carried the box to purchase the tickets at the theater. The register locked up, so we had to wait for the tickets. We were early, so it was fine.

I carried the box to wander around the courtyard outside the building. I carried it up to the theater and to our seats. It sat in my seat when I went to the restroom. I briefly thought about opening it and seeing what was in it before the movie, but I didn’t think I could tie the box again. It waited patiently for us to finish our movie (Captain Marvel).

The box sat quietly on the table while we ate dinner. It sat on the seat next to me on the train while I was headed home. I found myself talking to myself on the train, and the guy near me decided it was in his best interest to move a few seats away. The box didn’t care. A gentleman decided that he needed to punch the windows in the train. I think he was trying to steal my thunder.

The box and I walked home. I did a few chores and my daughter cut the string.

Beautiful pastries. I am thankful for my family. The outing with my cousin was well worth it, with or without the box.

Second day of Spring Break

When I realized that I’d have time off school, and would have some evenings to myself, I started making plans with friends and family.

After work today, I wandered over to my sister/friend and her sons. We had lunch. We had a relaxing afternoon with the dogs and cats and kids. We had a group activity of removing a sock from the vacuum cleaner hose.

They had to go off to ice skating lessons so I wandered off to the gym. I took a brief nap in the car. The gym was near where I was meeting another friend for a movie, so it was a new gym to me. I found out there was a pool, but I hadn’t expected it and left my swimming stuff in the car. I found the women’s locker room and locked my bag and car keys in a locker. I went in search of a treadmill.

I did my mile on the treadmill and made progress on my ARC book. I went back downstairs to retrieve my stuff. There was one person in the locker room. Sitting in front of the locker holding my things. Eating a yogurt. Very slowly. I don’t really understand this phenomena. Entire locker room. One person. In front of the locker you’re using. It happens all the time. I tried to open the locker. I got a very dirty look. At least I didn’t have to change out of my swimsuit with her sitting there.

I wandered over toward the movie theater. With all the driving, I made progress on my audiobook. I may finish it tomorrow. I got out of the car and walked around the mall a bit. They are getting a Koja here! Small things excite me.

I got our tickets and sat in the lobby to read. A woman approached me to ask if I was in the movie club. No. But that sounds like fun. (Like I need something else to do.) We chatted for a while since we were both waiting. I got another book recommendation. Red Rising. I don’t know how this always happens. But, I always add to my book stack and my to be read list.

The movie, Gloria Bell, started. It was very odd and disjointed. My friend and I both hated it. Thankfully, it was only a $5 movie. I got to see my friend, so that part was good.

Also, I really might finish my audiobook tomorrow. Less than two hours to go!