High score

I have been struggling with my weight for years.  Until a little more than two years ago, I had my weight to a reasonable level.  I mostly did it by exercise, so when I got an injury, my weight skyrocketed.  I keep telling myself that now that I am released to use the gym again, I should be getting serious about losing the weight.  I need to get up early and do the exercise before work, since I can’t seem to get there after work.

I will get serious when I am back from my trip.

Prepping for vacation

I have an upcoming vacation. I am doing the last minute things, even though it’s not really last minute yet.

I went to purchase what I need for the trip. I haven’t quite finished, but I got the majority done.

I tried to get a mani pedi done, but I ended up getting called in to go to work, so only the pedi got done.

I got to work and finished up on record time. Then I went to buy sunglasses for the trip. I am almost ready! I am planning on getting the manicure soon.

I also found a lot of memes and book related photos to write about when I’m away. I am sure I’ll have time to write, so I’ll publish when I’m back. At least I don’t have to think about what I’m going to write about. I’ll figure out other topics, too, while I’m away. Always thinking…

Guest bloggers

I have asked a few friends to be guest bloggers while I’m away without internet access for a few days.

You’ll see a couple of posts from them over the next few weeks, while we get some bugs worked out, and they get the feel for it.

So far, Rob and Michelle have graciously accepted and have started writing their first posts. There will probably be a few others coming on board soon. Please welcome them warmly.

Marking Debit Card as Travel Safe

I have two debit cards with two different banks.  I called the first one to mark my card as traveling so that I would not have to call the fraud desk while I’m away.  They did both trips for me.  Very easy.

The second bank, I explained the whole thing.  Twice.  “Ok, what are your dates?”  “I’m going from January (#) to…”  “Wait!  That’s more than one trip!  I can only do one at a time!”  Ummmmm, no.  One trip.  Multiple dates.  We got it figured out.

On to the next dates.  “Where are you going?”  “Mexican Riviera”  “but what country is that in?”

Acquiring a passport, part 3

This part of the passport acquisition was exciting. Not much of a story behind it, though. It arrived in the mail. Plenty of time before my trip. I received my documentation paperwork and passport card the next business day.

I was able to check in for my trip with my correct info, finally! I am all set. Especially since I have my dresses and found a suitcase set for the trip. I just have to wait a couple of months until the day of the trip. I am excited!

Acquiring a Passport, Part 2

My marriage certificate arrived in the mail. Finally. I had a passport appointment for 11/28, but they had a couple of appointments available this week, and next week is a busier week at work, so it made sense to move it up. Plus, it would give me a couple of extra days to ensure that the passport is here on time for my trip.

I got the paperwork and fees together, and went to my appointment after work. I had a tshirt with writing on it, so I intended to change it before the appointment, but I forgot.

I got to the post office and it was empty. It was pouring rain, so I think that kept people away, plus it was the day before Thanksgiving. Other stuff came first, I guess.

I handed over all my paperwork and my driver’s license. Everything was checked. Phew. All in line. Ready to be processed.

I had my photo taken. It didn’t show the writing on my shirt, thankfully. But it’s an awful photo. Definitely me, though. I could have taken it over, but what the heck. Who’s really going to see it?

I was trying to decide if I should get a passport card, too. I found out that I can fly domestically with it, instead of a real ID. I was there, with all my paperwork, so why not?

I paid all my fees and now I wait. In the meantime, we are getting the excursions ready and all the trip lined up. I’m adding to my kindle and deciding if I’m going to bother to bring paper books with me, in case the kindle fizzles. I am waiting impatiently.

Bookclub 11/18

Today was bookclub that was hosted an hour away, but, I had to work, so it was only a half hour away. It was being hosted at a public market. I had no idea what that was, other than what I’d been told – it was indoors.

I drove to work in the horrible smog. I couldn’t see much even about 100 yards in front of me. I thought it was fog at first, but it was slightly brown and my windows weren’t getting wet. Yuck. I worked, and that went smoothly. After I checked out, I checked into my cruise. Less than 90 days to go, and all is going well, other than the missing marriage certificate. I chose two of my three excursions. This is really happening!

After I left work, I took myself to Panera for lunch. Green goddess chicken salad with no tomatoes and French onion soup with no croutons. Yummy. I worked on my book for Vegas bookclub until it was just about time to leave. I was concerned because the drive to work was so difficult, and I didn’t know about the parking situation at the market.

I found parking easily and went into the closest building. I scoped out the bathroom, then looked at the message from the bookclub hostess and found I was in the wrong building. I found her easily and found that everyone was getting lunch. Oh well, I ate before. I behaved. I have two trips coming up and I need to lose weight before them.

We started a little late because of the 8 people who said they were coming, only 5 showed up, and one was late. No point in starting without her when there were so few of us. We discussed the book, Night. This book had several bookclub questions to go with it, since it was an older book and used for high school discussions.

It was a good discussion, and it ended up with us talking about other classic books, wondering if there were any that were happy and uplifting. Google was only mildly helpful. It gave a list of classics, but not many on the list had happy endings. We debated little women as one, but only two of us could remember how it ended. I see a reread in the group’s future.

After bookclub I went to the grocery store and pet store. My daughter and her friend cooked dinner while I read and acted as the cat bed. I watched a couple of episodes of God Friended Me from the DVR. I am loving the show so far.

I fell asleep and was woken up by my oldest daughter letting me know she was home. She fixed her dinner and went upstairs. I was just dozing off again when the dogs needed to go out. Not a problem until the 45 pound puppy decided to take a detour to jump on me and the bed. She’s afraid of the cats, but was too busy jumping on me to notice that the cats were in my room.

I am nice and wide awake now. I might get closer to finishing the book for Vegas bookclub. I have about an hour left in it. I might fall asleep to Mean Girls. Either option is just fine with me.