Killing the Meetup Group

As some of the longer term readers know, I had a meetup group to encourage myself to get out of the house and meet people. We’d meet for coffee once a month and have happy hours occasionally and attempt to do touristy things every few weeks.

Only a few people showed up regularly, and I didn’t get to know very many in the group, but I would not say that the group was dying. When the shelter in place started, there was no point in meeting, because we had nowhere to go and it’s hard to drink coffee and wear a mask. No one seemed to want to meet by Zoom, so that was the end of that, it seemed.

I let it go for a while, since I had paid through June. Not one person answered messages. So, when the bill came last week for renewal, I sent a message to everyone in the group telling them that I would close the group and reopen it when things got to the point where we can meet in person again.

Only one person responded, and he had already moved away from the area months before we were sheltering in place.

When we are ready to meet again, I’ll reassess. Right now, it doesn’t make sense to pay for something I am not using.

An evening out on a Wednesday

I had scheduled an evening out with some people. We were meeting for coffee.

I left home early, intending to stop at the library before the meeting and getting a walk in. I got to the library and found an interesting book right as I walked in the door. The point was to return books. Oh well.

I ended up finishing up the reviews for several children’s books I had checked out and returned them. I realized that I didn’t have my library card with me, since I didn’t carry my whole wallet with me. The librarian was kind enough to let me check the book out with my driver’s license and he told me that I had two holds waiting at a different branch of the library. Ok. Add to this week’s agenda.

I left the library and walked down the street, checking out the different shops along the way. I wandered into the bookstore, of course, and I picked up the schedule for the rest of the month. At first glance, nothing was interesting. I’ll look harder later.

I continued down the street and I was headed to Walgreens. On the way, a gentleman said hello to me. When I said hello back, he informed me that he loved me.

I continued toward Walgreens, with the idea that I’d buy sunblock. Nope. Left the wallet at home, remember?

I found that they hadn’t yet reopened the candy shop that closed last month and the toy store was closed. I didn’t know about the toy store. How sad. 22 years it had been there.

I started walking back to the meeting location and ran into the gentleman who said hello earlier. He had a friend with him and they decided to ask me to take a photo with them. I politely declined and kept walking. A man walking his bike came up behind me and laughed “they didn’t ask me for my picture.” We chatted a bit on the way to the location.

I got to the meeting place a little early, so I settled in with my tea and my kindle, with my usual book to let drop in people know we were the group.

Only the one person who usually shows up at the meetings was there. Everyone else backed out at the last minute, as usual. We chatted for a while then headed home.

I did manage to get my walk in, and was home early enough to do my next day preparations. It was a productive evening, I think.

Tis the season for science

I decided to meet a group of women to see the winter exhibit at the Academy of Sciences. I renewed my membership there while I was going, anyhow. I forgot how enjoyable the museum is.

We met up front and wandered over to the 12:00 presentation of the reindeer exhibit. It was very nice, but geared for kids, of course. The presenter asked if we knew any songs that featured a reindeer. My comment of “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” was not appreciated. I was entertaining myself, as usual, so I didn’t care.

The photos are out of order, but I’ll tell about what I saw. I have wanted to see the exhibit on skin for a while. I finally got to see it on this visit. It was interesting. It talked about all types of skin and what it means.


I managed to get to two planetarium shows, one on the reefs, and one on the universe.  I didn’t get motion sickness, surprisingly enough.

I only got to see part of the aquarium, because of time.  I will go back and spend a long time in there.  It’s relaxing to me, and if I go on a weekday after school, there aren’t many children.

I think some of my photos came through twice.


I went to the rainforest area and watched the butterflies for a while.  It was steamy and my sinuses and lungs cleared up a bit.

I need to find time to go back.  It was a fun event.

Making friends

I have a friend who is new to the United States. He sometimes takes me too literally. For example, he will start messages with “guess what…” My response is “you’re pregnant?” I am well aware that he’s male. He finally understands that I am teasing.

Yesterday’s item that I was supposed to guess involved a man on the train.  He was reading a book called “How to Make Friends.”  I asked if my friend talked to him.  “no.”  Why not?  You know that he’s trying to make friends.  “How do I know that?”  Because the title of his book tells you.  You are also trying to make friends.  Make an effort to interact with others.  It didn’t sink in, I think, because he went on to other topics.

I was talking to a classmate whose children are close to my age.  She was saying that her husband keeps pushing her to make friends.  She doesn’t know where to meet people.  If she goes to the library, no one talks.  If she goes to a bar, she meets the wrong kind of people.  Where does one go to meet friends once your children are no longer in the playdate age group, and aren’t in school?

There comes a point where it’s difficult to meet people.  Life gets in the way.  Other obligations get in the way.  Make an effort to interact.  You never know what’s going to happen.


Playing tourist on a Friday night

My Meetup group planned an outing to fisherman’s wharf. I decided to go early, as usual.

I went to catch the train, and found that a driver was yelling at the people trying to get on the train, stating that the area where people wait for the train was dangerous. Well, it wouldn’t be if you were following the rules of the road.

I continued down and got off the train at the stop where I could pick up one of my favorite lunches, Koja.

After lunch, I went to wash my hands. The bathroom was closed. I went to the other restroom and found it over crowded, of course.

One person was bathing in the sink, and another was bathing in the bathroom stall. Typical day.

I got back on the train and didn’t realize that the train I boarded didn’t stop where I expected. No big deal. I got off on the next stop and backtracked. I got photos of places I don’t usually see, since I was not where I usually am. I wasn’t lost. Just misplaced temporarily.

I had to look it up. I haven’t gotten to look up more than its name so far, though.

I walked to the ferry building, since I knew where the bathroom was and where the train stopped. My original plan was to walk to the meeting place, but my first train was delayed and it was too hot to walk as quickly as I would need to.

I met the group leader and we realized that it was just us, so we started out.

I didn’t realize that there was a bar at the top of Boudin’s, where they make sourdough bread. We didn’t drink there, but we were there for happy hour.

A couple of locally famous bars were relocated to the area where we were. We went into one.

We checked out a restaurant that someone in the group had recommended, but we didn’t go in.

We went to an art show at the next bar. It was nice. Photographs of Antarctica this month.

After we left Sweeties, we caught the bus. The leader went to Chinatown, but I continued on to catch the train home. I ended up getting off the bus a little early and walked the last few blocks to the station.

I had been on the train for a few stops when four guys poked their heads in, asking if the train went to the Castro. No one answered but me.  They got on the train and I asked them what they were doing in the Castro.  Bar hopping.  I told him which bars to hit.  They decided that I should go with them.  I decided that I was underdressed, so I went toward home instead.

I was planning dinner at the last big shopping area along the train line.  I had three restaurants in mind.  All three had lines down the block, so I decided that I was not having dinner there.  I went home and ordered Chinese food with the kids.  It was a very nice Friday evening.

Meetup 9/11

We had a meetup group meeting on Wednesday. I was excited because people actually said they were coming this time.

I stopped at my go to lunch place, Panera, for my healthy ish fast lunch. I got paperwork done and some reading done.

I got to the meeting place early and got a table. One other person showed up early. Then a second person. Then a bigger table became available. We moved. More people showed up! I made a comment that no women other than me ever came, and two women showed up! Woohoo! We have a group!

We talked for a while and ended the meeting early. I finally feel like we have a decent group going.

Meetup meeting 7/16

My meetup group met for taco Tuesday at Park Chalet. We overlapped with happy hour, so it was nice, even though it was just me and one other person.

The tacos were good.  The company was good.  I waited for my ride in the lobby, looking at the paintings.  They are all out of order, but here are most of them.

Summer reading prize and adventures

I joined Summer Stride at the library soon after the program started.  The goal was to read 20 hours this summer.  Well, I finished that in the first week.  I turned my form in yesterday and got my prize, a library tote bag.

I had to complete a little survey.  Did you read more than 20 hours?  Yes.  Did the program cause you to use the library more?  No.  Do you go to programs at the libraries?  Yes.  Any comments for improvements?  Yes, make the form less confusing to fill out.  Random blank lines don’t mean a lot.

After I left the library with my tote bag, I headed off to my meetup group.  It was coffee and chatting to make plans for future meetings.  I had 3 people RSVP for the meeting.  2 of those people showed up, plus 2 who hadn’t RSVP’d.  One man, at the next table, was just there having a drink, so he joined us, too.  He later joined our group online.

It was a productive meeting and we have a couple of events schedule for next week and the week after, with some ideas about what else to do.  And there is an assistant organizer/host volunteered for the job.  He can add events to the calendar and host when I am not available.  I hope to find more people to help out with this in the future.

Starting a Meetup Group

I had been complaining to a friend that I have been having a hard time getting out of the house after work.  Mostly because I have no one to go places with.  Most of my friends live further away than a weeknight get-together allows.

Most of the meetups that I have joined aren’t near my area.  It’s also rare that these meetings fit my schedule.

My friend suggested that I start my own meetup.  I can plan meetings for my schedule, and closer to my area.  I want to start it up quickly, so that we can meet the second Wednesday of the month, since it seems like EVERY Wednesday meetup is the 4th Wednesday of the month.

I have to come up with a name, and I think the first meeting will be at a local Starbucks.  I hope to find people who are actually near me.