Match making at the nail salon

I got a mani pedi with my daughter on Friday afternoon.  It should have been a sanity check because I forgot that it is prom season.  Thankfully, we got in and started before school got out.

We finished our pedicures and were moved into the overflow room for the manicures.  The woman at the table across from us was having a very loud discussion with her technician.  They have obviously known each other a long time.

  • Woman:  So, how is your brother doing?  How’s his wife?  Does he have kids?
  • Technician:  Oh, my brother never married.  He’s single.
  • W: oh?  Is he waiting for me?
  • T:  Maybe?  You always got along so well.  He could be waiting for you.
  • W:  Oh, we haven’t been single at the same time.  It just wasn’t meant to be.
  • T:  Well, you’re single now.  So is he.
  • W:  We couldn’t even cook together.  I cook soul food.  He cooks Vietnamese.
  • T:  So?  You can alternate cooking.  Everyone’s happy.
  • Me:  Oh, come on.  Ask for his number already!
  • My daughter:  Oh my God, Mom.  (as she tries to melt into the floor with embarrassment)


Busy planning day

I started yesterday with a manicure. There was a woman there who had been kicked out of her previous salon because her kids were noisy. She was told not to come back with the children, so she didn’t ever go back. This was her first trip to the salon after that happened. Her younger daughter was in a stroller and was entertaining. Calling, “mom, mom, mom!” When her mom finally looked, she said “hi!” and then went back to “mom, mom, mom.” The people around me were entertained, not annoyed. They made comments about how it’s better than their teenagers, and that the girl was happy. No one was bothered

I finished before my daughter and went over and sat to wait. Suddenly, the girls started bickering and a hearing aid was thrown across the floor. I picked it up and brought it to their mom so it wouldn’t get lost. I talked to the girls. They quieted down. The oldest girl was 5 and they didn’t have school because of spring break. The youngest was three. The little one kept asking for her hearing aid, but wasn’t upset. Right before their mom was finished, the girls started bickering again and the little one started crying. My daughter and I waited for their mom to finish, and the mom started looking for the other half of the hearing aid. It was in the cup holder on it stroller.

We went to the place where we will have the reception after the funeral. We had lunch and planned the reception with my mom and aunt and cousin. We all pretty much agreed.

After that, we went to my friend’s house to get my dad’s helmet cleaned up for the funeral ceremony. We stayed and chatted for a while.

Then I went to the book signing, which I already posted about here.

It was an exhausting day, but very fulfilling.

Prepping for vacation

I have an upcoming vacation. I am doing the last minute things, even though it’s not really last minute yet.

I went to purchase what I need for the trip. I haven’t quite finished, but I got the majority done.

I tried to get a mani pedi done, but I ended up getting called in to go to work, so only the pedi got done.

I got to work and finished up on record time. Then I went to buy sunglasses for the trip. I am almost ready! I am planning on getting the manicure soon.

I also found a lot of memes and book related photos to write about when I’m away. I am sure I’ll have time to write, so I’ll publish when I’m back. At least I don’t have to think about what I’m going to write about. I’ll figure out other topics, too, while I’m away. Always thinking…

Everything is an adventure

Things just happen to me. I don’t know why. They either happen to me or around me.  I don’t know if I am more observant than others.  A friend tells me that it’s just that I am out there and doing things more than the average person does, so there’s more of an opportunity for absurd things to hit me.  It could also be that I just tend to find humor in many things.  I have been accused of making these things up and embellishing stories, but they happen in front of witnesses.  “I always thought you were kidding about this stuff happening to you.”  Really, I am not.  I have friends that won’t go places with me if they want a normal excursion.  I don’t cause it, I just go with it.  Never bad things, just unusual.

Today, at the nail place, the woman at the table in front of meme was telling the woman next to her about her phone case, “and this color here is gangrene, and of you put your finger here, it keeps you from falling.” Huh?

I have managed to fall off a treadmill.  That one was Karma.  I was at the gym, doing my regular walk/jog on the treadmill.  I could see out the window, and there was a baseball field across the street.  Every morning at 6:30, the sprinklers went on.  Every morning at 6:30 some unsuspecting jogger would be in the middle of the lawn and would get hit with the sprinklers.  Every single morning.  So, it became 6:29 and I started looking around to see who might be hit.  Lady with the dog… no.  Too far away.  Guy with too short shorts… maybe.  Suddenly, I missed my footing and stepped on the edge of the treadmill with my right foot.  My left foot was still on the belt, moving.  So, I went face down onto the belt and off the treadmill.  The lady next me to me was almost more stunned than I was.  I got up and realized that I wasn’t seriously hurt, and continued my walk/jog.  Got back up on the horse, so to speak.  I was slightly bruised, but nothing worth noting.  Except on my mammogram that year it was noted “Patient has bruising on her breasts and abdomen which she claims are from falling off a treadmill.”  I didn’t just claim it.  It really happened!   A few months later, I was at the gym with my daughter and I drop my mp3 player while I was at a full run on the treadmill.  I tried to catch it, but my daughter had more sense than I did.  “Mom!  At least it was only the mp3 player this time.  Don’t fall off again!”  She was right.

Yesterday in art class, I was walking to get clean water for my brushes, and I had my audiobook going.  I passed a classmate and got stuck on something, so I stopped.  My headphones managed to get caught on her glasses somehow.  How, I haven’t a clue.  She laughed at me and we detangled ourselves.  I have also managed to paint my daughter in class.  Her whole hand.  Yellow.  Talent.  So, when I was walking around class last night with a paintbrush that needed washing, everyone steered clear of me.

I have also mentioned my public transportation and library adventures.  I am sure I’ll come up with more.  Life is an adventure.  Make the most of it.  Go with it.  Laugh.  Enjoy the trip.  We all know the ending, but it’s the journey that matters.

Books 43 and 44

I finished two books an hour apart from each other. One was an ebook and the other was an audiobook. I had managed to almost finish the ebook at the nail place, since I had to wait so long. I had ten minutes left on it when i left the nail place. I finished it while I was waiting to leave for class. I had twenty minutes left on the audiobook when I got out of the car and managed to finish it in art class.

I will post reviews tomorrow.

How today went…

All week, I have been complaining about needing a pedicure, since two nails have overgrown and are starting to hurt. Yes, I could cut them myself, but when I paint them myself, they look like a kindergartner painted them, and with her non-dominant hand.

My daughter has acrylic nails, and has broken two, so she insisted that it’s time to get nails done. I had my fingers done over the weekend, so it is only my toes that need doing. Apparently, one of her friends needs her nails done, too. So it’s a group effort.

I arrived just when I thought I would. I stopped at Starbucks first, then walked into the nail place. “Pick your color.” I chose hot pink to match the glitter color that caught my eye. I always choose glitter. With glitter on your toes, no one notices the chips, so the pedicure lasts longer. Plus, it’s glitter.

I use the restroom, because, as my friends have told me, much of my life revolves around my bladder. I settled into the massaging pedicure chair and turned the chair on and put my feet in the water. I don’t mind waiting while the massage is going and my feet are in the whirlpool.

The guy doing my pedicure was left handed, and a perfectionist. I felt all backwards since he started from the other side. He checked for rough spots thoroughly and almost killed me tickling me with the pumice stone.

We waited for all of us to finish, then went to lunch. I took a kid to work, then went to the library to pick up my holds.

I got home and did a few tasks and napped before class.

I got to acrylic painting class. I had figured out that I can listen to audiobooks while painting, so I started up my current one and started painting. I was laughing, hopefully quietly. One of my classmates is a big reader, so I wandered over to recommend the book to her. I got another recommendation and an offer to borrow a book. I expect to be reading the borrowed book by this time next week.