Enchanted Ever After by Shanna Swendson

Enchanted Ever After

Enchanted Ever After by Shanna Swendson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this entire series and I’m sorry to see it end. If I hadn’t read the rest of the series, a lot would have been confusing. There were a few things from previous books in the series that were just glossed over. I knew about the events, so it wasn’t a big deal for me. 

I was a little disappointed that it didn’t go all the way through to the end that I expected, but it was all wonderful. I am glad I found this series. 

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The rest of the long weekend

I started out with coffee and leftover French toast from the day before.

My Kindle and I were poolside until the guy with the blasting music got to me. I don’t care if I like your music or not, it’s still rude to force it on anyone.

I went inside and ate leftover dinner for lunch and watched a movie, What Men Want. Very cute movie. Nice soundtrack.

My cousin came by again. After a while, I headed to the pool again with the kindle.

I was reading the kindle while in the pool. It’s an Oasis, so it’s waterproof. The cover isn’t, though. The cover is worn and I have a replacement at home, so I wasn’t worried too much.

My brother brought his sons to the pool. I asked his oldest to bring my things to my pool bag. He did an amazing job.

We played in the pool for a while and went inside to clean up before dinner.

My three year old nephew brought a puzzle with him. I worked on it for a while before dinner, since he couldn’t read, and the puzzle had words.

After dinner, my mom brought the boys to go play ping pong. My brother and I watched a movie while I worked on the puzzle some more.

I had almost finished when the boys returned. They both came to investigate. The three year old decided that he needed to push each piece in himself, after I lined it up. The ten year old was given pieces too hurry things up while I distracted the three year old. We got to the end and there was one piece missing. We finally found it sitting on the puzzle, blending in. Ok. On that note, it’s bedtime.

I pulled down the Murphy bed where I was sleeping. My three year old nephew wasn’t in the room when I pulled it down. He was convinced that I did magic to get the bed there.

Next thing I hear is a lecture about white toothpaste being too spicy and he can only use blue toothpaste. Yep. Three year olds have opinions.

Everyone slept through the night. I got up early to head home. I put the Murphy bed away and loaded my car. My nephew was convinced that I did magic after that trick.

The Glass of Lead and Gold, by Cornelia Funke

The Glass of Lead and GoldThe Glass of Lead and Gold by Cornelia Funke
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a wonderful Christmas story! I received it as a Christmas gift and didn’t realize that I was reading a Christmas themed book until after I’d started.

I am in awe of the writer, since I heard her speak a couple of years ago at a book festival. She’s an amazing writer.

I went into the book biased, since I knew I loved the author’s other work that I’ve read. I flew through the book, loving every moment, especially the ending. Wonderful!

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Back to basics challenges

The very basic start to reading is the alphabet. I have decided that I’m going to start a few new challenges, based on the basics, to make my reading a little more fun. I’ll be working on an alphabet challenge, a decades challenge, and a month challenge.

I want to do a prize winners challenge, too, but I think that will be just a few books.

I am going to continue my way through the Great American Read list. The BBC Big Read list is here.

The shorten the stack list will be ongoing. So will the annual goodreads challenge.

I’ll be explaining each of these more soon. I am not going to wait for the new year to start. I am starting today. Most of my book clubs don’t meet in December, so that’ll help keep me on track.

The link to these challenges will be here.

Is that your real stack of books?

I was chatting with a friend who was reading Bookwormatthegym for the first time. She saw the photo of my books while browsing and I was telling her that I am not buying new books.  She didn’t understand about why I would limit my book purchases until she saw the photo.  Yes.  That’s really the stack.  Yes.  It was taken a couple of weeks ago, so the stack is bigger now.  I have a problem.  I am working on it.  This is one of my goals for 2019.  To have my stack of unread books shorter than I am.