Wicked movie 2021

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I am so excited that the Wicked movie is coming out.  I haven’t read the book, but I have seen the play and hope to see it again this Fall.  It looks like it hasn’t been cast yet, but will be soon.  It’ll be an eternity before it’s released, it seems.

I was kind of disappointed to hear that Cats will be coming out as a movie.  I believe it should stick with the stage, but I’ll be happy to proven wrong by a wonderful movie.  It was based on a book of poetry, so the storyline is kind of iffy, anyhow.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Roald Dahl

This book has popped up on several lists and I’ve posted about it a few times, with the links below.  I’m starting my posts from the newest lists with it, since it’s popping up over and over.  Even though it’s a children’s book, it is definitely worth a read.  I would even go as far as recommending the movies.  It’s a great story, but has an awful sequel.

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Stage

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Stage

My friend’s family had tickets to go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Two of them couldn’t go, so she asked me to go. She also asked if I knew anyone else who would go with us. Yes. I did. One of my friends had mentioned that she wanted to go, so I took a shot and asked if she wanted to come. She said she would! Yay!

I got up and headed to catch the train. The train was two stops away when I got to my stop. I was settling in to wait to get on the middle part of the train when I saw two women frantically running to catch the train. They were waving and screaming and running down the middle of the lane of traffic. Suddenly a fire truck starts coming up the street. Then the women were really screaming. It didn’t occur to them to get onto the sidewalk, I guess.

I made a side trip to Dog Eared Books as part of independent bookstore day. I hadn’t been there before, even though I’d passed it many times in my travels. It is both a new and used bookstore, with the books mingled on the shelves. Interesting technique, but it works. I was going to have breakfast in the neighborhood, but every breakfast place was too crowded.

I continued down toward my main stop and grabbed a snack at the mall. I went to the art store and picked up paint for class next week. Then I went to meet my friends at the coffee shop near the theater. I had tea and read while I waited. I made progress on my book, but didn’t finish anything.

We went into the theater once my other friend arrived. The seats were great. The show was funny. It was well worth the trip to go see it.

I headed back home to meet my family for my daughter’s birthday dinner. That was nice, and it made for an early evening because we started earlier than expected.

The Play That Goes Wrong

After I saw Hamilton, I got an email from SHN telling me what plays were coming up this season. I saw a play called The Play That Goes Wrong. It’s described as a cross between Monty Python and Sherlock Holmes. Sold! Then I started thinking about who might want to go with me. My cousin. Yep. He said it sounded fun. Then my mom piped up. So, the three of us will be going in August. We got our tickets today.


When I first heard of Falsettos, I knew I wanted to go. I hemmed and hawed over getting tickets. I asked several friends if they wanted to go with me, but they all declined.

I did have a friend who was going, but she and her family already had their tickets, so I decided to go the same day they were going, so I could meet them before for coffee. I had tea.

I took public transportation to the theater, as usual. On the way to catch the train, a pedestrian sneezed. I blessed her, of course. She turned around to ask what I said, then told her companion that I had done that. She was surprised.

The train itself was uneventful, but when I got out of the station, there was a gentleman on a microphone telling us that if we were there instead of in church, we were going to hell. Ok. Well, he wasn’t in church, either. Does that mean he’s going? Around the corner from him was another gentleman telling us that Jesus doesn’t want us doing anything but think of Jesus. No walking. No eating. No smoking. No drinking.

They had been complaining about going for weeks. No one they knew liked the show, and they informed me that they were planning on leaving at intermission. I figured that even if I hate it, I’m sticking it out because it’s not like a book where I could pick it up later. They were still complaining over coffee.

The first half dragged on and on. The music wasn’t catchy and it was pretty much a set up for the second half. It lasted just over an hour. It could have been set up in fifteen minutes.

My friends left at intermission. The second half started. The music was peppier and the story livened up a lot. It had laugh out loud and chuckle parts. About halfway through the second half you could see it darkening up and I could tell what was going to happen. It wasn’t uplifting, but it was good.

Really, if it hadn’t been for the first half, I would have truly enjoyed the play. About a third of the audience left at intermission and wasn’t sticking around to see how it turned out.

After the play, I went to the art supply store for new brushes. I walked through the area where the tourism information center was. It was full of drug dealers and people playing music too loud. Wouldn’t you think that if they were trying to promote tourism, they’d attempt to clean the area up?

I took public transportation part way home. The lady next to me sneezed and I blessed her. She talked about her allergies and which pollen is in the air in our area. I caught an uber to get the rest of the way home. At least he was silent all the way home.


I woke up very excited to see Hamilton. Up and dressed and out the door about fifteen minutes later than I wanted to be, but still on time.

I boarded the train. I have taken this train hundreds of times over the course of my life, so I know which direction to head. The announcement tells me I’m going the opposite direction. I shrug it off.

The next announcement is telling us that we shouldn’t board because the train is out of service. Ummm, we’re already on here.

The announcements finally started making sense and a couple came on with a small dog that looked like Stitch. He had a squeaky toy and happily squeaked the whole trip.

Lunch with my friends was good. They were early. I was on time. The waitress had them order early, so we were served in stages. I truly dislike when that happens.

We arrived at the theater and settled into our seats. I really enjoyed the show. At intermission, I ran to the restroom, and the line was so long that by the time I got back to my seat, the lights were dimming for the second half.

The second half was so much better, I thought. The woman next to me and the woman behind me broke down sobbing, ugly sounding snot and all. Ew.

After the show, I got a pen for donating money to their cause. It said “grab a pen and write.” I love that message, since I’ve noticed how therapeutic writing here is. Yes, I’m aware that there’s no pen used here. I wanted the bag that said “women in the sequel,” but I really didn’t need another bag.

I snuck out the side entrance and headed to the main library. I am still looking for the rest of the Game of Thrones books in the $1 section of the library store. I go back next week, so I’ll look again.

The ride home on the train was uneventful, other than a woman screaming into her cell phone, and then finding out that the woman she was speaking to was on the train with us.  She went and spoke very loudly to the woman face to face.

I went home and tackled chores.  It’s going to be an early night tonight.

Hamilton and Falsettos

I have been wanting to see both Hamilton and Falsettos for a while. Hamilton tickets were way too expensive and no one wanted to go see Falsettos with me. Also, I knew my dad was getting close to passing. I didn’t want to spend the money and find out that I couldn’t go. I was stalling.

After dad passed, and the funeral was scheduled, I realized that my calendar was open. I figured out how much I could spend and went online to see if I could find tickets within my budget. I found tickets for both for my budget for Hamilton. They aren’t great seats, but they are inside the theater.

I am very excited and a little nervous to be sitting alone. I go to the movies by myself, so I can’t imagine that this will be much different. It’s not like I have to interact with others during the show. I can do this!