I watched this movie as part of a weekly Harry Potter movie series. We watched 1-8, and they host announced that we had 3 more left. What? I thought we were done.

Puffs is the Harry Potter story told by a group of Hufflepuffs. It was a play that was recorded and made into a movie. It’s humorous and very silly.

I don’t know that I would watch it again, but it was fun to watch it at least one time. Snape as the Sex Ed teacher was funny enough to make it worth watching that one time.

Hamilton, the movie

We got Disney Plus specifically to see Hamilton when it was released. I had seen it at the theater when it was here a year ago or so. I found it hard to follow at the theater, so I turned on the Closed Captioning to watch the movie. It wasn’t easy to follow even with the closed captioning.

I did enjoy the story, but, because I was watching at home, I had the distraction of the internet. I was able to look up facts that weren’t clear in the story. I now know a lot about Hamilton and his family.

Watching it on Disney Plus was definitely a lot cheaper than watching it at the theater. The theater was a much better experience, though. It was still informative, though.

Live and Outside at The Riptide

I am confused about what day it is today, because I’ve become used to listening to Charlie play on Sunday afternoons. This week, he played, live, from the back of a pickup truck in front of the Riptide. The rest of the Treacherous French still weren’t there, but it was still fun.

Food and drinks were served at the door and tips were accepted all around. For the most part, everyone wore masks and most stayed at a distance. Unfortunately most people were standing in the street and parking spaces, but it wasn’t a very busy street. A few had folding chairs and settled in for the couple of hours.

It was nice to get out for a little while. The entertainment was great. The website here doesn’t seem to like my videos, so I can’t post them. Trust me, it was a good show.

Local Live Music While Everything is Closed

When all the business closed down, all of the live performances in bars and restaurants stopped. This had been my main reason, other than the library, to leave the house. It was disappointing, but understandable, when these places temporarily closed.

Friends of mine have a band, The Treacherous French (http://thetreacherousfrench.com/) . The lead singer, Charlie, has been doing live performances from his home, through Facebook Live, on Sunday afternoons.

It’s been fun to watch. Charlie takes requests from those of us who are watching. If he knows it, he’ll play it. If he doesn’t, he’ll look into learning it. Sometimes we are kinder with our requests than other times.

It’s worth liking The Treacherous French page on Facebook so that you can take a peek at what’s happening on Sunday afternoons. It’s a nice way to relax and just listen. It’s not quite the same as being there live and in person, but it’s still fun.

Below are links to the band’s albums. Check them out when you have time, please.

Snapshots on iTunes

CD on Amazon

Download on Amazon

Also, on Monday nights, there’s an open mic through The Riptide. It’s hosted on the page, Riptide Monday Night Open Mic. Like the page and you’ll get notifications when it’s on. Because it’s on a work night, and later in the day, I don’t usually get to finish it. It’s fun to watch and the artists get an audience.

Local businesses will be back. Live music will be back. Let’s support what we can from home while we wait. I’ll be back to my regular adventures then. Until then, I will continue my mini adventures from home and quick errands.

The Last Ship

Months ago, we got tickets to see The Last Ship. I had heard mixed reviews, so I was curious about I was going to think.

My daughter, who is in cosmetology school, asked to curl my hair before I went, so she’d get practice with hot rollers. Ok. I got up earlier than I normally would and washed my hair. She blew it dry and started setting it. I don’t know how people do this every morning! I am normally a wash and wear girl. My hair is usually pulled up into a messy low bun, emphasis on the messy, or up in a twist with a claw clip holding it up.

It took over an hour to do. It was so curly, I hardly recognized myself. I was assured that it would loosen up.

I walked outside to walk to the train stop. Yep. It loosened. I almost blew away. I made it to the train and was headed on my way.

I was standing on the train, since there wasn’t a seat. A woman around my age was standing next to me. The man next to her sneezed. She jumped onto me to get away from him. She pulled out a handkerchief and covered her mouth and nose with it. I couldn’t help thinking that she was probably transferring all the germs from her hand, which had been holding the bar on the train, through the handkerchief into her nose and mouth, so it wasn’t doing any good. It took everything in me to not give out a little fake cough to see if I could scare her. It didn’t matter, anyhow, since the moment the door opened, she ran out of the train in the opposite direction of the sneezer.

I met my friends at the coffee place before the show. My coworker dropped by quickly just as we were about to head in to the show, so that was nice.

The show was ok. The story was great, but it’s one of those shows that didn’t need to be a musical. It was kind of difficult to understand at the beginning and it wasn’t clear when the story jumped 17 years into the future. I am glad I saw it, but it isn’t on my list of shows I’d like to see again.

After the show, I stopped by an old friend’s birthday party. It was wonderful to see him. I attempted a selfie with him, but it’s still not my talent. We ended up with a misaimed photo, a blurry photo, and a photo where we were laughing but it ended up with both of us in it, so we declared it good enough.

It was a nice day, and was worth the trip out of the house.