The return of the little free library

Many months ago, the little free library I used to use regularly just disappeared! Well, it got blown over in a storm. It was also in the front yard of a house that was recently sold. The new owner didn’t seem to want it there. Oh well.

Today, on my drive from the gym to work, I saw that there is a new one, a block away. I told my co-worker about it and she told me where another one is. I’ll have to find that one later.

I stopped at the one I’d seen on the way to work. I grabbed two books from the giveaway bag of books that’s been in my backseat for months. I put them in the library and checked to see what was there. All children’s books. Well, I hope that changes soon.

I hope that the other one isn’t just children’s. I hope that the one on the way home from work eventually has more books for the older crowd, too.

Free Book Store

This bookstore in Baltimore, (free bookstore),  looks amazing!  I do wonder how they stay in business, pay their rent and employees, etc, since they don’t charge for the books.  The person who sent me the article called it a big free library.

You can drop off donations, too.  That’s where I have trouble here.  The Little Free Library  that was convenient to me was destroyed in a storm, and the house where it lived was sold and it seems that the new owner doesn’t want it there.  I am driving books around in my car, trying to get to another Little Free Library.  There’s one near school, but they are doing construction on the road, and I can’t park in front of it yet.  I’ll find a place to put these books soon, I hope.

Death of the little free library?

I drove by the house where the most convenient to me little free library lives. They’ve been doing construction on the house for a few months now. I don’t know what the story is behind it, but the tarps are up still.

We have had a storm during the last week, too. It’s been windy and rainy.

Yesterday, the library was gone! The post that held it up was still there, but the library box wasn’t. I will have to check next week on its condition. I am hoping that the wind just blew it over and not that it’s permanently gone. I used it a lot.