Liquid hand soap

Yesterday, I was refilling the liquid soap pumps in the bathroom.  I spilled some of the soap on my hands.  I decided to  wash my hands and of course, you guessed it, I decided that I needed to put soap on them to get the soap off.  I decided that I was a little too tired to being doing that kind of life admin at that time of night.

First Day of School, round 2

MWF and TTh run differently at our house. Wednesday was the actual First day of school. Yesterday was the first Thursday of school.

I don’t have classes on MWF, so Wednesday didn’t affect me much. Yesterday, I had class in the evening. I tried to get my to-do list together so I could do it on the way home. I got a lot of it done, actually. I got home from work before my kids got home, so I managed a nap after a few chores.

I started packing the car about fifteen minutes before departure time and it took me longer than I anticipated. We left for school a little late, but made it on time. I realized that I forgot some of my equipment. I have the syllabus, but I didn’t realize that I’d get far enough to actually need all of the tools. And, toward the end of class. the instructor told me to skip the first project, anyway, since I’d done it last semester. Good thing I didn’t get far.

I got a background done.

It wouldn’t be acrylic painting class for me if I didn’t paint other things besides the canvas. Off to a great start of the semester!

First day of school

My kids are older, but they are still in school. I didn’t bother with first day of school photos, but the early morning chaos in the house is back.

The dogs got used to the summer schedule. They were not awake enough to figure out that it was time to out at the crack of dawn. They moved very slowly and quietly out the door to the backyard. When they were called back in, Doris seemed to have fallen asleep in the doorway. She just stood there and didn’t want to come back in. Molly was very happy to go back upstairs to go back to sleep, though. Doris eventually followed and didn’t even attempt to harass the cats.

The cats were confused because so many people were awake and not feeding them yet. Once I fed them, they went back to sleep, requesting that the lights be turned off.

I wandered off to work in the wagon, intending to get a package delivered to a friend before work, and putting back the camping gear, and a few other errands after work.

I got everything but a trip to the library done after work. It can wait until tomorrow.

A Roomba that Swears


The above linked article talks about a developer who programmed his Roomba to swear when it bumps into things.  If  it’s going to “feel like a part of the family, he better learn to swear like the rest of us.”

I miss my Roomba.  I used to talk to it.  Encourage it.  Apologize for being in its way.  I think it ended up in storage when we moved.  Maybe someday, I’ll have it to keep me company again.

New podcast

When I don’t have an audiobook going in the car, I’ll go for a podcast. I had a new one fall into my lap last week. Its host is a woman who lost 100 pounds twelve years ago, making small changes.

Her main advice is to not start anything that you aren’t prepared to keep up for your entire life. And next is to not do anything big that is a quick fix.

My first week, I was away, so I wasn’t fully ready to start anything. I decided to go for 64 ounces of water a day. I actually managed it and more. I got through the running to the bathroom to pee all day while I was on vacation and it didn’t really matter if I wandered off. I kept it up. I am no longer running off as frequently, since my body seems to have adjusted.

Sunday night, I packed all my stuff for an early morning swim, followed by work. I got my lunch ready to bring with me.

I weighed myself this morning. I will be continuing that on Mondays.

Today, I got up early. I put on my swimsuit and cover-up, grabbed my bag and headed to the gym. I got in the pool and told myself to not do the full distance. When I got halfway through, I told myself to just do a little more. Then, suddenly, I had just one lap to go! I did it! I went into the hot tub after the swim. I had to get out when the guy in his tidy whities got in. Nope. Didn’t want to see that getting out of the water.

I showered, dressed, and went to work, drinking my water along the way. I found that they moved the little free library a block away! I chose a healthier breakfast than I normally would. I got my coffee and settled into a work schedule.

Close to lunch time, I realized I left my lunch at home in the fridge. Thankfully, we were off early and I wouldn’t starve on the way home.

I went to drop some of the books from my car into the little free library, went to the post office and ATM. I picked up a hold from the library and went home to eat my lunch. I napped and then went to the grocery store.

When I got home, I took out the garbage cans. I had forgotten that I was going to take a kid to get snacks at the grocery store, so I sent them back to the store with my debit card.

I got my stuff ready for a trip to the pool again tomorrow. Is this something I can keep up for the rest of my life? I sure hope so.

Squirt bottle training

I posted this as my status on Facebook earlier. I was surprised at how many of my friends agreed.

“When I thought back on an unusual day, I came to the conclusion that there are some people who could benefit from squirt bottle training, like we use with the cats. Unfortunately, though, I suspect that some people I know would end up soaking wet, instead of mildly damp, after interactions with me. I have to look around for a travel sized squirt bottle.”

Today is mildly better.  I still want the squirt bottle, though.

Was It Garbage Night?

Monday nights, we take the garbage cans to the curb.  Last night, I brought the cans out, and I looked down the block.  No one had their cans out.  I went inside.  No one had taken the kitchen garbage out.  No one had taken the compost and recycling out.  I looked at the calendar.  Yes.  It was Monday.  Very weird.

I got all of our inside garbages emptied into the outside cans.  Still, no one on the block had taken their cans out.  So odd.  I shook it off.

A little while later, I headed out to go pick up library books.  When I got back, every can on the block was out.  I guess everyone was delayed.  Maybe they were all waiting for someone to start the process?  It was still a strange feeling to be the only one on the block for a while.

Could you read 500 500 page books in a year?

If you were paid 500 million dollars to read 500 – 500 page books in 1 year , do you think you could do it?

500 books in a year is 1.36 books a day.  500 pages would take about 5 hours, maybe ten, depending on the distraction level and difficulty.  So, assuming 10 hours a book, that would be 14 hours a day reading.

Add 8 hours a day for sleep, you get 22 hours.  2 hours to do EVERYTHING else.

If I got a portion of the money ahead of time and was able to stop working and hire someone to take care of cooking, cleaning, driving, errands, etc, sure, I could do it, assuming I chose the books.  There are too many life admin things to take care of otherwise.

Changing Sheets with Feline Help

I stripped the bed. Inky took over before I got the sheets on. I had to move her to get the fitted sheet on. Then she climbed back up, so she’s currently made into the bed.  She doesn’t seem to mind.  She’s inside warm sheets, napping.  It sounds like a good idea on most days.  Too bad Inky can’t read.  We could completely be buddies.  I just have to teach her how to change the sheets, so it’s not only me doing it.

Doing a favor for a friend

A friend asked me to do a favor for her at 4 am today. I said no problem. Alarms all set, I went to sleep. I woke up at 1 am, and realized that it was possible she meant 4 am Eastern time. Yup! Thankfully, I realized it in plenty of time to get it done. Now I get to sleep in, feeling accomplished.

In theory, that is. I got the order done, but the card I tried to use didn’t want to work, so I had to fully wake up to figure out why and what to do. Then I tried to email her the confirmation that I’d accomplished my middle of the night task, but my address book on my email account decided that it wasn’t going to work. I had to hand type her email address in. Thankfully, I knew it, but suddenly blanked on if it was yahoo or gmail. I guessed right.

Of course, by then I had to get up and use the bathroom, because what else does one do in the middle of the night?

I got back in bed and had to find extra blankets since our heatwave finally broke and my toes were cold.

I didn’t eat much dinner because I wasn’t hungry at dinner time. I don’t want to get up and eat at this time of night because I don’t want to let my stomach think that it’s an option. I’ll drink water, so I’ll have to get up and use the bathroom again in an hour or so.

I don’t know where my purse is with my kindle on it, and I don’t want to fall asleep with my reading light on, so I decided to write here instead of read. It didn’t make me tired, though. I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and find the purse.

Now that I’ve found the purse by getting up and turning on the light, I should be fully awake.

And I just remembered that my daughter reminded me right before bedtime that I told her I’d drive her and a friend somewhere with no parking in the morning. At least her version of morning starts closer to noon than most people’s version of morning.

It’s 2 am now. I am going to stop writing and read for a little while. Hopefully I’m tired enough that a little while won’t take me to morning. Goodnight!