A feline infatuation with bedding

I don’t understand why cats are so fascinated with sheet changing day. Usually, I have to move Inky a few times while changing sheets. Sometimes I just end up throwing the blankets over her so I can get it done more quickly.

Yesterday, it was Mini who was the issue. I moved her about a dozen times before calling for reinforcements. Mini usually isn’t a person cat, and my presence offends her, normally. I guess the call of clean sheets was too much for her. I had to call the family to help keep her out of the way.

What is it with bedding? I thought it might be the smell of the sheets right out of the drier, or maybe the warmth? The sheets had been washed the week before and stored away, so it was neither.

My final answer: Cats are weird.

Catching up with reading, feline edition

I have several books that have impending deadlines. Some are library books that need to go back. Some are for bookclub that is coming up soon. Some are just to get my book stack to a reasonable level.

I have little on today’s agenda, so I plan on making progress on multiple books today.

Inky has decided to help. Partly to keep me in place, on task, and partly as my book holder.

I am reading a chapter or writing a post then moving on to the next book’s chapter or another blog post. I hope to actually finish a book or two today, along with laundry and other chores.

Paper shredder

Our Molly does this. Cardboard boxes are not her friend. Attack!

She only got one book so far. It was delivered and she got to the package first. I found all but the corners of two pages. I put it together, but haven’t read it yet.

Working on a Weekend

Usually, if I go in to work on a weekend, it’s a brief trip. I had to go in this weekend, after a crazy work week. I wasn’t able to get a lot done after work last week, so I planned to get it done after work on Saturday.

I worked, then took myself to breakfast since everything went smoothly. I was alone, so I sat at the bar instead of waiting 25 minutes for a table. The lady who ended up sitting next to me had done the same thing. She gave me a lecture on the benefits of being single. I gave her a lecture on why she needs a Kindle.

After breakfast, I went to the nail place, expecting a long wait since it was a weekend. I was seated right away and was out the door with a mani pedi in just over an hour.

After nails, I went to the post office to pick up mail. My daughter’s ATM card had been delivered, so I brought it to her girlfriend at work. She’d have the card for the trip they were taking.

Next on the list was the library, to pick up holds. On the way there, I talked to a friend. We got caught up in just over an hour, while I sat in the car. I ran in to the library quickly while he was talking. Then sat in my car at home to talk longer. After we hung up, we texted for a few more minutes, since we weren’t done yet.

I went inside and read for a while. I eventually decided to finish watching The Shining. I had never seen it before, since I’m a big chicken when it comes to horror and thrillers. I got about halfway through and paused it to have dinner. Mostly because I was afraid to watch it all in one chunk.

After dinner, I gathered up my online support group to watch the second half with me. I was surprised that the movie wasn’t as scary as I thought. Creepy, yes. Scary, not so much. I think part of it was that I’d seen so many pieces of it over the years that I kind of knew what was coming.

My aunt texted me right after I finished it and told me that my cousin had just watched it for the first time, along with The Sixth Sense. She was more scared of the other movie. I recommended The Ring and The Blair Witch Project for their next movie nights. Those scared the heck out of me.

Missing a library book

I wrote this a while ago, but, unfortunately, it’s still common in my life.

I got the alert from the library that one of my library books is due soon. So, I started looking through the books and deciding what other books I should take back, since I’m going to be heading there anyhow. I realized that I was missing a book. It wasn’t close to due yet, so I was not concerned. I had time to find it. While I was looking, I found a book that I had forgotten that I had checked out, with the intention of going to a bookclub meeting about it. After I checked it out, I decided I just wasn’t interested in the book, so, it needed to go back,and I wasn’t going to that bookclub meeting. I didn’t even know it was missing, since I had no interest in it.

I found the book that’s due soon, and underneath it was a book that I read on kindle, so I didn’t need to keep it around.

I was supposed to return one book, but I found seven to go back. And picked up nine books that were on hold. I am not making progress on this, it seems.

What I Actually Got Done Yesterday

I had a good todo list going yesterday. Mostly involving library books.

Worked. Nothing terribly unusual there

Blogged. Pulled up and finished some draft posts. I put new library holds on the library site.

Returned library books. I returned two of the six overdue books, since they were in my car already. I figured that I may as well get one of the list’s items done.

Confirmed non tech friend on Facebook. Had to phone her first to make sure it was her. Wasn’t on my list.

Had leftovers from last night for lunch. Wasn’t on my list.

Sorted library books, somewhat. I found 7 books to go back. I returned them on the way to class. I still have 2 overdue books left to locate and return. I know where 2 of them are, but I didn’t return them.

Got dirty scrubs into the washing machine and hung them. I remembered to bring them to work with me this morning, too.

Went to class and got a good chunk of two projects done.

I haven’t decided what to pack on my trip. I have a general plan for clothes, but not for books. I didn’t fix the book stack, but it isn’t as precarious as I thought it was. I did manage to check that.

I did end up with more than ten items on my list, but most were related and I got the important stuff done.

The most important thing I did was let my family sort out the issues that came up that I didn’t really need to be involved with. They got the majority of the pressing issues done, without my help.

Library books to return

I have a bad habit of checking out too many library books at a time. I get them read, but not quickly enough. To make this problem worse, the library no longer charges for overdue books, so I tend to sit on the books, thinking that I’ll get to them eventually.

I renew my books online, but if there is someone waiting for the book, or if I have already renewed the loan three times, I can’t renew it anymore. These books become overdue.

I have several that are overdue, and several that I know I won’t read any time soon. These should go back. I know this.

I will be going on a trip soon, so I think I should probably go through my library books and see what I’ll finish before I go, and what I want to take with me. The audiobooks automatically go with me, on my phone, so they aren’t an issue. And ebooks go on my kindle. Both types of digital books get returned as soon as the library decides I need to return them.

I have given myself a project today. Actually, multiple projects. 1) return the library books that are in my car. 2) Decide what library books are due, and what won’t be read before my trip. 3) Decide what is going with me on my trip. 4) Locate the books that are going to go back. 5) Put the books to return in the car. And… 6) Fix the book stack that may topple while I am away.

I also have to do laundry, since I spilled my breakfast down the front of my scrubs at work this morning.

I probably should start thinking about what I am going to pack for my trip, too.

Two more tasks for a nice round 10?

Getting the list done

I have used the calendar in my phone for years without incident. Recently, I went to paper for my daily tasks. It works great for to-do lists.

Yesterday, I tried to get the majority of my list done in one trip. ATM, pharmacy, gas, etc, etc. I was checking them off one by one. I got home and worked on projects that weren’t on my list. I went off to class, knowing that I had accomplished a lot my list.

When I got home, I realized that I had forgotten two things, but nothing urgent. I am still wondering how I managed to forget something when it was written down. It takes talent. Plus, I’m still a work in progress.

A long list and a day off

I got up early today with a long to-do list. I showered and dressed and realized that I hadn’t heard from my kids, who were supposed to be up and moving. Not a good start.

I grabbed the two who were coming with me and we headed out to the first task. Traffic was awful. So I got dropped off with the kid who needed to be there, and the other kid parked the car. Task one, done!

Task two was not so easy. I was trying to get a deposit made, but the ATM decided to go off line. Try again later.

Breakfast went ok. Then home to load the car with recycling. I headed to drop something off with a friend, and the kids headed to the recycling Center. I got a call that the recycling Center was too busy, so we decided to meet at the oil change place.

I stopped at the post office and found that I’d received the check I was waiting for. Still can’t deposit it.

We went to get nails done after dropping off the car. After nails we picked up the car and headed back to the recycling Center. Still crowded, but the stuff got dropped off.

I handed over the keys to the storage unit and went off to deposit my checks. The kids went over there to pick up camping gear before they went shopping.

I finished up my errands with a trip to the library, filled the car with gas and hit the grocery store. I went with a list based on our meal planning, but added a few things. Not bad.

I went home and started dinner and prepped a couple of meals and snacks for week. I got a lot done today, just not in the order I was expecting.