Field trip today

My daughter’s dance troop had a field trip today to dance at a middle school assembly. It was the younger part of the group, so my daughter wasn’t part of the group.

They were desperate for drivers, and I had been fingerprinted, etc, for the school, so they practically begged me to go. I was off work for bereavement leave, so I agreed to go.

I had to be at the meeting point at 7:30 am, but I didn’t realize it was raining. I arrived a few minutes late, but I was there before some of the kids.

I picked up the huge school van. What a difference between that and my tiny little car. The kids loaded up their costumes and themselves in the car, and then we started the seat belt argument. We were the first van to leave, since we finished the loading up and argument first.

I am a slow driver, and I’m even slower with the huge van and the kids in it. I was expecting to get at the performance location at the same time as the other three vans. My GPS decided to send me to the staff parking lot, so I had to drive around the building to get to where I needed to be. I arrived as the third van. But, we all got there.

We learned from last year. We arrived and located the bathroom. Then insisted on chairs for the chaperones. Then we settled in to watch the show and take photos. I was getting texts about the funeral plans, but one thing at a time.

The first performance went smoothly. The first batch of kids left and the second came in. The second performance went smoothly too.

Then, to change and have lunch. We got everyone back into the vans and headed to in n out after having the seat belt argument, again. The place was crawling with the dancers. Everyone got their orders and sat. Suddenly, all the kids got up and started walking. Ok. I guess we’re headed back to school.

We dropped the kids off, returned the vans and headed on our way. I ended up at the funeral home again. Ticking things off the list. I am looking forward to a quiet evening tonight. This means that someone will have something for me to do when I get home.

Hairdo day

I went to get my hair done with my daughter. On the way there, I realized I forgot my Kindle. It was going to be a long appointment because we both were getting color. We stopped at Walgreen to pick up supplies for my daughter, and they had a drop box for expired pills. I remembered that I had a bunch of them to drop off that came from my parents house. I also remembered that I had my Kindle with the waterproof case in the car, with my gym stuff. Score! Multiple projects done! We went to Starbucks for the Wi-Fi so I could add the book I had started.

We arrived on time for the appointment, but the hairdresser wasn’t there. I texted her… she had us down for May. Ooops. She arrived 45 minutes late, but it was ok.

She started my daughter first. They sailed through the first layer of coloring. Then mine. Easy. My daughter’s hair didn’t take the color like expected, but it came out cute.

We dropped off the centerpieces for the funeral reception at the location where the reception will be held. No googly eyes, were involved. We got home just in time for me to leave for class tonight.

I almost finished a painting tonight, so I’m really feeling accomplished.

No wasted trips, part two

Yesterday, I posted here about forgetting why I was in the garage randomly. Here’s the follow-up.

When I got home after class, I was running around trying to get to my 10000 fitbit steps, so I was all over the place. I was talking to mom and my oldest daughter while I was doing chores. I got lost headed to the garage again, but only got as far as the doorway. The two of them were shouting suggestions about why I might have been headed there. My daughter got it! Garbage can liners!

It was like a bad game of charades.

No wasted trips

I walked into the house, put my bags down, and said, out loud “Oh. I need to…” and found myself standing in the garage wondering why I was out there. So, I threw a load of laundry in the washer to avoid a wasted trip and went back inside. I still don’t know why I went out there to begin with.

Car wash

After all the rain and wind here, my car was filthy. As luck would have it, I was low on gas as I neared the gas station with the carwash.

I pumped my gas and saw that there was no one in line at the carwash. I took my swim magnet off my car to prep for the wash. I finished up and two people raced in front of me to get in line first. Fine. I can wait. I have an audiobook and a kindle with some time to spare.

I found that as I got to the front of the line, I couldn’t hear my audiobook. Well, that stopped that idea.

I followed all the instructions, but because my car is so little, the back didn’t get as clean as I would have liked it to be.

That’s ok, though. It’ll rain tomorrow.

Busy planning day

I started yesterday with a manicure. There was a woman there who had been kicked out of her previous salon because her kids were noisy. She was told not to come back with the children, so she didn’t ever go back. This was her first trip to the salon after that happened. Her younger daughter was in a stroller and was entertaining. Calling, “mom, mom, mom!” When her mom finally looked, she said “hi!” and then went back to “mom, mom, mom.” The people around me were entertained, not annoyed. They made comments about how it’s better than their teenagers, and that the girl was happy. No one was bothered

I finished before my daughter and went over and sat to wait. Suddenly, the girls started bickering and a hearing aid was thrown across the floor. I picked it up and brought it to their mom so it wouldn’t get lost. I talked to the girls. They quieted down. The oldest girl was 5 and they didn’t have school because of spring break. The youngest was three. The little one kept asking for her hearing aid, but wasn’t upset. Right before their mom was finished, the girls started bickering again and the little one started crying. My daughter and I waited for their mom to finish, and the mom started looking for the other half of the hearing aid. It was in the cup holder on it stroller.

We went to the place where we will have the reception after the funeral. We had lunch and planned the reception with my mom and aunt and cousin. We all pretty much agreed.

After that, we went to my friend’s house to get my dad’s helmet cleaned up for the funeral ceremony. We stayed and chatted for a while.

Then I went to the book signing, which I already posted about here.

It was an exhausting day, but very fulfilling.

Jury Duty

I got called for jury duty one week before my cruise. I delayed it to the middle of this month. When I scheduled it, I didn’t realize that so much would be going on this week. I can only delay once, so I had to go today.

I was supposed to work the morning before reporting for jury duty, but I woke up this morning and realized that I would have to drive an hour to work only an hour, then drive back an hour to catch the train to get there.

I missed the first train to get there. So, by the time I got to the station where the courthouse is, I only had fifteen minutes to find the room. The problem was, the buildings there are not numbered logically. I went to the wrong building first.

By the time I got out of the wrong building and located the right one, I had seven minutes to get through security and find the right room and check in. My watch decided that it was going to beep at the metal detector.

I checked in on time, then had to wait 45 minutes to be escorted into the jury room. The judge did not allow any hardships other than pre paid vacations, in which case you would be rescheduled for some random day, and if you didn’t speak English. Financial hardships were not heard. She did not allow any other reason to be heard.

I am not talking about the case, as ordered. I am just talking about the process.

The questioning began and a couple of people were dismissed. We were to continue the next day.

I arrived the next day, early. I was confident that I wouldn’t be chosen. I answered every question that the lawyers and judges threw at me. There were a few that I would have liked to have answered, but they didn’t ask me. I was starting to very nervous when the judge threw out two people before asking the lawyers to choose. I was the first person that the first lawyer threw out of there.

I am not eligible to be called for another year!

One of my friends messaged me after day one to ask how much reading and writing I’d accomplished. Almost like she knows me.