Slow news day

It hasn’t rained here in a while.  We’ve been in drought for years.  This winter, the universe is making up for lost time.  Unfortunately, the heavy rain came on a slow news day.  At the beginning of the news, they showed a large sinkhole that had gotten an SUV.  They showed pictures of the pipe that caused the sinkhole, and reported that the pipe had been laid in 1902.  Roosevelt was president.  Apparently, who was president was an important thing for this sinkhole.  Then, they went to surprise that the pipe broke after 117 years.  “After all this time, what caused the pipe to break?”   Well, could it have been that it’s a 117-year-old pipe?

The next story was about an Acura that got stalled trying to drive through a puddle.  “Well, I saw that a large truck went through it, so I thought my car could, too.  I do it all the time.”  Well, your car is lower than than the truck.  Then there was five minutes of video of the Acura being towed out of the puddle.

There was the weather report.  Rain.  Storm.  More rain.  Flooding.  Snow where it normally doesn’t snow.

Then there was a story about a police cruiser stalling in the puddle.  They didn’t show video of it being towed out, but they reported that it got towed.

When they broke for commercial:  “Coming up… more updates about the rain”

There was 45 minutes of only rain coverage.  There was a tiny blurb about Kaepernick not being appropriate for black history month celebrations, so that was briefly touched upon.  I turned the tv off after that, so I don’t know if they had more rain coverage or not.  I guess there wasn’t much else going on.

Goodbye, old friend

This was the first real car that I made payments on.  I purchased from a coworker whose mother had just passed away, and his siblings were making him liquidate his mom’s estate quickly.  We both benefited from the deal.

My younger daughter was not yet out of the car seat, so she must have been under 6 when we got the car.  She remembers because she wanted to ride with me when I picked up the car, but it was a pain to move the car seat from one car to the other.  She was so mad, she still brings it up occasionally.  She is an adult now.

Both of my daughters learned to drive on this car.  It took me to and from work for at least ten years.  It had a few issues, but we managed to work around them.

My youngest daughter started driving this car regularly to get her back and forth from school once she got her license.  She was supposed to drive the other car, but this car was an automatic and she isn’t comfortable on a stick shift yet.  I started driving the car with the stick shift.

The car started getting bumpy and we took it in to the mechanic.  The mechanic has been very honest with us about what does and doesn’t need to be done to our cars.  In this case, he said that the cylinders are leaking and it needs a complete engine rebuild in order to keep it running.  He told me that it would be really expensive, and it wasn’t worth the cost of the car.  “Put a sign on it ‘mechanic’s special’ and sell it for $500.”  Well, I waited because my daughter needed to get her stuff out of the car, and I wanted to keep the radio because it had sentimental value.  It took months to get it all together.  In the meantime, the battery stopped charging, and it wasn’t worth it anymore to move it for street cleaning every two weeks.

We got to the point where registration was coming due and street cleaning was coming up, so I started to get moving on it.  I decided that I didn’t want to bother with a test drive that started with a jump start, especially since the car didn’t really run well anyhow.

I got the radio out and emailed the car donation place and the car was picked up in less than 24 hours.  It was an easy process.  I can’t believe how much weight this took off my shoulders when I finally called the insurance company and took the car off the insurance.

I will miss this car.  It came into our lives exactly when it was needed and stayed as long as we needed it.  It had wonderful timing all along.  Goodbye, old friend!

Post #300

When I started this blog in October, I thought it was going to go the way of my other blogs. I used to blog sporadically, and then give up on it. I think I just hadn’t figured out the right topic for me.

I go off topic a lot, but I generally stick to book and getting myself to “normal.”  It just clicked when I found my topic and allowed myself to go off topic a little.

I have been enjoying writing the blog more than I thought I would.  I never thought I would get to 300 posts, but here we are!  I am grateful for all of you who follow and like regularly.  Thanks for reading!

The biggest lie

I learned long ago that I need to write it down if I’m going to remember.  Or text it.  Otherwise, I end up stressing about remembering to not forget.  If I can’t write it down right away, I count tasks on my fingers.  I know that if I have four things to do, I’ll remember 3.  I write it down the moment I can.  I will forget.  No question.

Off on a tangent from the license plate saga

I had a saga with getting the license plate fix it ticket signed off.  I got a bill in the mail today to pay the ticket.  I am going to wait until tomorrow to call and make sure they received it.  I suspect they crossed in the mail.

But, the other car issue I had was for the car that we have to jump start to move.  It got to the point where it became evident that we needed to donate the car.  It isn’t running and the battery is dead.  It needs a complete engine overhaul, and the mechanic told me that it’s time to call it quits.  OK.

The problem is, there was a radio in the car that has sentimental value.  I have been waiting to donate the car until the radio is out.  I asked a friend to help, and through a series of events, it didn’t happen.  I asked a second friend, and he said he would, but he needed a couple of days.  No problem.  He was going to come last week, but found out that he needed a specific tool.  Amazon carried the tool.  Great!

I ordered the tool on Thursday morning.  Saturday morning delivery was guaranteed.  Saturday morning arrived and Amazon alerted me to the fact that the package was delivered.  It was not.  I was told to wait 36 hours before asking them to search for the package.  So, I ordered another tool, since it would arrive Monday.  I figured that I would either get the original package or the new one, and could return the other one.  Both packages arrived today.  I already printed out the label to return one.

I texted my friend and he was here within two hours.  It took a few minutes for him to get the radio out, but it’s out!  Now I have to contact the car donation place and hope they can come get it by Wednesday afternoon, so I don’t have to jump start it again for street cleaning.  To be continued…

Pop goes the weasel

My daughter and I went to the pet store to get pet food for the zoo at our house.  We needed to get wax worms for the geckos and occasionally they end up dying before purchase.  We’ve learned to open the container to make sure they are wiggly.  My younger daughter and I don’t like doing this because the worms give us the willies.  I informed her that since I was paying, she was going to open the container, not me.  She very gingerly starts to open it.  I start humming pop goes the weasel.  She kept looking at the container like they were going to jump out at her when she opened it.  When she finally opened it, they were all wiggly and there was no problem.  She put the top back on, and I had pop goes the weasel stuck in my head for the next three days.

Overwhelming myself

With the ADHD, I find that I try to do way too many things at once. Like I said in an earlier post, I’m prepping for vacation, so I got several posts started. All the post drafts are calling to me. All at once.

I know, logically, that I can’t do everything at once, but I’ll try. Actually, I’ll try to save something to do later. Like I planned.