Author panel 11/13/19

November is National Novel Writing Month. NaNoWriMo, apparently. Apparently, I can’t read, since I went to the wrong room first, even though its correct location was clearly marked.

The library hosted a panel of writers talking about writing process and what it takes to write 50,000 words a month.

The three authors talked about their various writing techniques, and, while each was different, they have all learned the same thing. Each book needs a different technique.

It was a wonderful presentation, but I had to leave before the end. The part that I saw had a lot of valuable information.

There’s more information on, but I haven’t checked it out yet.

Alcatraz Occupation 1969

The San Francisco library is having exhibits honoring the 1969 native American occupation. I went to two of the talks, and I looked at two of the exhibits. There are two more that I haven’t gotten to. I am learning a lot that I wasn’t expecting to learn. I am amazed that a lot of this stuff wasn’t taught in school, and if it was, it was taught with a biased slant.

I plan on going back and finishing the other two exhibits.

I found this at the Sunset library. I need to look into it, too.

I have found all of this information fascinating. History that I had no knowledge of.

Sunset Library Branch

27 branches

SUNSET (415) 355-2808
1305 18th Ave. (at Irving) 94122
M: 10-6; Tu: 10-8; W: 10-8; Th: 10-8; F: 1-6;
Sat: 10-6; Sun: 1-5
Children’s Room (415) 355-2818

I dropped by here quickly yesterday, since I’d never been inside. It was smaller than I anticipated. The outside makes it look like an old time post office. It has a ten minute parking zone outside, which I appreciated.

I went inside and looked around. There were plenty of seats for adults, with outlets for laptops and phones. There’s a teen section, from 3-6 pm on weekdays. The adults can use it with permission if it’s available. According to the contact info, there’s a children’s area, but I didn’t see it. I’ll have to wander back to locate it. But, it seems it’s far enough away from the adult section to keep it quieter than other libraries.

Other than limited parking outside, this branch of the library would be ideal for quiet work.

What Are You Reading Wednesday

This week’s audiobook is Lovecraft Country, for Sunday’s bookclub.

This week’s library book is about the architecture and landscape of Alcatraz.

This week’s book stack book is Magic for Liars, also for Sunday’s bookclub.

This week’s Kindle book is Playing for Keeps, about neighbors who can’t stand each other. It’s a love story.

Panel Discussion: Ancestral Ink

The library is doing a series of talks on Native Americans this month, honoring the fifty year anniversary of the occupation of Alcatraz coming up on November 20.

Six women spoke on tattoos of indigenous people, and what the tattoos mean. Only five ended up on the biography sheet. All six were fascinating.

There’s a documentary coming out soon, called Skindigenous which is about the research these women did and the teaching they continuously give to pass down the information to their children and grandchildren, and other indigenous people.

One of the women actually did her research in the Philippines, so it was a little different than the other women, but was still fascinating.

I love that the library gives a voice to people who I wouldn’t normally hear from. If I hadn’t gone to this talk, it would be information that I’d never have learned.