What happens in Vegas…?

In January, a friend and I drove to Vegas and back. Because I was behind the wheel, I didn’t drink on days we were on the road. I think I have a pretty clear idea of what we did during the trip.

I thought so, at least, until today, when I got an email from the Las Vegas library, welcoming me back. I had to message my friend to see if we had gone, because I have no knowledge of going. The answer is, no, we didn’t go there. I wonder how they got my email address.

I guess, though, that it’s very possible that, knowing my personality, that I visited. Maybe I’ll have to put a visit to the library on my todo list the next time I go to Vegas.

1000 books before Kindergarten

1000 books before kindergarten

The above linked article tells about a program that the library is putting on to encourage parents to read to their small children. 1000 books before kindergarten might sound impossible, but one book a day for 3 years puts you way over the top. Right now, no one can use the library, but many of these books are online. Make reading a part of the child’s daily routine. You won’t be sorry.

Landfill stories

This exhibit is from the main library. It was from one of my last adventures there before it closed. It is all about how the landfill handles sitting around for so many years. It was interesting, but the photos don’t do it justice. Some bricks had imprints of paper that sat on it for years. It was a discovery of history that wasn’t meant to be discovered, but became a happy accidental find. There is so much history in our landfills just waiting to be discovered some day.

Deep cleaning the libraries

Deep cleaning the library

The books shelved by size on the bookshelf

The photo and article linked above shows how clean the Suffolk libraries are getting.

One librarian goes in to deal with returns and to check on things. The deep cleaners go in to make sure that the library is ready when patrons are able to go back.

The librarian found that the deep cleaners cleaned the books all right. And sorted them by size. Perfect!

The returning librarians will have a lot of work on their hands putting every book back in its place. At least they know everything was cleaned.

Beautiful Libraries in Illustration

beautiful libraries in illustration

The above linked article shows illustrations of the outside of several international libraries. They only show a drawing, and only of the outside. The real thing is much better, I’m sure. I have seen the NY public library recently, and the inside was almost as amazing as the outside. The lions were missing when I was there, because they were being repaired.

I’d love to visit the other libraries, too. The illustrations are beautiful, so I can’t even imagine how beautiful the real thing is.