Tough topics

Librarians have a tough job. Just knowing the Dewey Decimal system is tough enough, but knowing where to find the items that no one wants to talk about makes it even more difficult.

This library posted a reminder that the librarians are there to help, not to judge. Posting it makes it easier for patrons to find what they are looking for, without embarrassment. What a great idea, Librarians!

Odd Requests of Librarians

Odd requests

The above linked article tells of some odd requests that patrons ask of librarians. Some of them are completely off the way, and some are just a little quirky. Most are entertaining, at least.

Some of my favorites are listed below.

  • A good book to read on the toilet
  • Which frame is good for a patron’s new glasses
  • To borrow a car
  • Help with apartment hunting
  • Does this look infected?
  • Delivery of books