Volcano, Ca

Volcano, Ca

When I was taking a California history class, I ran into the information that there is a Volcano, California. I had no idea!

In the above liked Wikipedia page, it states that the city’s name came from the settlers who originally thought that it was once a volcano. It was actually a valley and the fog came rolling in each morning.

I am always amazed at what there is to learn. There’s something new every day. I just need to be pointed in the right direction.

The California Coolers

The cooler pantry

The above linked article tells about California coolers. Before refrigerators were common in San Francisco homes, the California cooler was popular. It’s meant to keep things cool by letting the cool, foggy air of San Francisco into the pantry.

These days, if they haven’t been removed, they are kept for earth friendly reasons, and they are perfect for storing things like wine and tomatoes, which normally shouldn’t go in the refrigerator, but still like it cooler.

This was a fun fact I ran into about my hometown. There is always something new to learn.

An example of a California cooler.
An example of a California cooler in Berkeley.