An Evening with Kindle Vella

An evening with Kindle vella

The above linked article isn’t talking about a new Kindle model, as I originally thought. It is a tool for authors to get their stories out as they are writing them. They don’t need a publisher. The stories can be published an episode at a time, and the reader has to pay for tokens to read the stories.

It sounds like a great tool for new authors. I’m not sure how well it would work for the readers, but it’s certainly a new idea.

What is Your Passion?

For one of my assignments for school, I have to write a paper on my passion. It was written vaguely on purpose. I have to come up with something to write about. What will I write? I assumed that, since it is for a writing class, I should be leaning toward books. While I could write about swimming, I don’t think I am prepared to read a lot on the topic, given the other assignments I have.

As part of the discussion when we were given the assignment, the instructor asked if we had read or watched anything interesting lately. Hmmmm.

I have been listening to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on audiobook. It got me thinking about how it differs from the written book and from the movie. I haven’t yet watched the movie, but I will get to it before I truly start my paper.

I have to research the whole thing, so between the three types of media, I think I will be able to find enough to write about.

I have the project for a second class completed and ready to present, and another project for a third class almost completed. I am stalling on the paper for the final class, but it will get done before the due date.

Kindle Cover Art

Kindle cover art

Finally, according to the above linked article, we can show the cover of the book we are currently reading on our Kindles! It seems that no one has tested it yet to see if those of us with special offers turned on can use this feature, but it’s a start.

It’s a nice feature to have, but if it doesn’t work on Kindles with special offers, I don’t know if it’s worth it to me to pay the extra $20. I’ll wait and see if it works, but it’s nice to know it’s a possibility.

Elevate Your Kindle Experience

Elevate your kindle experience

In the above linked article, there are 4 things that the average person might not know about their Kindle.

You can loan books to others for 14 days. There is the option to loan through Amazon, under my devices and content. You used to be able to loan it three times, then they took the option away totally, but now you can loan it once. The other person must be ready to receive it and read fast. Only 14 days!

You can send personal content to your device. It doesn’t need to be in Kindle format. The only downfall with this one is that you can’t send your notes to Goodreads, since it’s not quite in the right format.

Your Kindle will keep your notes and highlights in one spot. I didn’t know this one. I’ll have to try it. There’s a link to the spot in the article. I haven’t found it on my actual device, but I will look around later.

You can return purchases you made. Don’t take advantage of this or your ebook rights might be suspended. I’ve had my Kindle for many years. I think I’ve returned only 3 or 4 times in the many years that I have had a Kindle account. Usually because of a duplicate purchase or I fell asleep and hit the one click button. It happens. Not often, though.

I know that there is a new Nook coming out, and I still can’t see the benefit of the Nook over the Kindle. I haven’t been convinced yet. I am still a Kindle fan, and sharing these things with you just reminds me of why I am a fan.

Threatened by eReaders

I agree with this statement. I read on both paper and Kindle. Each has its own use, but neither is fully better than the other. I run out of battery life on the Kindle because I forget to plug it in. I can’t read a paper book in the dark.

One of the comments on this photo was “bookstores, not books, are threatened by Kindle.” I do believe that is true. The books don’t care. The books are just getting the words out there.

If we go further, the authors are the ones getting the words out there, and if the words are on paper or on Kindle, it really doesn’t matter, does it? (we aren’t getting into the great audiobook debate here)

If we go even further, on that comment, bookstores don’t care about Kindle, either. The bookstore owners care about paper vs Kindle, not the bookstore itself.

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Why I Replaced My Kindle

Why I Replaced My Kindle

I loved the above linked article. It tells about the wonders of the Kindle.

As you know, I love my Kindle. I can carry most of my books with me wherever I go. I do audiobooks on my commute, so that helps me get through a lot more books than I normally would, but my kindle helps me get through a lot more, especially now that I can’t check out physical library books.

I’m so glad that I found another kindle lover with the author of the article. I know there are more of you out there. Speak up!

What I forgot to pack

I went away for a weekend with the family. I live with them, so it’s not a big deal with the shelter in place orders. The place where we are has a pool, with strict rules of use. I go in and do my laps and get out. No dawdling. Wash down everything that was used.

Normally, I would sit down and read a book poolside. This trip, nope. Other than the rules not really allowing it without wearing a mask, I forgot my book!

I forgot my book! How could I do that? I do have my Kindle, but I don’t really want it out by the pool. I also have my textbook for my class, which is technically what I am supposed to be reading. It is rented though, so that doesn’t go out near water, either.

I am headed home to get back to work for a training for a couple of days. I’ll come back up after repacking. Hopefully this time I’ll remember the paper book. I am sure I’ll forget something else, though.

Can you please review my book?

I am used to authors asking me to review their books. I am usually honored to be asked. Lately, I have been warning the authors and publishers that I am behind and while I’m willing to read the books, I’m probably not getting to it for a while. Most of the time, they send me a copy of the book anyway. I am honest. It’s really going to be a while before I get them read and reviewed. A few I’ve read and rated but haven’t reviewed yet. Full disclosure up front.

Today I got a message from an author, asking for a review. I gave her my usual response. Sure. I’ll read it, but I have several months of books to finish before I can get to it. She said ok and sent me a link to her book. “It’s on Kindle Unlimited.” Well, that’s new. No problem, though, since I have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, but they are usually emailed or mailed to me.

The funny part, though, is the book’s topic – Procrastination. Yea yea. I’ll get to it.