Mystery/Thriller bingo

Theclockworkbook gave me permission to post some of the bingo cards that were designed and are posted on Instagram at @theclockworkbook. I did not design these. Here’s one of the cards. First is a blank one for you to fill out, and then one where I filled in the books that I read. This isn’t one of my favorite genres, so I haven’t read many of them. It’s still fun to look at.

The brown X’s are books that I have read. The green circles are books that I want to read. The pink circles are books that I have and I want to read. It still looks like I won’t be finishing up any lines any time soon, even if I read the books that I want.

Quarantine Barbie

Quarantine Barbie

The above linked article tells about blogger Tanya Ruiz,, and the Barbie sets she designs.

She started out giving talks about body image and about how Barbie gives children a warped image of what’s normal.

When her grandchildren found the box of items from her talks, she went on a quest with the grandchildren to find Barbie dolls that look like each member of the family.

She started making custom Barbie sets. Many of them are shown on her blog and on her Instagram page. They are funny and very creative. She did a beautiful job of capturing the way life really is, and not just the way it is in Barbie’s world.

@grandmagetsreal is where you can follow her on Instagram.