Your nurses don’t keep up with their continuing education

I work in a hospital. I am not a nurse. I constantly correct patients when they ask me questions that have nothing to do with my skill set.

Recently, I had a patient come in for a follow up. She complained loudly that my partner, who is also not a nurse, and I do not keep up with the required continuing education for nurses. Well, of course not. We are not nurses. We do keep up with the continuing education for our line of work. It is required to keep our licenses.

It is frustrating to be told that you aren’t doing your job well when you are classified wrong by someone who isn’t familiar with our job. Nurses can’t come in and do what we do, just like we can’t step in and take over for a nurse. It is a totally different skill set.

All women who work in hospitals are not nurses, just like all men who work in hospitals aren’t doctors.