Closures and social distancing

Last week, I had a full schedule after work. On Monday, I had bookclub. We were on the fence about canceling it because of social distancing. Earlier that day, it had been recommended that events that had over 1000 people should be canceled or postponed. We had ten in a fairly large room with a bathroom and no one touches each other, so we decided we would be ok.

Tuesday I had art class at the community College. I went in suspecting that classes would be canceled after the meeting on Tuesday, so I brought a lot of the work home. I left the finished pieces there, though, because I wouldn’t have to work on them at home. I ordered an easel so I can continue my painting at home. The teacher is sending an assignment and we are to take photos and send them to her until school opens again.

Wednesday, I was supposed to go to dinner and a comedy club, but it was canceled by the venue.

Thursday, because class was canceled, I went out to dinner with my mom. After dinner I went to pick up my library holds on the way home. Thankfully I did that, because the libraries were closed the next day.

Friday and Saturday I was supposed to go see a couple of bands, but one venue canceled and the other band canceled. The book reading I was supposed to go to was canceled by the venue.

I went to help a friend at work yesterday. Data entry. I wiped everything down and washed my hands a lot. I heard that some of the nail places were closing, so I ran over to get a mani pedi quickly. My nail place uses masks and gloves regularly, so I figured I’d better get it done while I can.

Today, I had a bookclub scheduled. I was watching the RSVP list and saw it got down to three people. I messaged the hostess on Friday to ask if we were rescheduling. I hadn’t finished the book, and neither had she. We decided to postpone it. Gives me more time to read the book.

I did hear that grocery stores are closing in various areas, but I haven’t heard about any in my area yet. Fingers crossed.

While all these cancelations were annoying, I understand why they are happening. Be safe everyone!



I was running early today, and I remembered seeing the above linked article about a fairly new place that served breakfast. I decided to see if I could locate it. Not only did I locate it, but there was parking right near the entrance. I took it as a sign.

I walked in and found the breakfast board ordering menu. I decided to start there. A gentleman customer greeted me and told me his name, and asked mine. I told him. He was concerned that I hadn’t supplied a last name, since he thought I was wonderful and he loved me. At that point, I was able to smell the alcohol on him. At least I knew what I was dealing with. The ladies at the counter were watching, and were ready to step in if there was trouble, but the gentleman was just talking. I never felt threatened at all.

I placed my order to go and waited. I was looking around and I think I may want to go there on a regular basis. The people behind the counter were friendly and chatted with me a bit. When I got my food, I started to leave and the gentleman wished me a good day. I went off to the car and I enjoyed my food immensely. It was wonderful! Definitely worth a trip back.

The Last Ship

Months ago, we got tickets to see The Last Ship. I had heard mixed reviews, so I was curious about I was going to think.

My daughter, who is in cosmetology school, asked to curl my hair before I went, so she’d get practice with hot rollers. Ok. I got up earlier than I normally would and washed my hair. She blew it dry and started setting it. I don’t know how people do this every morning! I am normally a wash and wear girl. My hair is usually pulled up into a messy low bun, emphasis on the messy, or up in a twist with a claw clip holding it up.

It took over an hour to do. It was so curly, I hardly recognized myself. I was assured that it would loosen up.

I walked outside to walk to the train stop. Yep. It loosened. I almost blew away. I made it to the train and was headed on my way.

I was standing on the train, since there wasn’t a seat. A woman around my age was standing next to me. The man next to her sneezed. She jumped onto me to get away from him. She pulled out a handkerchief and covered her mouth and nose with it. I couldn’t help thinking that she was probably transferring all the germs from her hand, which had been holding the bar on the train, through the handkerchief into her nose and mouth, so it wasn’t doing any good. It took everything in me to not give out a little fake cough to see if I could scare her. It didn’t matter, anyhow, since the moment the door opened, she ran out of the train in the opposite direction of the sneezer.

I met my friends at the coffee place before the show. My coworker dropped by quickly just as we were about to head in to the show, so that was nice.

The show was ok. The story was great, but it’s one of those shows that didn’t need to be a musical. It was kind of difficult to understand at the beginning and it wasn’t clear when the story jumped 17 years into the future. I am glad I saw it, but it isn’t on my list of shows I’d like to see again.

After the show, I stopped by an old friend’s birthday party. It was wonderful to see him. I attempted a selfie with him, but it’s still not my talent. We ended up with a misaimed photo, a blurry photo, and a photo where we were laughing but it ended up with both of us in it, so we declared it good enough.

It was a nice day, and was worth the trip out of the house.

Alcatraz: History and Design of a Landmark by Donald Macdonald

Alcatraz: History and Design of a Landmark

Alcatraz: History and Design of a Landmark by Donald Macdonald
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I enjoyed the history in this book. It actually told more about the island than I anticipated. I was disappointed that there weren’t photos, only illustrations. I understand that a lot of the landscaping and the buildings have changed over time, but current photos next to the artist’s rendition would have been nicer and would have given a clearer idea of what the changes are.

The book would be good for anyone wishing to know the history and landscape of the island.

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Pacific Orchid Show

I went to the Pacific Orchid Show today.   There were so many beautiful flowers to look at. 

I didn’t know the names of most of them, and still don’t, but the flowers were beautiful. I was puzzled by the number of people who would squeeze between me and the table holding the orchids, and then look at me, surprised, with a “oh, am I in your way?” People are funny.

It was a beautiful show, and here are some photos from it.